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Title: Using the engine as an artist.
Post by: DarkBladeNemo on Feb 05, 19, 04:42:20 PM
Bah titles are hard.

Hi, I am fairly new to the forums and wanted to ask a few questions about the engine before I buy anything. I have sent support an email but it has been a week and no reply yet.

I wanted to know if the engine comes with some sort of template to work from. I mainly do environment art though I do have some prior scripting experience from working with other engines (though very basic).

I am not asking for a do it for me engine more like something to learn from for example this is what a basic inventory script looks like etc. Does the engine come with some sort of template or example project?

Thank you in advance and sorry for the noob question.
Title: Re: Using the engine as an artist.
Post by: HE-SARRENE on Feb 05, 19, 09:28:08 PM
Good evening,
    I am sorry for not responding to your email. I did look through my history under Support and the Support forms and was not able to find one by you. However, let us see if I and others from the community might be able to help.

    First, I would like to know what you mean by templates? What kind of templates are you looking for?
On asking that, we do have sample art to help you learn how the engine works that goes along with several tutorials on the Wiki.

    We also have reference worlds to give you an idea of how to make game systems. HJ Ref, FPS Ref, Social Ref and Space Ref.

    I would also like to let you know that we have a great active community on Discord that I am very proud of. They are always willing to help point you in the right direction; ranging from wiki links to samples to assistance.

    Please feel free to ask anything else you like. Will do my best to answer any questions I am able.


Title: Re: Using the engine as an artist.
Post by: DarkBladeNemo on Feb 06, 19, 12:38:26 AM
Thank you for the reply. I did send a copy to my email, which landed in spam of all places.

Well HJ I assume is Heroes Journey. That will actually work perfectly as something to reference from. By template I mean an example project to see how some things are done.

Thank you again for the quick response. I will look into joining the discord community once I have made my purchase.

Edit: Also just had a look and noticed that Hero engine and Hero cloud are separately listed but share the same pricing. Does buying one give you the other or do you start with the engine and the grab the cloud? 
Title: Re: Using the engine as an artist.
Post by: morfiction on Feb 06, 19, 07:02:30 AM
Each subscriber gets access to a "hero blade" for their local region of the hero cloud. And within that blade they access their inidividual world or a team member's world on such server. For example, my world is situated on Hero Blade East 21 or the EST time zone of USA.

Hero Engine is the name brand of the service and also may come as a source code license which major studios like EA and Zenzimax purchased to create their own large scale projects. It isn't really necesarry to be a source licensee if it outside your budget. 
Title: Re: Using the engine as an artist.
Post by: Thazager on Feb 07, 19, 01:38:15 PM
On the scripting side here are some tutorials that might help in getting started.