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GUI Creation / Re: Clean Engine CSS area - radio buttons?
« on: Mar 06, 13, 03:43:56 AM »
If i rigth undertand you need to dynamic create some button on the GUI form?

GUI Creation / Re: Clean Engine CSS area - radio buttons?
« on: Mar 05, 13, 08:43:52 AM »
Pls, read this page: http://hewiki.heroengine.com/wiki/GUI_Controls

And about button. Just open any existing window in GUI Editor and select any button, for example Character Selection window. And in the property you can found the prototype from this element was created.

Scripting & Programming / Extend base Character
« on: Mar 05, 13, 05:19:49 AM »

I want to extend basic character classes.
Does any character classes diagram exist, or tutorial how to implement Custom Character System from scretch? Or list of classes what iu must implelemnting|extend and prototype foir creating character?

For character i must use the prototype. From what class i must create it? And how classes link to the texture and animation?

Scripting & Programming / Re: Unable to create a character
« on: Feb 10, 13, 03:27:28 AM »
Do you change one of the classes?


If i right understand the SpecOracle, if I want to create the Race in my game. I must create RaceSpecOracle for simplyfy this functional. I nthe spec oracel i can store tha base static parameter and so on?

Do I right?

Hm. Very strange. When I first time go to play instance One money dont agto to me, but second one agro to me when i attack it. And after respounce they both dont attack me.

I add some debug message to the E_AIAgent and when i atack it? I always get:
Code: [Select]
[hsl_debug] 9223372056476021763,4: SCRIPT[E_AiAgentClassMethods]: Already in combat, so we don't care.


I was added new NPC monkey to hte my test location. But the added don't wont to attacke me.

They are always in the combat state. And don't atack me $(

In What maybe the problem?


I created the new Area with Arrival path on it.
And impelemtn goto this area from CSS screen. But If i'm in the first time login to this area the chartacted fly on the air $( Why it not go to the my existing arrival point?

Design & World Building / Re: [] Localization Table Editor
« on: Jan 22, 13, 07:20:36 AM »
Yep. I saw this page.

But I can feel this only when i select character. in CSS screen this interface dont work.

I want to localization the CSS screen, and don't need to select character for this.

What I must do for this?

Scripting & Programming / Re: Custom _PlayerAccount class
« on: Jan 19, 13, 04:27:57 AM »
The problem fixed by editing the next files:


Scripting & Programming / Re: Custom _PlayerAccount class
« on: Jan 17, 13, 01:41:05 PM »
Input_Movement script:
Code: [Select]
function FigureOutMovement()
  acct as NodeRef of Class E_playerAccount = GetAccountID()
  char as NodeRef of Class E_playerCharacter = acct.GetMyCharacter()
  if char.E_isDead
  var behavior = "move"
  var needtostop = true
  if IsMovingForward()
    behavior = behavior + " forward"
    needtostop = false
  else if GetCmdState("Movement","Backward")
    behavior = behavior + " backward" 
    needtostop = false
  if GetCmdState("Movement","Walk")
    behavior = behavior + " walkonly" 
  else if GetCmdState("Movement","Sprint")
    behavior = behavior + " sprintonly"
  if $INPUT.InputGetLeftMostRecent()
    if GetCmdState("Movement","Left")
      behavior = behavior + " sidestepleft"     
      needtostop = false
    if GetCmdState("Movement","Right")
      behavior = behavior + " sidestepright"
      needtostop = false
  if (GetCmdState("Movement","JumpingEngaged"))
    if Skippy:IsMe()
      behavior = behavior + " jump .95"
      behavior = behavior + " jump .45"
    needtostop = false
  if needtostop
    me["behave"] = "move stop"
    SetCmdState("Movement","MouseMovementEngaged", false)
    me["behave"] = behavior

In what DOM it must be overwriten?

In the DOm model I can't found this class.

Scripting & Programming / Re: Custom _PlayerAccount class
« on: Jan 17, 13, 01:37:43 PM »
After some manipulation with script i found some place where E_PlayerAccount  was hardcoded. But now i fix at all, as result the cloth now present on the character. But it still can't move :(

If still not working correctly, you can also open the GUI in the heroscript editor and check which class its set to on the top line. This info wont show up in the GUI editor.
In what file?

Scripting & Programming / Re: Custom _PlayerAccount class
« on: Jan 16, 13, 02:21:14 AM »
You need to check in the Dom Editor if the replicated destination class is set to DM_PlayerAccount not E_PlayerAccount.

DM_PlayerAccount in the DM_PlayerAccount server and client set to DM_PlayerAccount

Scripting & Programming / Re: Custom _PlayerAccount class
« on: Jan 15, 13, 12:31:12 PM »
After all this.

I get:
Code: [Select]
starting me[id=9223372056523021706 class=DM_PlayerAccount,HBNode,CharacterNode,_ACCControllerOwner]
Client Script Error
SCRIPT ERROR: Node 0 not found to call method GETMYCHARACTER
01/15/2013 22:32:29
Call trace:
  Script Input_Movement line 173 me[9223372056523021706]
  Script Input_Movement line 127 me[9223372056523021706]
starting method/function ONCMDSTOP
starting me[id=9223372056523021706 class=DM_PlayerAccount,HBNode,CharacterNode,_ACCControllerOwner]

After this when i enter to the world my character is without any cloths and don't undertand movement key. $(

Scripting & Programming / Re: Custom _PlayerAccount class
« on: Jan 15, 13, 11:46:43 AM »
At qhat place on the client you invoke this?

Code: [Select]
untrusted method VerifyAccount()
  account as NodeRef of Class _PlayerAccount= SYSTEM.REMOTE.CLIENT
  if not (account is kindof ROTDA_PlayerAccount)
    KickPlayer(account, "Invalid Account, Restart Heroblade.","Destroying Account Node because it isn't ROTDA_PlayerAccount.")

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