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Developer Job Board / Re: The Weaver
« on: Dec 17, 12, 06:59:38 AM »
Gocha. I I am getting a decent team together and work is going to start its progressive state... Coders are what is hard to come by.

Developer Job Board / Re: The Weaver
« on: Dec 14, 12, 04:26:05 AM »
@Caldenfor: I agree on the caravan aspect, and it brings a whole new light to the way things can be done. As for blendig pve and pvp We have been thinking of that aspect as well... making certain parts of the world unable to "pvp" unless you flag yourself...

@deathjdstn: There has been a lot of rethinking on many things while we are still on the drawing boards. and whether or not it can get broke is a concern I greatly see.

A lot for the drawing boards..

Developer Job Board / Re: The Weaver
« on: Dec 06, 12, 03:48:07 AM »

Definitely a few valid points there.
1. Caravan aspects will be hashed out possibly even having it vanish in time if idle long enough and showing in the destined city/location when the time is right. Or even making lootable items appear randomly if raiding the said caravan thus making the questing more interesting to protect it... Time tables may not even be used at "set times" for them to deploy maybe they will when they are loaded with items from a certain area... as production commences, so shall the ideas.
2. Dove system... good questions on the delivery.. perhaps it attempts delivery, OR if fails for some reason will drop item off at mail box in time... full inventory = bad day at times. perhaps a system could be eventually made...where it will auto loot if you click it, or it could even come back later if you click something "such as mail retrieve button" if you are online... a lot still to draw down on the GDD.

a lot of good questions needing answered before implementation of course.. time will tell...

Developer Job Board / Re: The Weaver
« on: Dec 04, 12, 03:39:23 AM »

Thanks for the reply, and you are right. I need to view the pure basics of the game first, and build from there. "try and predict every problem that could be instigated by players in your design to see if you can prevent problems down the road." couldn't be said better. I agree and I know I can't expect something from the get go to be ready with all My desires.. I am beginning again on the drawing board laying out different approaches and avenues to start with. and over all like other MMO's I cant expect top be perfect but only to improve over all.  So Drawing board time to flesh out my approach to it all..

Developer Job Board / Re: The Weaver
« on: Dec 02, 12, 06:25:10 PM »
I am also thinking of random world events making things very interesting. Rift had it right the way they did things when they launched, and I want to take that idea and manipulate things a bit.

Have rare occasions where an epic creature would befall onto the world that many have to work together to find it and destroy it. Not the World Boss thing, but something Like Mortal Online has where a GM would summon it from somewhere and once its killed it is killed for a very long time until it comes back sometime at random in the future.

Randomization of mobs and spawn points.
-If a Marauding army invades it hits the shore, comes from the mountains, Out of the forests etc. siege camps could be made.
-Patrols set out from those camps headed for a direct path to major cities, or player made guild halls, Caravans etc. -If a major city is invaded, players have the opportunity to help defend or let it fight its own thus making battle interesting on all fronts.
-If a major city gets over ran, then the faction overrunning it would take it over, and thus unlocking quests to free the rightful owners (King, Dukes, Knights etc) to gain that city back in another assault.

if this is at all possible it would be nice to see.

Developer Job Board / Re: The Weaver
« on: Dec 02, 12, 05:32:05 PM »
@ Ineedcash12, thanks for your response. yes kinda like WurmOnline, I have played that game and I will say its rather amazing in the way its done.

The mining part is a goal to have sometime in the future not necessarily upon its release. I am very much into creating mines (caves) ahead of time and allow for interaction within these themselves as set nodes for mining. what I am trying to stay clear of is the gathering that most other games have for gold, ore, iron etc...

I am really intrigued with something similar to UO's mining within the mines themselves and such so as not to let the players necessarily change the environment by digging. 

Developer Job Board / The Weaver
« on: Dec 02, 12, 05:28:16 AM »
Hello, First let me introduce myself. I am an aged Tabletop RPGer since 1989, who's campaigns were seen in the 1995 to 1999 Dragon magazines. I was a Marine then and enjoyed the RPG gaming as well as my play of MUDs. This was until Ultima Online was in beta as to which point, I fell in love with MMOs which even today I run one of the larger guilds on SWTOR.  I have gamed in many of the MMO's around since then and was one of the remaining US survivors of ShadowBane before it died.

Now then On to why I am here posting on this very forum today. Currently I work as a software tester for Microsoft and have had hands on with a few things to include meeting some very intelligent people. Together over the past year we have discussed various opportunities and MMO structures out there. Through this discussion we have summed an idea on a game that puts more sand into the world allowing for more sand boxing for the player. Of course many people have their own ideas for what a true sandbox is but I will place out mine right here and right now.

I have been writing a book from Misc campaigns I have been running through the years since 1992 and finally want to place it all on the table for others to enjoy. And to do this I am in need of people with the know how and skillset along with time to help me and my associates out.

I strongly hope no one takes this idea from me but here it goes from a new indie point of view.


This is an MMO where the players control the ever changing world.


Gear & Equipment
Guild village/towns/cities/castles
Some in-game content

Game Engine:

Hero Engine


Medieval, eventually steam punk medieval when certain races are introduced (dwarfs, gnomes, Goblins etc.)


Imagine gaming in a world where everything you do impacts the play not only for yourself, but those around you. A world where quests aren't repetitive and can have different out comes from the way you play the game. My dream is to create a world where you as a player can not only play in the vastly growing nature of things, but can set goals, accomplishments, war, peace, trade to unlimited access to everything from personal reputation, to setting bounties on others, or being the hunted.

The idea is to bring a world to life, that everything you as a player do affects the environment around you. Should you build a hut, house, walls, or castles? It’s all decided by the players. Where you can mine into the ground, and the terrain is forever changed in that area, or cut a tree form a forest and have it gone until its able to regrow.


There aren't "Classes" for say. But instead a universal percentage base system. Since the game will not have levels, this means that certain traits/skills will determine your role in playing the game. This way, you are taking a risk to attack someone openly without knowing what they can/can't do because you can’t see their levels.

If you want to be a spell casting character for instance, you will need to raise your casting in a certain school by studying and use of that spell.
If you want to raise skills in Body, soul, stamina, endurance, etc., you can take a hit without effects of heavier damage, bleeding being as potent, or raise your magic resistance by certain spells from particular magic schools.
Crafting & Gathering skills also can be raised by how many times you use it and what you are using it on. Again the percentage rate will go up like a lot of current MMORPG's on the market today.
Special titles such as carpenter, Lumberjack, Miner, smith etc. will be implemented for reaching a certain point in crafting skills.
Main stats rise depending on where you are raising your skills. (Mining, chopping trees & handling a pole arm / mace would raise strength etc...)

Handicaps & bonuses:

If you get injured, from an attack for instance, that body part will be affected hindering future attacks, until repaired magically or physically (Potions, Scrolls, healers etc).

Items, Weapons and armors can be enchanted or cursed giving or taking extra character stats or skills.

There will be a set amount of allowed % to be spent on total skills making it fair and unable to max all of them (example: maybe 500% total in skills, which can be respect by opening a new skillset to take from one to give to another).


Eventually, if you can tame it, (Pig, wolf, cow, mule, horse, ROK, Dragons), You can ride it. It all depends on your size and that of the creature.

Eventually fighting on mounts will be allowed otherwise taming a creature will just follow you and attack by your side.


The PVP system will be a set system once worked out.

If you kill someone you turn grey for 5 minutes (resetting if you kill another person) meaning guards in NPC towns will kill you on site no loot dropped.

If you kill 3 people within 15 minutes you turn red (2 hours per kill once red) allowing for a bounty to be placed on your head by the players.

Death if red = majority of gear dropped on the spot if dead and bounty claimed by the one who conducted the killing blow.

Guild wars, allowing for guild vs guild PvP options where there is no murder counts with one another.

Ability to set war, as well as siege another guilds town.

Mail system:

Our goal:

If you are sending a mail to an individual, a dove will deliver it to them in the world if they are online.

A dove will drop mail to a mail box that is set as the primary mail box in any town, or your own house in the open world.

Market/Auction House system:

I have studied many MMORPG's, and found a system that just makes sense for market & auction house.

If you want to purchase something from a vendor in a player town, it has to have the inventory provided by other players. (Example: a crafter makes an item and sells (or gives if vendor is owned by the player) to a vendor, that vendor now has it in his/her inventory).

If you want to purchase something from a vendor in a NPC town, it has to wait for its goods to replenish when emptied. this will come from a supply caravan from other places.

An Auction board will be posted in most towns. If an item is placed from other players an auctioneer will hold the bidding. Once purchased and won, a caravan will be sent from the town/city the item was placed on auction in. A Caravan will move in a patrol path from its origin to the place of purchase allowing for members to meet directly with the caravan if desired. (The option to pick up at the original place item was placed on auction will also be available.

A Caravan will have NPC Guards with it on its route, and players may be hired to join as a guard with the caravan for extra coin through Caravan questing.

A caravan can be the target of raiding parties both NPC and Players, all items except the player auctioned items can be taken from those raiding the caravan.

All Caravans will be moving real time, and may take time depending on the distance from its origin.

Caravans will be sent to target locations at least 4 times in a 24 hour period allowing for maximization of purchases, and raids.

Buildings/Towns/Misc structures:

Player made buildings are endless with possibilities.

Buildings or outposts can be made by players.

Once a building is completed, the building player will have an option as to what they want the place to be such as a house, merchant, smithy, bakery, etc.

Once a building type is selected, the option to hire a merchant NPC will be given, and the creator will be able to place items on the NPC for sell.

Guild Halls can be made using guild funds and member gathered supplies.

Once a guild has established roots in the open world, they can place a guild hall which will function as the main command hall for the guilds daily functions. This can only be placed if a guild is formed and setting root in the open world away from other guild halls.

Keeps can be formed in a bustling guild area, protected by an alliance of 3 or more guilds.

Castles can be made to house a voted king; usually the stronger guild in an alliance gets their leader elected king. Forming of 5 guilds to an alliance with 5 guild halls or more on the surrounding lands can make a castle.


Guilds can be formed by 5 or more players, and thus unlocking not only the guild name, titles, & banks, but also a guild hall.

If a guild hall is made in the center of at least 5 buildings, there will be an elected mayor/duke (usually the guild leader) and the village or town can be named.

If a guild holds a large portion of an area, they can set taxes in that area that will enable for others to provide guild funds, and gain bonuses without directly donating to guild banks. This also affects other players outside the guild to pay taxes on any questing or mob kills in the area.

Alliances can be formed between multiple guilds and then form whole kingdoms as to which a castle can be built supported by other guilds.

This is the idea and I even have a prologue for  interest with the storyline.

My testing web site at this time is : http://ardicus.wix.com/the-weaver and when ready for launch will be released to the web.

Currently I am in need of a staff willing to donate time until the kick starter hits, at which point we can discuss long term assignment. Currently I am awaiting a pre deployment video, if it can be done in a month or two perfect if not  then at least a working demo of basic information/artwork.

The roles I am looking to fill are as follows:

Lead Artist/Animator
Artist/Animator: Landscape
Artist/Animator: Player & NPC Characters
Artist/Animator: Gear & Equipment
Coder: DOM
Coder: GOM
Media Director
Quest Author
Storyline Author
World builders

Best regards,

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