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Game Dev and Gaming / Re: What are you doing?
« on: Aug 04, 11, 12:54:21 AM »
  ;)  Our small team (currently three with three more to come onboard in the next two to three weeks) is working on WarWind.   We feel there's a niche market that isn't being met by the current or upcoming crop of MMOs.  To whit: an old-school EQ-style MMO with (a) clear cut classes (no talent trees or multiclassing), (b) non-instanced dungeons (easier to create and populate), (c) group-centric combat to promote socialization and community and (d) less - but more powerful = items (enough of the loot pinata).

 We're learning HE/HS/HB, writing the Design Doc and figuring out what we can and can not do - at this point we're aiming for a small-scale demo to see if we can scare up additional interest, team members and/or funding.

Good luck to y'all!

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: What are you doing?
« on: Aug 03, 11, 02:49:03 PM »

Yes, the key problem is getting the necessary amount of folks to finish the project.

I'll shoot you an email and see if there's something we can do together.

Developer Introductions / Re: Introduction
« on: Jul 25, 11, 01:24:42 PM »

For Maya or 3DS Max - shouldn't be a problem for you to get student version since you're hobbyists.  Just have an artist enroll in the community college equivalent in your country.  I think there is a 13 month free trial or $350 perpetual license for Maya, and I'm sure similiar academic pricing for 3DS Max.


Developer Introductions / Re: Introduction
« on: Jul 25, 11, 12:35:58 PM »
Hi everyone,

My small team is in a similar boat to y'all - we're just starting out with HE we were looking at both BigWorld Indie and HE and went with HE after the July 20th HC offer - though we were leaning towards it before then.

Currently the Lead Designer and I are about 25% into the design document.  Our particular difficulty is that we've got a cross-border team with folks in US, Morocco and Tunisia and we might be picking up a few people in South America as well - so we're trying to figure out an Art Server setup that will work in this situation.  Currently we're looking at using the Amazon S3 cloud with Gladinet or similar software - anyone have a similiar problem and came up with a working solution?.

Anyway, hopefully in the future we can all help each other with some common solutions to common problems.



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