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Title: The 5th Realm looking for development assistance
Post by: SPayne on Sep 11, 11, 08:28:43 PM
I would like to put out a call for help while at the same time going a little deeper into what the development history has been like for The 5th Realm.

I have been working on a GDD (over 400 pages and counting) for around 7 years now and have been doing what I can with mock-ups, back stories and information that can be plugged into a game engine, like races, professions and abilities.  One reason that I included a bunch of architectural mock-ups in my youtube video was because I have designs for houses, buildings and even whole cities ready to go, literally hundreds of them just waiting on paper.  The height map for the overworld is done and just needs plugged in.  There are a few things to finish yet but in the whole design, it is ready to be implemented.  There is more than enough for a nice demo.

I'm pretty sure that I mentioned this before in a previous post but I'll reiterate for the sake of being fair and open.  To be honest, I DO NOT make much money at all, even to support myself and my family and I'm lucky to have the job I do, just a sign of the times I guess, so all positions will be unpaid to start with.  If the game makes money then you will get paid and you will be paid before and probably more than I will.  I'll admit that it would be nice to make enough to be able to hammer on the development full time but my heart is in this much more than my wallet is (just don't tell my wife that).

I've had small demos done by my friend Jeffrey (dark basic was one I think) and have used Multiverse for a while and Kaneva for a short while but nothing really panned out.  It seemed as though there was a flaw, bug or other limitation with the majority of the game engines I could even think about paying money for.  I was about to settle on one that would handle a small MMORPG demo for around a hundred people before getting flaky and then a fantastic present from Hero Heaven fell in my lap.  This was a very welcome but unexpected gift so I'm still scrambling to get things together.

Between a couple of my friends and myself, we've got the bases covered but we don't want the development cycle to be longer than it has to be so specifically we are looking for:

Texture Artist(s):
You must be able to produce tiled/untiled seemless textures that are at least decent looking and be able to skin characters and character clothing appropriately.  One texture artist doing 2D and one doing meshes/skins would also work.  You will be working closely with character modelers/animators unless they are able to produce their own skins and working with myself on props and backgrounds.  You will need to have the appropriate software to work with the Hero Engine.

Character Modelers/Animators:
You will need to be able to produce characters and animations for them including NPCs.  You will have a lot of freedom but I do have some martial arts scales made by friends of mine that I would like to see implemented.  You will also be working with programmers to produce a new player character design screen in which a range of physical characteristics can be chosen for new characters in a specific race.  You will need to have the appropriate software to work with HE.

My friend Jeff is back in school right now so I don't want to burden him too much with my questions or spread myself too thin so I'm looking for another coder/scripter to help carry the load.  Obviously, you need to be familiar with object oriented programming/structures and familiarity with HE would only be a plus.  Sorry, some previous experience is required for this, you can't have just studied it in school.  If you are some kind of genious and never went to school and program video games in your basement and you are good at it then that's fine too, you just gotta know your stuff so we can keep rolling.  You will at least be touching base, if not working directly with artists to collaborate on some aspects of implementation.  You will also be setting up an easy way to implement missions/quests for PCs.

Sound/Music Artists:
We need at least one person who operates at least on a semi-professional level of expertise.  Typically, you will be working with animators to produce sounds and working on your own to produce music, incidental sounds and sound environments.  If your talent lies only in one of these areas we can split it up some.  The more help the better.

Writers, Story Line and Technical:
So far, it has just been me writing but it is always good to have someone to write stories, bounce ideas off of, provide an alternate viewpoint or just point out things that are wrong.  You will be working on PC missions/quests.  Bad grammar and spelling is not an option.

Concept Artists:
Any artist that can portray concepts of the game in a reasonably good work, whether it be a 3D rendering, 2D sketch, or 2D painting, is welcome.  There is plenty of work to be done here as evidenced by my rendering below. Given more time, I would press myself to do better but anything this quality or better would be acceptable.
This is an image of Pangol the Dragon, a character from the 2nd realm featured in my first short story book called "Stories from the Realms Volume 1".  Pangol is an adolescent that belongs to that same near-humanoid race that we call "Dragons".  The last Dragons living on Earth (the 1st realm) died thousands of years ago but they continue to populate the 2nd realm and the 5th realms along with humans.
Title: Re: The 5th Realm looking for development assistance
Post by: morfiction on Sep 27, 11, 07:15:06 AM
Hello! I'm interested in helping with some of the writing. I tried writing a story and started ten years ago or more! Still writing it. Slow going. Perhaps if I worked on something else I could relieve my block. :D

ICQ 105851819
YIM hurinsteadfast (I don't check the email attached to it)

Title: Re: The 5th Realm looking for development assistance
Post by: SPayne on Sep 27, 11, 06:08:45 PM
I've got ICQ too, I'll add you in and message you.    :)
Title: Re: The 5th Realm looking for development assistance
Post by: morfiction on Dec 03, 11, 07:45:46 PM
 Yay!!! He's got a kickstarter page!"  (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/566145659/developing-the-5th-realm-mmorpg)

Like the page on Facebook or Twitter at minimum plz :D