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Title: Statup Questions
Post by: morfiction on Oct 02, 18, 08:18:02 PM
Trying to think things over ahead of time. I do get that custom PCs are best. But how about workstations and thin clients?  I need to understand these alterantitve setups. And wondering about connectivity. What's a good business solution towards that? Comcast for business?

 Dell Workstation. (https://www.dell.com/en-us/work/shop/cty/pdp/spd/optiplex-3050-desktop/s005o3050mtus?oc=s005o3050mtus&model_id=optiplex-3050-desktop)

 My project's goals. (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1h_EBNjgdxhkMwrSl6znfnsl5810yWVnWZswJq4M7QXU/edit)

Title: Re: Statup Questions
Post by: HE-SARRENE on Oct 02, 18, 09:49:18 PM
Good evening,
I did read over what you had and the work stations you were looking at. So let me start with the easiest first. Of course, others may differ in some thoughts based on their experience as well.

Here is the bare minimum for development computers I would go with:

Game Development: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA6V66DU0600
Writers and non graphic designers: https://www.dell.com/en-us/work/shop/cty/pdp/spd/optiplex-3050-desktop/s005o3050mtus?oc=s005o3050mtus&model_id=optiplex-3050-desktop

The Dell would be good for basic computing, word processing and watching videos. However, I could not recomend it to be used with any development or engine. It might work with HE right now, but in a year, it will really be chugging along.

The primary focus you want for any graphic developers or in engine developers would be a
Bare minimum:
- nvidia 970
- 8 gb of ram (ddr4 preferably)
- 2.8 quad core or better

Preferred requirements:
- 1080 nvidia
- 16 gb ddr4
- 3.2 six core (or better)

Daz3d is good, but it really requires a lot of work to bring it down poly and vert wise for a multiplayer and especially an MMO. I think you could do a lot better cost wise by hiring an experienced character artist and/or animator.

Even if you purchased premade characters from another site and hired an artist/animator to get them into your project would be a lot cheaper and you would have the one that did the work on hand.

If you did pay for Daz3d license then the character packs themselves, you would still have to have someone that can get them into the project for you, which would be an added cost.

I am sure you could find someone around the community here or in other game development groups that would do the work for the same cost or lower AND you would have that added support to make sure all is working, any adjustments needed, etc.

Client build:
The concern about lower end specs required for your clients to be able to run the project would be dependent on you and your design scope. If lower end systems are what you are aiming for, then you want to focus on lower poly/vert count, less flashy hsls shaders and lower load and draws.

Low end and public PC's:
Since your focus is for lower end and public pc's, I would therefore focus on the following to start with:
- Low poly characters
- Lower bone count (keeping it around 50-60 is good for lower/older systems)
- Low number of material and texture counts (utilize the material bank system)
- Focus on using atlas maps that can be used across multiple assets at one time
- Lower asset draws (Export assets already attached so you can place them easily and keep draws down)
- Lower poly AND vert count (helps load and draw assets much faster the lower the vert count is)

Note that you can get some really good high end looking graphics in engine with the focus of high performance and lower poly/vert counts. It really depends on your artist and the style you are going for.

Expected costs:
The basic expected costs outside of your world for development can vary depending on what each of your team members already have and what they do as part of their job. For some of these there are exceptions to the costs, but it is always good to budget on what the highest cost could be, then work from there so you can end up with some extra working capital.

Website (for public and for development tasking and documentation):
- Web server: $ 120.00 per year for Shared hosting (Starting out, I would not go with a vps or dedicated)
- Misc. Website components: $ 0 - 300.00 a year

Development tools (Often cheaper getting group discounts)
- Adobe Photoshop: $ 407 per year (team cost up to 5 seats)
- Autodesk ADN: $ 1,400 - 2,400 (for up to five seats for all software)
- Documentation software: $ 50 - 400 per year (Team costs)

In the end your costs could be as little as a few hundred a year to around $5,000 a year. Again a lot depends on what your team has, what they need and what you apply for.

Regarding business registration itself, this really varies from person to person and team to team. This is something I would not mind discussing with you on an one on one basis and see where your needs and wants are and perhaps help you with some documentation for your local area.
Title: Re: Statup Questions
Post by: morfiction on Oct 03, 18, 06:59:03 AM
In regards to low end PCs or public ones, I was really thinking just a chat room on a website for basic interaction with the community. The majority of people might start out needing to be shown how to use a smart phone or basic computing skills.

I may reach out to Google or Microsoft or whatever corporations with the goal of getting parents up to speed with the youngsters. 

The World aspect itself would be shooting for whatever is currently mid-range. People would meet together virtually for any number of purposes and there might be micro-transactions. If they do venture forth into WoW or LOTRO or some other MMO out there, they'd do it for social reasons or something akin to tourism. No hardcore gaming.

Creating a social outlet away from screens would be cool. And preferable. I have an interest in marginalized groups that need to bolster their resources. Too often there's meetings out there in RL or maybe there aren't any at all but they favor people who can travel long distances so those like me who are currently near the poverty level do not get much out of such things unless a community can be built with what we can access. Perhaps a chatroom or discord chat on a library computer?

In the outset, I should focus on working with organization like National Alliance of the Mentally Ill (NAMI) or whatever or with Suicide Prevention, Depression Support, or Drug Addiction.

I would not be adverse to coming up with teleconferencing solutions to help out the military and their families...... or maybe come up with simulations of combat situations that would help families relate to a veteran who has PTSD by recreating the tragic events? (Maybe scratch that one?) 

EDIT:  Elevator pitch.

The concept is a special group to teach Basic & Advanced Computer Literacy inside & outside a classroom. NO age limit. Best bet it is to get Adults to learn how to be on a level equal to or above that of a younger person. The main goal is the creation of a "Virtual Meeting Place" within a 3D environment which is basically a small networked space built with the MMORP engine Hero Engine. This is of course the gaol for Adcanced students. The VMP will have a smaller wing for communication using a traditional Discord or IRC or Java chat room accessible from a low end library computer if need be.