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Title: Project: Pirates' Nest
Post by: PN-Dwight on Jan 16, 19, 03:03:00 PM
"Pirates' Nest"

About Pirates' Nest
Pirates' Nest (PN) is an online multiplayer game where Pirates and Marine face eachother in the eternal battle between Good and Evil.

The game builds around Good and Evil: Marines versus Pirates. The words good and evil are relative: The Government is seen as good, whereas the Pirates see them as evil, simply because the Government limits the freedom of the normal citizens too much so say the Pirates. The game revolves around you, the player, who is born in this world as a Pirate or a Marine. Your goal is to fight for freedom how you see fit. In order to achieve this freedom, one can/must continue through the storyline of the pirate / marine who obtained the first Gift. In this story, you will travel around the world and see things that are not known to men as of yet and is for you to discover: underwater tribes, secret passageways, underground mazes and many other dark secrets this world carries, as well as mythological beings.

The game is very community driven. This community’s building blocks are in fact “Pirate Crews” or “Marine Crews”. On top of a Pirate Crew or Marine Crew is a Captain, who can appoint Commanders to lead other ships in the Captain’s fleet.

Game Mechanics:

Social Media
Website: http://www.pirates-nest.com
Facebook: /
Twitter: /
Title: Re: Project: Pirates' Nest
Post by: PN-Dwight on Jan 16, 19, 03:03:11 PM
January, 2019:
- First in-engine screenshots available of HarbTown : http://pirates-nest.com/gallery-harbtown/
- All SpeedTrees modelled and imported (80+)
- Adapted CleanEngine (http://hewiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Adapting_Clean_Engine)
- Basic GUI Elements created (Windows, CCS, ESC-Window, Buttons, Form Elements)
- Added Options Window
Title: Re: Project: Pirates' Nest
Post by: Prometheus2012 on Jan 21, 19, 11:33:29 AM
Good to see pirates nest is back. There still is not a good pirate mmo out there, so the market is open for you. Initial screens look good.
Title: Re: Project: Pirates' Nest
Post by: PN-Dwight on Jan 23, 19, 09:58:21 AM
First mockup of the GUI
(Note: Yes, the character bar will be redone :) )