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Developer Introductions / Re: Introduce you and your team
« on: Jun 19, 13, 06:48:40 AM »

Was away for about 6 months, can't seem to post new topics and the only way I can reply is by selecting Quote.

Any idea on what is wrong with my forum account? Can't see anything in my Profile that would account for it.


Scripting & Programming / Re: Performance question
« on: Aug 24, 12, 05:03:43 AM »
I've been looking into something similar as the OP over the last few days but wish to take it a step further. Giving his example of 120 fields I want to be able to record the incremental changes to these fields as a player takes every character level.

eg If one of the fields is the skill One Handed Weapon and at level 1 the character has a skill of 1 in it, when leveling up they put 3 more skill points in it thus now totaling 4 skill points in One Handed Weapons. I want to store in the game what a players fields were in all their character levels.

This could be used in PVP fighting in that the person with the higher level could be reduced down to the abilities and skills they had at the same level as their opponent.

What Node/Class/Field hierachy would be best to implement this? Obviously only the current level data that is needed would be used by the client.

Thanks very much for all that Scott, it has helped.

After a semi good night sleep I did manage to resolve my initial problem when following the instructions on the Utilities Interface wiki page. I now have all the stuff in place and bringing up the Interface no longer crashes my toolset. Will update the wiki with what I have learned when I can, none of my login credentials for the wiki work so far but admittingly I was tired when trying to do it, so will try again later.

I will get that p4merge and thanks for the tip on undeleting and using abandon.

Well I am getting the same error as last time which is:

21:55:18: !ERROR!HeroScript::HeroMachine::ScriptError:Exception DefinitionNotFoundException in function 'createNodeFromPrototype' definition not found: GatewaysUtilitiesInterface
21:55:18: !ERROR!System:SCRIPT ERROR: Exception DefinitionNotFoundException in function 'createNodeFromPrototype' definition not found: GatewaysUtilitiesInterface
08/21/2012 21:56:02
Call trace:
  Script GatewaysUtilitiesInterfaceHotSpotClassMethods line 3 me[id=1000000007 class=_HotSpot,GatewaysUtilitiesInterfaceHotSpot]
  Script _HotSpotClassMethods line 22 me[1000000007]
  Script GatewaysUtilitiesInterfaceHotSpotClassMethods line 14 me[1000000007]
  Script _HotSpotClassMethods line 4 me[1000000007]
  Script _HotSpotGUIClassMethods line 35 me[1000000609]
  Script _HotSpotItemClassMethods line 32 me[1000000609]
  Script _CollapsableCategoryItemClassMethods line 18 me[1000000609]
starting method/function ONMOUSECLICK
starting me[id=1000000609 class=_CollapsableCategoryItem,_HotSpotItem]

This is the relevant part I copied from the aforementioned wiki page:

method HE_buildHotSpotGUI() as NodeRef of Class GUIControl                           // Calling HE_buildHotSpotGUI here, overrides the HeroEngine call
  gui as NodeRef of Class GUIControl = createNodeFromPrototype("GatewaysUtilitiesInterface")    // Here is where you have it use your own GUI Control, instead of the HeroEngine one
  gui.build = true
  return gui

I'm going to bed, think it is best I refresh myself and tackle it again tomorrow. Thanks for any input that you may give!

With most source controlled files, if you delete a file you can't simply create a new file of the same name as that would result in obliterating the history.

I even attempted to undelete the GUI XML file but when I add new content to it then try to Submit it, it comes up with a merge error. Which effectively makes that filename forever dead for me to use.
Also, many of the wiki pages assume that you have a basic understanding of the heroengine, like having gone through the gUI tutorial or the like, so they don't take the time to rediscuss all the other pages that would have covered earlier topics, but it sounds like you're hacking your way through. Feel free to add notes to the wiki at places where you got hung up, and that way maybe the next person in your situation won't.

I've spent the first week reading most of the tutorials I could find and even watched the videos. Whilst I think I understand quite a few of the concepts and how things all go together I'm still not comfortable with it. You get to a point where it all just suddenly clicks into place, I'm just not quite there yet.

Thanks for your response, just going to have to come up with a third filename to use seem as I cannot really delete or reuse old filenames.

I have just spent the afternoon following the instructions "Example: Modifying the Utilities Interface for the first time" on the Wiki page at http://wiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Utilities_Interface

Along the way I used different names for the filenames and classes it used as examples but I still (so I thought) kept to what was intended. Initially I did create the game-specific hotspot class as archetype data, then managed to change it to guicontrol after realizing that it probably is meant to be guicontrol.

After I had completed all the steps up to rebuild the hotspot interface, when pressing F5 to bring up the Utilities Interface it would crash the toolset. Eventually I gave up and decided to start from scratch, so I proceeded to delete all the parts I had added. I could then bring up the Utilities Interface again.

So started redoing everything and now I cannot save the XML file as I am using the same filename as before even though I did tell the toolset to delete the file. It won't actually delete and if I try to make a new file with the same name it will not commit the new file as it wants to try and do a merge.

All in all it has been a very frustating afternoon and haven't actually gotten anywhere.

Would like to know, are the instructions on that page given above actually accurate? I ask this because in the first step it says:

"In the DOM Editor, create a game-specific hotspot class, such as EagleHotSpot"

It doesn't say that it needs to be a 'Client' class, nor does it say it needs to be of Archetype 'guicontrol'

When learning and experimenting initially with the toolset and HSL, it is hard to do so when instructions given aren't clear on what needs to be done so people can learn from it. If a problem is encountered it can become hard to determine whether the problem is yourself in following the instructions or the problem is the instructions themselves.

Thanks for the great product however, teething problems aside its been a generally good experience so far.

General Discussion / Re: In Game Stores & Microtransactions
« on: Aug 14, 12, 08:43:03 PM »
Thanks for the speedy reply on that, I'll try to structure our In Game Store in such a manner that hopefully when it comes to the future integration of the payment API that it will smoothly connect together.

On something related as I did see some mention of this in other posts, I take it that before alpha stage that if I were to accept any donations or provide preorder packs for the game that the payments from us to you will be on an honor system as there is no mechanism at present to use your payment portal to accept the payments for these?

As well as that, if my team were to code up a robust In Game Store system (sans real life payment part) and offer that up for sale for others to use would that come under the 30/70 income split?

I have successfully written web based shopping cart software and an web based administrative site for maintaining an ISP in addition to other web based software, all in Perl. So my strength is in programming and scripting, therefore if I produce some robust systems for inclusion within a HeroEngine world I'd like to offer them for sale/license to help in development costs of our game. Smaller script stuff will be just be put out there for no compensation.

Would that be permissable to do?

Thanks very much for your time!

I haven't found any information in the Wiki or the Forums yet on how In Game Stores are meant to interact with Visa PlaySpan for accepting payments.

I do not wish to code in an In Game Store only to find I have to rewrite some of it because of any compatibility issues that may arise with the Visa PlaySpan API.

Also based on coding I have done for web based scripts that interact with various payment methods such as PayPal, does Visa PlaySpan have a test API that simulates payments?

Points for use in the In Game Store are intended to be purchased as Point Packs from within the In Game Store.

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