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well i was finally able to log back in after letting the client rest for a bit but now i have started adding textures (only 2 added atm) and it kept disconnecting me every 10 mins or so, after about 5 times i can no longer access it again, it basically just hangs loading back into my start zone, wont load into any of the other areas also.
I hope i don't have to start again and even if i do am hoping to not go through all this again, is hard enough making time to build this on my own let alone have to keep messing around with what should be a simple task.

I have no idea what the console says as it wont allow me to get into it, i have not imported anything into the world it is basically just flat terrain stitched together i started making some mountain ranges when it disconnected me and i have not been able to get back in since, i am able to go in in play mode but it just wont allow me to get in in Edit mode, i have not even added any textures just 16 pieces of land at 256x256


I just finished piecing a world together and everytime i try to log into the edit instance it keeps telling me i have been disconnected from the server, this is also happening to other team members, anyone know why this would be happening?

Design & World Building / Re: Creating large maps
« on: Jun 12, 13, 11:08:40 PM »
Charliz, you're misunderstanding the difference between occlusion and what's running on the server. Occlusion is automatic in the engine, just like in Unity and its client side only gameplay. Now you need to think about how to handle client to server communication and simulation, and that's where areas come in. Once you have an engineer on your team, they'll be able to help you understand more about how your specific game implementation will affect simulation and server load.

Oh i am aware of that i was moreso just stating how i liked being able to see what was being occluded in the general workspace as i worked, basically all i am saying is it was good to be able to see what area's i needed to work with in terms of reducing load in the specific area, it just made it easier to build as i go as opposed to having to map out a map and then try and build it, i could pinpoint areas that had too many resources and reduce or add as i needed. Maybe you can do that in hero, i don't know as i am only just starting to work with it and get used to it.

My main goal at the moment is trying to make a decent sized map with great performance but with as little overheads as possible such as having to have a million seamless linked areas to have to maintain and set up manually.
What i would essentially love to be able to do is plant a big hieght map, break my set areas up (section them off)
Name them, set visibility and start building :) but obviously i can't do this as i need to have offset areas to reduce load yada yada yada.
Don't get me wrong i completely understand that this is how Hero works and i have to live with it but yeah some of my maps i wanted to be just an open expanse of land like say a desert, not much but open expanses of sand.
It's hard to explain what i want to do really :(

But the suggestion you made before about having "two deep" setup could be what i am looking for i'm not sure,
I know how i can work with the offset areas on some of my maps but on others it cannot foresee it doin what i need, referring back to the large open expanses of land.

Design & World Building / Re: Creating large maps
« on: Jun 12, 13, 05:38:27 AM »
Yeah it would be great if they could let us know it would save a lot of people a lot of time making mistakes on there base world setup, i am holding off on building mine in hopes they can show us how it is done.

Once again i hate to bring up other game engines but another thing i loved in Unity was the occlusion setup, basically it auto setup occlusion so that the only thing that renders on the client side is what the Camera angle can see, so basically you could clutter as much stuff as you can (being sensible of course) and the only thing that would render is what is in your camera field of view, doing this i was able to make very detailed landscapes with lots of props and not sacrifice any fps from start to finish.

Design & World Building / Re: Creating large maps
« on: Jun 05, 13, 09:53:44 AM »
Thanks for the replies guys,

I can feel that headache starting already :),

Looks like the outcome is exactly what i did not want to have to do :(

I guess i will try and squeeze a few more  questions in,
If i was to still want to say have an 8km square map and have to do it with seamless 2.0 what would be the optimal Chunk sizes i can make without having to have a million and one areas and rooms to have to organize, just seems so much work for 1 map :(
and in essence it will not truly be an open world then would it as seamless needs to be setup in a bottle neck like area like a tunnel or doorway e.t.c (if i am reading the info on seamless 2.0 correctly) to work correct? i am making an open terrain map so there really isn't any area that is bottle-necked like a tunnel or anything to put the seamless link, how am i to overcome this obstacle?

I mean if i was making a massive world i could work with making bottle-necks such as passage ways e.t.c but i am making several decent sized maps that will be seperate from each other and not linked at all.
looks like i have my work cut out for me :)

Design & World Building / Re: Creating large maps
« on: Jun 04, 13, 05:32:17 AM »
Thanks for the replies,

So if i was to say upload my 8km area and cut it up into say 4 x 2km areas would that be viable? and if so as i cut them would they automatically be recognised as new areas? i am just trying to determine if it will be easier to import one large map and break it up or import several maps and try and piece them together.

If i import the one map it will save me a lot of time withe terrain sculpting as i had already done it in world machine prior to importing and nothing against hero's tools but world machine imo produces great terrain with minimal fuss.

But if i were to import 4 seperate ones it will complicate things to a degree as my terrain would then look generic, if you know what i mean. I'm just trying to make this process as  stress free as possible, which is hard i know :)

Oh and i will definately be making a test area before we get too far into i am just trying to get everything sorted and in place for when that time comes, doing my homework as they say :)

Design & World Building / Re: Mass Tree placement?
« on: Jun 03, 13, 07:29:55 PM »
Yes, that exists, using the dynamic placement tool and CTRL D.

I am familiar with this method as this is how i have been doing it, but i think what we mean is say picking a tree and just painting like we do with the grass, so for example we would pick say a Pine tree, adjust the size of the placement tool (smaller or larger) and then paint and it would place several trees at once (dependant on how big we made the sizing tool) as opposed to using Ctrl-d and still placing one tree at a time. we could even further that with adjusting variations e.t.c, exactly like the paint dynamic mesh tool but with trees.

Design & World Building / Creating large maps
« on: Jun 03, 13, 07:21:14 PM »

I know similar questions have been asked but i have not seen the answer i require, let me give you a run down of what i want to do and then hopefully someone can give me some wisdom, without pointing me to the wiki as it does not help me. There is several questions involved here.

I am creating terrains in World machine 2 then importing into hero which works perfectly but what i want to know is if i create an 8km sqaure terrain can i then just break that map up into seperate rooms and adjust visiblilty to an optimal level as opposed to creating several maps and seamless linking them?

So for example i import my terrain and it tiles it to however many tiles it may be, can i then just name each tile (room) from say A1 through to say A12 then proceed onto the next line of tiles and name them B1 through to B12 e.tc e.tc till i have all tiles named then go through and set visibility or do i have to say create a terrain of 1km sqaured and import 7 others of equal size to meet 8km and stitch and seamless link them?

Or what is the maximum size land mass i can create without using seamless link? I am not making an open ended world but several different worlds and don't feel i need to have a seemless link setup or don't want to if i don't have to.

what i am trying to achieve is less overheads and work for our already small team. I'm not trying to be lazy just trying to maximise our time without doing tedious things if necessary and as much as the wiki is helpful i think some of the simpler questions are not really answered or i am just reading it incorrectly.

Design & World Building / Re: Mass Tree placement?
« on: Jun 03, 13, 06:36:03 PM »
I think a simple ability to plop down speedtrees in quick session would be a bit nice.

You already have the random scale and rotate, albeit limited in ability (some additional configurations would be nice sorta like the configu for snap to grid.

Anyways, but being able to select a speed tree then click on the ground as you move around and have it plop them down, quickly would be nice, kinda like how painting dynamic meshes works, but with speed trees / library assets.

The random assets placement tool does this nicely. Build your "template" spec and then start laying trees down in a quick point and drop fashion. I can build a whole forest area (note not carpet bombing it, but placing trees where I need them to build a forest appearance, very quickly. Cause I just run around the area tapping enter when I want a tree, and it's done move on.

Trying to remember if Hero lets you "repeat" place library assets without double clicking from the library or spawning a new instance.

You nailed it on the head, this is what i am reffering to, just like painting with the dynamic mesh :)

Design & World Building / Re: Mass Tree placement?
« on: May 29, 13, 04:01:43 AM »
Well i'm not talking about making a dense forest per say just want to limit the amount o f time i have to spend with being nit picky and placing trees 1 by 1.
Purely just to save time.

Design & World Building / Re: Mass Tree placement?
« on: May 29, 13, 01:58:58 AM »
The library and random rotation and scale tools will let you place any amount of randomized objects like forests. And provides far more detailed control than many other "make my game for me" solutions in some engines. :-)

Are you referring to the Tool PN-Dwight is talking about or Hero's Native tools? because i don't see anything within hero that can allow you to do that, sure i know how to grab selected items and group them in the library but how do you randomly scale and rotate them at the same time as placing them? and if there is then maybe a Tutorial would be handy.

I don't see it has a "make my game for me" tool, i see it as a tool to help take the boredom out of placing tree after tree, and tbh i think some of the maps i made in Unity using that said tool has produced some of the better game environments i have made to date, but meh that's unity and this is hero so who cares right :)

Design & World Building / Re: Mass Tree placement?
« on: May 28, 13, 11:57:19 AM »
That is an awesome tool, exactly what i was after :) Let me know if you guys ever decide to license it out to other developers :)

Design & World Building / Re: Mass Tree placement?
« on: May 28, 13, 09:08:34 AM »

Out of curiosity, did you guys end up leveraging the library commands that can be attached to library assets for that placement?

Check out this forum topic for some insight:

I was just looking at that thanks :)

Design & World Building / Re: Mass Tree placement?
« on: May 28, 13, 08:27:08 AM »
This is a custom tool we built. HeroEngine is natively not able to place trees massively and randomly (talking about 100's and 100's per click)

Yeah i thought as much :) i have come up with a temp solution of grouping a bunch of them and adding the group to the library, cannot randomize, scale, or rotate them tho till after the fact

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