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Title: Licenses Included in the HeroCloud
Post by: HE-Cooper on Aug 13, 11, 09:09:37 AM
We have purchased the following licenses for all HeroCloud developers. This means you no longer need to secure your own licensing for any products in the Cloud.

SpeedTree - modeler is available on the Additional Downloads tab on the account page.

FMOD - You can now create sounds in FMOD Designer and use them in your game.  This rough guide will get you going http://wiki.heroengine.com/wiki/FMOD (http://wiki.heroengine.com/wiki/FMOD)

FaceGen - It's all wired up to the cloud and ready to go. Morph targets, scaling, tinting, oh my. Dive in anywhere in the wiki relating to characters and you'll find mention of what Facegen is doing and can do: http://wiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Facegen (http://wiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Facegen)

RAD Game Tools - is the art and animation pipeline, and is already doing everything you need it to do.

Awesomium - for displaying web page content including HTML, JavaScript, and Flash inside your game.