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Title: Dynamic Detail "Popping" Issue
Post by: McIndus on Jan 27, 18, 03:24:51 PM
I am having some strange issues with Dynamic Details loading upon crossing area seams.
Here's a video with the entire process and my audio explanation of this issue:
http://vimeo.com/253063277 (http://vimeo.com/253063277)

I know that if I paint from one area into an area that i'm not currently -in-, that my details may vanish when I cross the area seam -- however, this is NOT the issue I'm running into.

Sarrene painted some billboard grass (Dynamic Details) in an area, and when I walk into that area with my character, the grass disappears like so:


Which is interesting because the grass originated from the area that i'm loading -into-.

I then painted billboard details myself and the details 'popped' back into existence immediately:


So I was wondering what was going on... was it me painting dynamic details or just effecting the heightmap?  I then reproduce this 'popping back' using other methods:

Painting a Texture:

Modifying Height:

This is an issue that I also see happening in Repop when you cross an area/zone line into the next, and doesn't seem to happen while crossing heightmap seams within the same area/zone.

Title: Re: Dynamic Detail "Popping" Issue
Post by: ToY-Krun on Jan 28, 18, 10:19:35 AM
looks like a styleset issue to me.  the styleset system has had some issues for a bit now, ive seen similar problems.  if your not using a styleset then im not sure what it could be.  there are some other dyd issues ive seen... i would clear the console, log out of that area, log back in, and check the console printout for any dyd errors.   another issue ive seen is in using the "clone" tool to copy and paint.  when this clone involves dyd assets such as grass etc, it can cause problems and errors when new instances are loaded on the client, even to the point of causing client crashes on moving from one area to another.  Hard to say just by looking though.  if its none of the above, then there must be an issue with corrupt maps or even area.dat file(s)

My best take on it
Title: Re: Dynamic Detail "Popping" Issue
Post by: McIndus on Jan 29, 18, 01:20:21 PM
I'm not using stylesets... just a terrain scheme that's been applied to all of the areas.  Also didn't use the clone stamp to paint any details.  What do you mean about corrupt maps/area.dat files?  I doubt that would be the case, seeing as these are all very new/fresh areas - etc.  I'm also pretty sure I have no dyn errors in my console, but I'll double check.
Title: Re: Dynamic Detail "Popping" Issue
Post by: ToY-Krun on Jan 30, 18, 06:58:01 AM
Schemes have caused similar issues as stylesets in my experience, as its pretty much the same thing, I believe its the schemes that cause stylesets to have issues.   I don't know exactly what the cause is as thats all backend code, little is exposed in HSL with those.

My best guess has been that its due to schemes being created in one area and used in another, and it only seems to happen when DYD are involved.  Dyd are nodes, and they may not be getting duplicated correctly.  again thats not exposed so its hard to test/debug it.   Hopefully the new upgrades will resolve it.

Corrupted .dat files don't have to be in old areas.   If The dyd node ( or any other node) thats written to the dat file doesnt exist in that GoM, it can cause a conflict.   Dirty might be a better word than corrupted but its the same result :)

Again, this is my best guess not actually being there... but if you add a new dyd in your current area, and it works fine, but the one from the scheme does not, then thats a pretty good indicator this is the problem.
Title: Re: Dynamic Detail "Popping" Issue
Post by: ToY-Krun on Jan 30, 18, 09:26:55 AM
I just realised that you had said :
Which is interesting because the grass originated from the area that i'm loading -into-.

thats wierd...  see if there are any error printouts in the console (black), especially related to dynamic details.

It could possibly be a "room" issue i suppose, might ensure that automatic room selection is ticked in the area panel/rooms tab.  though I've never seen that setting affect the dyd like that.

Just offering whatever comes to mind..  not sure many other folks have worked in depth with the dyd's other than Sar, and obviously she already knows about it.