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Title: Overlapping Text/DPI Scaling Issues
Post by: GMRaynie on Nov 21, 17, 12:44:16 PM

Under certain computer hardware/OS/monitor configurations, user interface elements will be displayed inappropriately scaled/blurred or otherwise incorrectly rendered. This behavior is most commonly observed in systems that include high dpi resolutions or when using the Windows OS's capability to scale display elements beyond their normal default value.
• Images and user interface elements such as icons, toolbars, text, and dialog boxes appear to be fuzzy
• Certain user interface elements are too large or too small compared to expected proportions
• Font elements appear to be blurry compared to other applications or the Operating System itself
This problem occurs in varying degrees across many applications as Microsoft improves the Operating System's API for handling high dpi resolutions. Unfortunately, a combination of factors ranging from hardware, outdated drivers and/or incorrectly installed/configured monitors mean that there are a variety of failure points outside of our control despite our best efforts to implement fallbacks to handle a variety of potential error conditions.


To resolve the issue, attempt the following fixes:

• Make sure the computer's Graphics Drivers are up to date
• Run the player client in full windowed mode
• Adjust the DPI scaling for the Windows Operating System

Fix 1:

Make sure Graphics Drivers are up to date.

If you still have the issue try Fix 2:

Fix 2:

Run the player client in full windowed mode
1. Edit your player.ini file to change the line fullscreen=0 to fullwindow=1 then save the file
The default location for this file for steam users is: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\YourGame”
The location for the Stand Alone installer will be located in the directory selected during installation
2. Right-click the player_client.exe and select Properties from the menu
3. Select the Compatibility Tab
4. Check the box which says, “Override high DPI scaling behavior.”
5. Change “Scaling performed by: Application” dropdown
Nvidia users using DSR, or AMD gpu users using VSR select “System”
Otherwise, select “System Enhanced”
6. See pic below
7. Click the Apply button

Fix 3:

Adjust the DPI scaling for the Windows Operating System

1. Right-click Desktop and Display Settings
2. If you can: Where it says Change the size of text, apps, and other items dropdown to 100%.
3. If this is greyed out, click Custom Scaling and change to 100%
dpi scaling 100%.jpg
4. No matter which method, always sign out of your windows user account and sign back in (You can do a reset if you wish)

If you still have the DPI issue after these 3 changes, it’s highly likely you are using some other software to do your DPI scaling, we will help where you can, but the obvious places to check are usually inside your graphics card control panel.