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Title: HGM Conversion Services
Post by: Mr_Conflicts on Aug 13, 19, 02:06:48 PM
Hello developers,

My name is Daniel Burkhart. I wanted to let the community know that I am willing to offer my services in regards to exporting models from Maya 2016 into HeroEngine. As a developer I understand that the Autodesk Entertainment Suit is quite expensive and therefore as a current subscriber to the commercial edition am willing to lend you my expertise in preparing your models for use in HeroEngine.

Costs: $25 once for project directory setup; $5 per model converted.

Overall, I offer this as a way to not only help offset the cost of my monthly Autodesk subscription, but I also so other teams don't have to spend the full $270/month fee in order to get their models into the HeroEngine.

If you wish to inquire about this service, please contact me at: me@danielburkhart.com, thanks.

I want to also let people know that, the Autodesk stealth updates are the reason for this offer. This post (https://community.heroengine.com/forums/index.php/topic,6670.0.html) relates more details about the change Autodesk has made to their policy and how their older version's of the same software gets phased out after a certain amount of time.