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The Big City 1.0

This was a city will be around 230k Polys. Conversion and Texturing is going to take many months. The city itself will be surrounded by sea and some eroded hills. I will use this thread to keep updating once I start breaking it down and adding it to The engine.

I found this city online and already got permission to use it in game, Final outcome it will be very different looking when done, so more later.

If i remember right the average planet size in Star wars galaxies was 15KM which is around 9 or 10 game miles square. My game  (I'm projecting may be less) will be around 45 square miles which is 116.55Km and that will be just the starting planet.

The massive size has a purpose but right now I haven't even started to design that with seamless 2.0 but will probably start in spring.

The primary way of transportation will include atmospheric flight so you land your shuttle from space or at a port you can zip around on that. it remains were you land so don't loose track of it's location. you will also have a personal vehicle you can use to get back and forth.

I would like to add that the shuttle drops from your personal star ship orbiting the planet you choose travel to or have discovered. Also, if your flagged from PVP your shuttle can be attacked and disabled which entails a hefty repair price unless you craft the the replacement parts. Same goes for the personal vehicle and the star ship.

Funny thing for me is, once I shut off shadows from rendering I can run at almost 200 FPS I have been developing this on an I3 with 4 gigs of ram and a Geforce 9500 GT. I have a pretty powerful main machine but I'm purposely developing on the slower one so I can remain with in a reasonable poly budget for scenes and layouts of the world.

I always run my games on very low. I'm not an eye candy guy and i'm more focused on game-play then anything else when I'm developing.

General Discussion / Re: ETA on the HE Asset Store?
« on: Jan 13, 13, 01:14:40 PM »
I was hoping as well. I would rather have you HE folks to get the cut on the sale of the assets then some sites like turbosquid.

Cooper you guys have a potential goldmine with all the assets from Heroes Journey. If you added those as well to start off the store it would not only give new developers content to start off with that they could build upon, but all those assets could see a life beyond sitting on a dead reference world. plus the amazing quality of the art would raise the bar for assets submissions from other developers who want a store.

I love props creation so I will be selling them in packs.

Lets support this folks, ANY revenue to help develop your game is good revenue.

General Discussion / Re: Alt key problems
« on: Jan 13, 13, 12:55:32 PM »
having a similar issue with F12 for full screen mode. worked before the big update. still checking to find a solution.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: Nova-Crisis (Very Early Stages)
« on: Jan 12, 13, 02:28:38 PM »
As the project we're working on also uses a large city as it's main zone - although it's nowhere near as big as the one you're plannng - we'd be interested to know whow you intend to handle a built-up urban areas over such a huge expanse of terrian.

Currently the HE engine gives me one advantage with working with over sized meshes, they won't have any physics calculations. which ,means the client in theory should be free of trying to calculate physics and collisions and free some of the resources up when it communicates to the server.. so I can render very large geometry.

The only true collisions I will use is when a player interacts with an object, then I can break down the mesh into sections so that the engine can render with physics for the areas players can walk on.

I noticed when I was playing SW:TOR they use a similar effect to create Coruscant. very large scene geometry and backdrops with nearly no lag until you the client encounters other players. I will say my last estimates for my city initial size may have been a little extreme considering 45 game miles is maybe beyond the scope of what I need.

I will have a new video up on my you tube channel soon show some of the larger models i have been working on.

I would like to add: I will be of course using seamless 2.0 allot. with such a large city, its going to be a real task trying to balance actual players. But most of the internal rooms will use 1.0 and large areas with non-calculated physics meshes in seamless 2.0.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: Nova-Crisis (Very Early Stages)
« on: Dec 31, 12, 02:53:52 AM »

Developer Hero Projects / Nova-Crisis (Very Early Stages)
« on: Dec 31, 12, 02:53:31 AM »
I have uploaded a small video that will be a part of an entire "series" showing the Design and evolution of my first city I'm currently designing.

The city which should round out at about 40 miles (typo of sorts city will be 10 miles square) in diameter will be the primary hub of new planet earth. I will show it's design in stages of development from the first video showing the basic concept of the new city & walls, and the areas around city as I add the forest and small hovels that outer wall species use. (overall the planet will be 40 miles 1600 square miles total)

The ideas for the first city came from this piece of digital art http://www.imgbase.info/images/safe-wallpapers/digital_art/1_miscellaneous_digital_art/21254_1_miscellaneous_digital_art_futuristic_futuristic_city.jpg which inspired me to start this city.

it's not an exact facsimile of the of this art, but once I'm done I should have it pretty close but with my own touches.

Here is the short video showing how it has started with more coming as I update the the in-game assets.


Second part


Much more to come and some videos showing the designs in 3ds max and all the details and much more.


main website is up...http://novacrisis.com/

General Discussion / Re: personal areas for each player
« on: Dec 24, 12, 04:49:25 PM »
The Repopulation has open world housing. Not sure you need a source to do it. I'm assuming they don't have a source license, and still pulled it off with what many world owners get get as the standard engine most of us have. of course, I could be wrong. but it all comes down to some very complex scripting between the client and server. Still, very doable.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: The Repopulation
« on: Dec 20, 12, 07:56:15 PM »
Love all the hard work you guys are doing with the MMO, glad to see SWG lives on in spirit with your game, will vote right now.

I do have a question:

Have you considered maybe adding the option for a TEF (Temporary Enemy Flag) system? I think the system your MMO is offering is going to turn allot of old school vets like me off if we are forced to run around flagged all the time. not sure I want to re-live my UO days as a crafter again.

Best of luck to you guys and happy holidays.

Design & World Building / Re: Some Fun with Animated UVs
« on: Dec 12, 12, 03:26:46 PM »
Hey, looks great. I was waiting for folks to be excited about the material override stuff. :-)

You guys have done an outstanding job. this made many of our content creation lives so much easier.

Made a little video here. just loving that I can change shaders and make textures animated in blade. Great work HE team!


I would like to add if you mess around with the properties for the animation UV speed and tweak your lighting you can make a pretty good rotating planet.

Just add these values to channel 0 of the texture and it will rotate slower.


This example has no shaders at all, just white box globe with animated textures and lighting tweaked http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x20L6wHGmGA&feature=youtu.be

General Discussion / Re: [Resolved] My Assets
« on: Nov 26, 12, 10:42:06 AM »
Thanks DeeRobbins, Really excited about working and being part of this community. This will be my 3rd attempt at making my dream game, so I'm gonna give back in some way. I remember my mod days with half-life trying to get a team together and all those Days working for nothing when some guy would start a fight in IRC and the team would fall-apart like a bad Wow PuG. So giving back is always my fail safe so others can learn from my mistakes.


General Discussion / Re: My Assets
« on: Nov 20, 12, 02:36:59 PM »
Good to know, Thanks Cooper. Everything that's NOT created Due to third party apps included with Heroengine was what I was referring to.

I guess I will wait until the asset store but will still include links to my original work when I start the "Show Us Your HeroCloud or HeroEngine Project" thread.


General Discussion / [Resolved] My Assets
« on: Nov 20, 12, 01:07:48 PM »
What would be the best place to offer my new game assets for free to the community here? I want to start the proper thread to not only have a list of downloads and videos of the assets in-game and working examples, but also a place to keep updates and changes for those assets.

My Goal is to pretty much make 75% of the stuff I create for my MMO available for free to other developers. I do this just for the love of creating them and even though I could make some cash off of them, I would rather give them away to other new developers for their games. I have been disabled for many years and creating that stuff is more a passion then a way to make money.

This includes:

1. Static assets animated and non-animated
2. Creature models humanoids and various other models
3. World Machine terrains up to 300 X 300 kilometers
4 Some of my custom textures in DDS format
5. Any code I create and other XML scripts
6. Sounds and music (I'm a professional guitarist songwriter for over 30 years)
7. Other stuff I haven't thought of yet.

Maybe Cooper can point me to the proper thread for all of this before I start the task of creating it and starting my little project and adding over time all of the above.



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