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Scripting & Programming / Re: ServerScreamer Error
« on: Feb 10, 12, 03:57:59 AM »
That seems to have done it, the server had spun down and when I spun it back up and logged in no more errors when I move around. Good to know that spinning down restarts replication.

Scripting & Programming / Re: ServerScreamer Error
« on: Feb 09, 12, 02:30:22 AM »
That wont restart replication on the server though, I tried that first anyway should have noted that.

Scripting & Programming / [SOLVED]ServerScreamer Error
« on: Feb 09, 12, 12:48:39 AM »
I was coding my mana system and I keep randomly getting this error in the Chat screen

Code: [Select]
[ServerScreamer] Exception serializing data for replication
(if definitions have changed, restarting replication will fix): field ID: 9223372056290616596 not present in
HeroClass::getField on node 4611686018429793128

It only happens when I move around, if I stand still it does not happen. I'm not sure how to look up a field in the DOM by ID. I also do not know how to restart replication. I do not know if this is effecting performance or not.

Through some troubleshooting I believe it is NPC related as when I travel to an area with no NPC's and move around nothing happens.

Any thoughts?

Developer Created Tutorials / Re: Simple mana system
« on: Feb 08, 12, 11:22:21 PM »
Took me three times of doing and redoing this tutorial and working with everything to get it to work, I'm not exactly sure what mistake I made but it did help to start all over from the beginning as a simple typo could mess the whole system up.

Developer Created Tutorials / Re: Simple mana system
« on: Jan 25, 12, 10:15:35 AM »
Im just having an issue getting the UI to register changes with manaPoints, I know its working correctly because if I set the mana cost higher than the base mana the attack does not truly work it plays the animation but no damage is done.

Any suggestions on where to start looking?

Developer Job Board / Re: Concept Artist Looking For Work
« on: Dec 16, 11, 11:41:48 PM »
I would be interested in your services on a need basis as right now developments in the story are being reworked by a professional writer and we need someone to put some art behind his words and your style matches very closely to what we envision. We will pay for your services though I warn you it will not be a great deal but we can discuss that up front.

Contact me at caspivey@mythicxen.com if your interested in discussing further work.

Developer Job Board / Mythic Xen Studios - Project Antresnia
« on: Nov 26, 11, 02:14:18 AM »
Current Team:
Charles Spivey - Myself - Programmer
Jordan Doggett - Level Designer
Tristan Lemaster - Project Coordinator
Mike Nesbit - Sound Artist
Benjamin Ash - Writer

All of us here at Mythic Xen Studios have some kind of background in games whether it be attending college for various game studies or having worked on mods or something of that nature we are all well versed in the world of games and what makes a good one. We are working on a concept that we hope can change the way MMORPG games go about its story telling and game play. We may not revolutionize the industry or anything but we would like to influence it in some way to further the development of MMO's and other genres as well.

Current Services Required:
While we are not specifically looking for any long term commitments we are looking for potential candidates to join our ranks, However at this time we are looking more at contractual work on small elements here and there as needed.

At the moment we are in dire need of a concept artist that can work very closely with the writer in getting his words into a visual form so that when the time comes, a 3D artist can then bring our story to life from the concepts created. Before we can make those models however we need a conceptual base to work with.

At this time the only service we need is a concept artist but I will be sure to update this post as we have new opportunities become available.

Future service to look for:
3D Artist
2D Texture Artists

Current Development Status:
As the HeroCloud is fairly new progress is not far. We are currently developing the full story for the game including dialog and quest lines both main and sub-quests. In order to insure proper progress however we need the concept artist to start putting a theme to the various elements of the story and quest lines in order to start getting art developed.

We have a good deal of models that we have purchased from various places that can fit a standard fantasy theme but we want to go deeper than just a standard layout.

There are two options available with regards to payments:

1. Profit sharing
This option is available to those who decide that a permanent membership is something that they would like

2. Set amount
A pre-decided amount for say a model or picture of concept art for our contract workers

We do not do hourly pay only because it can not be budgeted for effectively as we can never be sure how much it is going to cost. We can possibly negotiate some kind of payment plan but that is most likely the best we will be able to do as a small business.

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Bump Mapping
« on: Nov 25, 11, 09:17:48 PM »
Has anyone actually gotten this to work successfully I have tried several different ways of inserting the height-map/Displacement map into the alpha of the diffuse and it does not make a difference when I compare a displaced model with a regular model, both look exactly the same.

Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Bump Mapping
« on: Nov 25, 11, 12:54:08 AM »
I have done several searches both on the wiki and here in the forms and I can not seem to find a definitive answer on how to apply bump mapping on models being exported to HeroEngine. I have looked at everything but adding normal maps does not apply any bump at all, I know spec maps can be put in the alpha of normal's but that just makes things shiny, that's not displacement.

Im at wits end here as nothing seems to apply any level of bump to models at all, yet I am reading everywhere that parallax is supported. If it works on the ground it should work on any model.

Off Topic / Re: An ode to my chair
« on: Nov 13, 11, 09:16:26 PM »
It was a good chair, a grave loss for chair kind everywhere.

Off Topic / Re: Server Suggestions
« on: Oct 04, 11, 10:11:29 AM »
well that's actually whats really nice about the colo hosting I have at work, I am on unmetered bandwidth and i average about 80mb down and 20mb up on the connection because I share it with out test servers at work. I want to start a hosting service, minecraft will be my first product but hopefully if it gets really popular i can add other services as well, I am hoping that this will fund a great deal of our game endeavors

Off Topic / Re: Server Suggestions
« on: Oct 03, 11, 03:19:05 PM »
Well its just 2 servers and a SAN so its not a whole lot but I have decided to do something along the lines of what you suggested  by offering minecraft server hosting since minecraft is becoming so popular, I am looking at possibly using 1 server to host the MC servers and 1 server to host a bundled VoIP server like TeamSpeak or Mumble on with the server. Still in the works but I have it mostly setup. Ill post a link when its done, since I have free Colo its nothing but profit towards our game which is great.

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: 3ds max 2010 error
« on: Sep 26, 11, 11:27:27 PM »
Welp...nevermind....I see my error, I chose the right script path...but I picked the MAYA exporter.....wow

Thats what I get for rushing

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: 3ds max 2010 error
« on: Sep 26, 11, 11:10:07 PM »
Ok so here is what I got, I followed the tutorial just as I did the first time I set it up on my desktop on my new laptop. I am using Max 2011, both 32 and 64-bit give the same error. I attached my script paths as well.

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: 3ds max 2010 error
« on: Sep 26, 11, 06:08:23 AM »
2010 Did the same to me at one time, I think it was because of 64-bit I rolled to 2011 recently so I can not remember exactly however I do remember having that issue.

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