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General Discussion / Is this engine going anywhere?
« on: Nov 07, 19, 05:21:59 AM »
Hi, i can't remember the last time i was in here looking at this engine and bought a license.
It's now a "legacy server"

My real question is this:
Is the engine still being developed?
Will there ever be any other supported languages?
Doesn't look like much has changed since i was here the last time a few years ago and that made me a little sad, since this tool would be perfect for small indie devs aswell.

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Maya Plugin Issues
« on: Apr 03, 13, 02:17:16 AM »
If you open you repository browser, you'll see the top window showing your local directory, and the bottom window showing the engine - the way the files/folders are set up in the engine has to be mirrored exactly in your local directory for the browser to work properly - the HE wiki has a guide - http://wiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Repository_browser
Yes but thats just the thing i mentioned earlier. the Repository isnt anywhere. i cant even locate it on my pc. And yes ive installed it

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Maya Plugin Issues
« on: Apr 02, 13, 10:35:09 PM »
You'll need to drag and drop the files in the repository into the matching folder path in the engine.
Yeah okey you've lost me, but im sure ill figure it out

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Maya Plugin Issues
« on: Apr 02, 13, 08:49:07 PM »
And another thing, this repository feature. Are you suppose to just add the models into the C:Heroengine/Artdepot/HE folder and it directly sends it to the server?

Art & Art Pipeline / Maya Plugin Issues
« on: Apr 02, 13, 06:06:28 PM »
i always get an error in maya saying Cannot find procedure ("all the hero engine tools")
Have i done something wrong with the tools or is it path related? I've checked those tho.
Or any spesific things i need to think about when im trying to export my models.
Let's say i have download a free 3D model from the web. How could i convert that to a HE model without much fuzz?

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