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Scripting & Programming / Re: Idiot Newb Question... :/
« on: Nov 03, 19, 05:09:56 PM »
I *VERY* much appreciate everyone's help - and yes, I am jumping into the deep end without a life vest.

I apologize for my delayed reply.  I really don't like to make this public, but I am battling cancer right now.  So, this project has become an obsession for me.

I'm dedicated, but I am very slow.  So, I appreciate your understanding.  Thanks HE Team!

Developer Hero Projects / Re: Introducing: StarfallV2
« on: Oct 19, 19, 05:53:34 AM »

Scripting & Programming / Idiot Newb Question... :/
« on: Oct 19, 19, 01:31:44 AM »
Hello everyone!  😊  I know you don’t see me a lot on the forums.  That’s because I am an idiot newb, so I just stalk you all trying to learn something.

When I say “newb,” I’m paying for a HE server and I don’t know how to program… O.O

I know, I know.  But cut me some slack here.  I have a dream and I am chasing it as best as I can.  😊

So, here is a question I have for you fine folk.

I am trying to learn C++ since HSL is layered on it.

I have no idea what I am doing.  Seriously.

I need a product that I can learn from in a friendly and fun way.  Both NP++ and Ultra Edit have been recommended to me.  However NP++ does not compile and I do not know if Ultra Edit does or does not.

What I would love to hear from you folks is what YOU recommend I get and use.

I want you to pretend that I am a 10 year old wide eyed kid that is absolutely fascinated and enthralled at what I am looking at, but have no clue how to use it.  I need something fun to learn from, like gaming.  And it needs to be able to compile in the end (I at least know that much  😊 )

So what do you all say?

Thank you very, VERY much for this.  I really appreciate it!

Hey, also, what “newb” book or book series would you recommend?  I need a book that keeps my interest, not one that turns my brain numb…  😊

Thanks everyone!

Game Dev and Gaming / Live Twitch Stream!
« on: Jan 14, 19, 05:43:17 PM »
Hello everyone!

I am a HE member and developer as well.

Additionally, on the side, I have a live twitch stream.

I am a Throat Cancer Survivor and I no longer have the ability to physically "speak."

Therefore, I am "The Mewt!" on Twitch TV.


(I hope you see the humor in that!  If not, relax a little...)

I stream on Twitch every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night, at 9 pm, EST.

Just because you are handicapped, does not mean you need to HIDE away from life and not have fun!

Come join me - you are all welcome and it is very nice to meet you!

I would love to speak to you all, but because of my disability, I will have to use the text chat box instead - which I WILL do.

I will also use different “Text to Speech” apps to “speak” to you. =D

I intend for this to be a light-hearted Family Friendly Fun channel.

PLEASE be kind to each other here and I’ll see you soon! :)

Twitch Stream:

Steam Page:


This is fantastic stuff Eric.

Thank you so much!

 - TMK

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