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Developer Job Board / Re: The False World
« on: Feb 07, 13, 08:33:29 PM »
I've update the document, and will be posting some artwork in the next couple days.

Developer Job Board / Re: paid
« on: Feb 07, 13, 08:30:40 PM »
Are the character models already created, rigged and weight-painted? Or is animating the only step you need done?

Developer Job Board / Re: paid
« on: Feb 06, 13, 11:15:54 PM »
for what?

Developer Job Board / The False World
« on: Feb 02, 13, 08:14:27 PM »
Hello artists, developers, and dreamers on the HeroEngine forums. I've got a little project that I've had on my mind for years. I call it The False World. It's a fantasy RPG that has been through many different forms. It started out as a 2D single-player (Scrapped due to license issues) a forum-based RPG, a 3D online RPG (Scrapped due to the engine being incomplete and development on the engine suspended indefinately)
But here I am, trying to keep working on, and finally finish, this project of mine. I wrote up a document detailing as much about the project as I could.
One thing to keep in mind is that I know nothing of code and what can and cannot be done. If something I have listed in the document is limited because of code, let me know.
The document is here and should be available to all to read.

I will be doing as much as I can for this project, but due to my own skills I will mostly be creating buildings and other assets.
What I need is a coder, and a texturer. Once the project gets going, then more people will, ofcourse, be needed, but for just starting, two more would be enough.
Because I do not own a commercial license for HeroEngine, these positions will not be paid, and because they are not paid, I do not expect whoever fills these positions to dedicate all their time to this project. Again, this may change in the future.
For those that are curious, I will be using Maya 2013 to create the assets.

If anyone has any questions, I would be more than happy to answer.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: BleachMMORPG
« on: Apr 07, 12, 06:50:23 AM »
In addition to what TheBeginnings said, from the perspective of someone who has not made a name for himself in his chosen field, I wouldn't want my name or work as a 3D modeler attached to a game that could very well end in a lawsuit. While I dont know what the ramifications would be, I highly doubt it would help to progress any sort of career in 3D modeling.

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: 3D applications supported?
« on: Mar 19, 12, 12:17:36 AM »
There is no need for any paperwork, or even email to prove that you will be using the software for educational purposes (which you will, until your game is ready).

You just have to register here: http://students.autodesk.com/
and you can download almost anything they have for free :). no paperwork and no questions.

Exactly what I was meaning, although I was under the impression you had to be marked as a student at a school

Developer Hero Projects / Re: Pure Feedback Only
« on: Mar 16, 12, 06:18:39 PM »
Personally, I feel the demographic and genre you are targeting is very niche-ey. I don't have anything to back it up with, it's just opinion and speculation.
However, the two could work well, a realistic sim for tablets.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: The Repopulation
« on: Mar 13, 12, 06:13:21 PM »
just something I wanted to point out- the shadows are crisp and 2-toned.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: Divine Shadows
« on: Mar 13, 12, 12:27:02 AM »
Modeler for the project here, just wanting to create an update so people know this project is actually progressing, and that there actually are people working on it.
Consider this post my blog, lol

Assets are moving in nicely, and I am now very confident in my ability to get models into the engine.
Attached is a model that every player will see, and was completed when Divine Shadows was being worked on through a different engine.

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Base 0 LOD
« on: Mar 12, 12, 03:25:10 PM »
I see. I will give that a shot when I get home, thanks.
EDIT: Yeah, works flawlessly. Thanks muchly Bennett.
The LOD slider in the Renderer panel makes testing it a snap

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Base 0 LOD
« on: Mar 11, 12, 10:25:27 PM »
Is what Im missing that HE reads the mesh name as opposed to the file? Because if thats what it is, its not solving the problem either.
If its not, then I dont know what it could be.

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Base 0 LOD
« on: Mar 10, 12, 07:07:25 PM »
First route I tried:



How I imported them all:
After exporting from Maya via Pipeline one by one, loaded into repository, and imported into the same folder in the library. All .hgm and .dds files in same folder.

And just to note, this is all I can find regarding creation/exporting of LODs:
LOD objects must be named LOD_01-LOD_05. Use only what you need, simply start at 01.
These should have the same material applied to them
To add an LOD to your static asset, create your low res geometry and place it in the exact same spot as your hi res geometry. Name your hi res LOD_01 and then each lower res piece of geometry LOD_02, LOD_03, LOD_04, LOD_05. You do not need all 5, use only what you feel you need, just don't skip any numbers, start at 01 and work from there. The engine automatically reads these labels from the asset as LOD's
You can also name the object and add the "_LOD_01" as a suffix. For example: myObject_LOD_01, myObject_LOD_02, myObject_LOD_03, myObject_LOD_04, and myObject_LOD_05

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: 3D applications supported?
« on: Mar 09, 12, 06:50:17 PM »
In sure if you asked enough people who know the appropriate languages, I'm sure you could get a plug-in made for your program.
As for getting a copy of Maya or Max, I would suggest asking a local college or university (preferably one you attend or are a registered at) to be marked as a student in that institutions roster in Autodesks Student program, which provides free, full versions of their programs and software.

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Base 0 LOD
« on: Mar 09, 12, 06:41:00 PM »
hm... good suggestion, though I thought my two LODs were different enough to notice. I'll give it a try when I get home.

Edit: Gave it a try. Had a strait, horizontal bar for base, A for LOD_01 and a B for LOD_02, but didnt see either the A nor the B

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Base 0 LOD
« on: Mar 09, 12, 04:58:55 AM »
Im having some problem with my LODs. I've tried several variations of the naming convention in the wiki.
However, the model in my view never changes

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