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Developer Job Board / SEGW is lf assistance.
« on: Nov 14, 13, 11:51:42 PM »
  We are looking for the following.
   3-4 Programers.
   1-2 3d static artist
   1-2 Animation artist .
   1. Gui  artist
   1.  Terrain realism artist.

While we have 3 members of our team already and looking at another 2. We are in need of major assistance. In all area's . Below I will list a brief summary of our project.


    Shadow Empire : Legacy of an empire. Is a multiversal  steam punk / dark fantasy setting streaming from medieval appearance to underlying technology in which supports the world in which this  saga is based  in. This storyline is the story of 2 powerful factions battling for control over the multiverse and its balance. on each side is a host of followers , races and specialties  support there governing emperors in a never ending war for the eternal powers that can destroy or fix the multiverses all around.

   On point : This world is a heavily player controlled world controlling from towns , to trade. In doing so this game implements a full new varieties of social processes such as levels of guilds and legions to merchant orders. In doing so the story while a slow paced branches off into specific player chosen paths.


     A highly tiered and alterable  process customizable to the needs of the players.

     A large and immersed system that allows the player to fully control what they wish to be .

     Player controlled while system regulated. The player will set out not only to make the objects sold but deal with how there distributed.

   Missions and quest :
      A system has been devised that allows the player to throw out the old hack and slash so common in modern day games and become fully immersed in storyline which is fully customizable.

    Character creation system: This is to be fully player controlled while system regulated to keep the player in character.

     Key note : This is not a run of the mill Hack and slash mmo that is planed out rather it is a fully expansive mmorpg . There is no back chop and bash aspect to it . All applicants whom apply  must understand this.

    Financial : This is planed to be a pay to customize and convenience system. In which brings it under f2p but in a different light.

      A little bit about SEGW :
                       Shadow Empire gameworks. Has been working on the outline of this mmorpg for around 4-5 years now. This first came to light that there was a need for a pure role play system in the modern day game market that has yet to at this point in time be achieved. After testing our unique system with thousands of people in a paper and pencil and  text combat formats. We believe we have come up with the most balanced series of processes that is needed to make a mmorpg thrive and not bomb like so many has. We have everything from thousands of hrs of pure storyline worked out.  all we need is u to help bring it to life.

               payment options, will be discussed in private, further clearer information / features will be discussed further conversation of application

  If interested message me.



Design & World Building / Qustion on zoneing.
« on: Jul 17, 13, 10:31:23 AM »
OK here is a question. So my team after much debate and thinking over the last few months purged a massive expanse of seamless land for our game. Mine u this was a HARD choice as unlike many the terrain was hand detailed in designed.  Now on paper our second idea of how to get the end goal of land formation seemed rather good. How even in application of this method we have begun noticing a few issues as well. 

First attempted on seamless: reference S:2

 During the first attempted we began creating a massive expanse of land in doing so using zones of 500x500 and creating a grid system. This at first to our understanding create a medium size game that's 300m x 22 in a grid . Perfect ?! but no we quickly found out the zoning of the grid worked out to be on average of 8 zones loading in and out at any giving time. This is the 4 central and 5 external zones. . So in making certain area's focused on pvp and trade so on . this was NOT  a good idea. in result potential LAG+lack of isolation+ lack of character flow control = very bad problem.  How ever the benefit of this massive of wilderness in which our game needs to isolate and utlise to make the story line and features work.

Second attempt on seamless:  reference : s:1

 Now we have only begun the second attempt on seamless a week or so ago. In doing so our plan was to make zones 1000m x 1000m just inside the red. so it would not impact on that much weight. in doing so we would use 2 plug zones ie smaller ones around 300x300m, in doing zone this in theory allow for the master zone ie say zone 1 to unload before showing zone 2  how ever. visually this also does not seem to be a good idea. because the zones are relatively NOT that large. also we found that each zone quickly  becomes same old same old.  each one is surrounded by a mountain, cliff or none passable objects that prevent them from seeing or passing to the end of the map and exposing the grand seroude that it is not truly fully seamless .

now the question:

What is the largest zone possible to have an effectively  be able to take the strain of HERDING the players from one to the next with out having a massive impact. also is it a bad idea to seamlessly zone say 4 1000x1000m zones together in order to make a much much larger zone. so that the edges cannot be come upon so quickly?  if not any other ideas?

General Discussion / Re: issue with trees
« on: Jul 13, 13, 11:56:33 AM »
I have noticed it has something to do with auto ground snap. I just re-inserted the trees into the  zone and took off auto ground snap and they did not move. how ever this only accounts for about 4% of the time.

General Discussion / issue with trees
« on: Jul 13, 13, 09:11:43 AM »
ok  i have been having this issue for a while. when my team starts placeing vegtation ie trees then move zones we find when we come back to it that the trees have moved off to the end of the map. i have tested this over and over. it occurs almost every single time we do it. we are on edit . not play . this is confuseing the hell out of us i have attached an image in the attachments for help 

fixed it by copying the heroblade.cfg file from one of my team mates computers how ever the error that occured occured on the update. it even prevents redownloading the Hero blade client ....

General Discussion / Cannot access servers or log into world....
« on: Mar 16, 13, 08:08:14 AM »
I updated again today .How ever during the update it stated i had to re-start the comp for the update to apply. In doing so i am getting the following now.
error . no service directory in heroengine.cfg
unable to load heroengine.cfg

General Discussion / [Resolved] Need help: Scripting
« on: Jul 02, 12, 12:30:18 AM »
Well I have been sitting here for a couple of months  now. Trying to get my head around the scripting. Frankly i feel like an old fart. I am not just grasping HE Lang. Which i pretty bad. Lol. I think its because i need a dummys guide to HSL as I have not done scripting since. Well DOS.  So this is makeing a big crank in my work flow.

 I have sat here for years working on the concept of the game my small team is now produceing. Years of storyline writeing. Test playing the system on paper and pencil.  We have everything from the mobs. Bosses and game style down pack. How ever this is worthless unless As i cannot as said grasp HSL . I have look through the tutorials on Wiki. Sat hrs  at the comp looking through the HJ ref. So if some one could send me in the right direction. All i need to do is grasp the basics and boom i will be on the right path.

Once again you miss the concept of BASIC IMPLEMENTATION. These are things that ALL MMO's HAVE. Of course BASIC  SCRIPTING WOULD BE NEEDED. But take invitory for instance. THe invitory feature are always the SAME how many slots are dependant per game. Or if there devided into bags. HOW EVER THE BASIC SCRIPT CALLS ARE THE SAME. THE POINT IS . IT DOES NOT MATTER IF IT IS HARD to implement rather it is unessary work when all MMOS will have them to implement the basic design and componets for them... ITS A CONCEPT OF HOW TO TAKE OFF BASIC WORK LOADS AND INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY by not reinventing the wheel.

Ok so here we go . Im am not new to makeing a fool of myself nor do I wish to stop this practice. As I find makeing a fool of myself tends to help me and others that being said I have some questions and comments and maybe some idea's

I have been useing hero engine for months now and frankly have been getting demoralised with the vast ammount of things you need to do on the engine to get 1 thing to work. I have looked over many engines in the last 4 years in search for somthing to bring a long planed out gameing concept into being. I have traveled through I think like 20 odd engines and noticed that each engine has good and bad things.

 For instance. With hero engine I have noticed alot of bad and good things. For instance.
   Good things
1. Hero engine makes  things easy with implementing the world. World being that which a character runs around on. In many engines it was countless hrs scripting seamless zones so on. This was tireing and found alot of people failed at there game productions in trying to make a massive game with TOO much scripting.
2. Hero engine utilises some of the most up to date Graphics out there.
3. Hero engine has a rather quick responsive and rather helpfull community

The list of goods can go on for ever. How ever in saying that the list of critisim can go on as well  I belive hero engine for INDIES can work on there structure of things to do . Indies quit offten dont have a staff of 25 people. With a budget of even more than a couple thousand dollars or euros or GPB to work with. For this many engines have worked there asses off to try to make the indies with a vast ideas ideas come to life. This is were hero engine i see is falling short. This is not saying I will not to continue developeing my product with HE but some helpfull tips.
   Here is a list of things to think about.

1. Every mmo out there quit offten has a verity of CLASSES and RACES that can be selected from play . HE requires to much work to learn the langue but as well to much to implement basic functions. Implimenting a class seems to draw script from here. Make a new script there. Then what the hell i dont know where it went wrong. This is the problem. The answer could easly be following down say the engine (Realm crafter) an engine that failed do to its iniability to keep dead lines on the release dates. But have a brilliant idea. That to implment things such ass Class and RACE  was done in a tab . This tabe allowed you to NAME the race then NAME the class. Droping like 30-40 hrs of work to bring what ur idea was to life. This could even go futhure  to allowing one to Name the stats used by the race and class . Which RC Did . Basic character constuction took minutes instead of days. Some people would say that this would take away from the " flexibility" of game productions how ever. The same source could be used to  list deffinitions of tanks, ships so on.  With a simple imput system instead of many hrs of work into it.
2. If any one here is a DIE hard MAKE UR OWN Game like myself I started back in developing small games. Back in the 1990's when makeing a 2d game took hrs. Then came out the RPG maker. Now Im not saying copy the RPG maker time fomula. How ever breaking ALOT of work down into smalling chunks or no chunks would make indies produce there games faster. For instance takeing  and allowing a basic stat creation concept for how a character would work  with an esculation sheep to draw out levels, EXP allotment and even mp allotment. Would allow people to pree scale there entire system with hrs of work instead of days or even months.
3. Now to refer back to RC on this one. Also with in RPGM To make a power or spell on HE is rather simple task how ever to add stats and effect is not. To in the same or simular display make it so a weapon mesh could be added. With damage or health the same with spells and say meshes or even particles to track ur systems of items and weapons would even drag down many many hrs of works. Instead of a scripter and a developer takeing months to scrip out items amd meshes  what they do how they work. The basic system  add mesh , add stat , add damage and then add effect could be used to generate the vast ammont of could into the system itself. Alot less work for more asset. 
4. Another long hall thing is the ye old GUI system. Now Most engines have tired to work this out. How ever UNREAL, RPGM and a few select engines was able to complete this, then ditched it cause some one smoked to much pot.  Makeing quest for a mmo is offten broken down into the following. Quest text ( what you are to do ) What type of quest ie Grind kill 10 mobs,  Go to certain location, Or talk to some one. All these should be able to be generated in minutes. The be able to select a back round image to be displayed . Allowing writers to focus on generating quest. This does not repleace the work needed for really elabarted quest.  How ever will handle about 70% of a basic games work.
5. Now I have talked these concepts with members of my team before writing this. Most of this stuff takes away from the need to script as much. Allowing the bulk work to be shared across the team. This allows visualy makeing ur game and auto translation for script to work. Maybe HE is not capable of this. How ever HE needs quicker games. There clients companys need to be able to focus on there design of the game these work hand in hand to bring more money and faster money to he and the indies.

The list of things can go on and on. But triming the ammont some one needs to know into there productivity actualy structureing and designing is what a indie and most people need to do over scripting. After all thousands of hrs of scripting is not what people see when they play the game. They see how many functions are in the so auto implmented with a turn off and on switch dor indies of functions like

1. guilds
2. friends list
3. chat.
4. Legions.
5. Chat channels
6. Tradeing
7. invitory
8. shop set up
All these are basicly the same. With a add on stucture optional allowing the indies to quickly adept and use the engine with little work to be done . Allowing the to focus on how adicting they can make the game. How it presents to each other and how people play it.

So rather it being just makeing the engine more visual .
Or makeing fast scripting like the old RPGM  or even have presets that u can work u way through with a point and click. Can make the handle much lights. After all WE want to go big. U want us to go big. Its a win win. After all for thoughs whom dont like things like this. There is always thousands of hrs of self scripting u can do with out visual works.


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