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Design & World Building / Re: Dynamic Sky Questions
« on: Jul 23, 13, 04:12:09 AM »
No, we've created all our own rooms. There's nothing to really screenshot. I set dynamic sky, set a Time, click apply to active room, and no one sees the changes but me. When I log out and back in, it turns off dynamic sky.

Design & World Building / Re: Dynamic Sky Questions
« on: Jul 23, 13, 03:26:29 AM »
Even when I click 'Make Active for select room', my teammates don't see the dynamic sky. They just see blackness..

Design & World Building / Dynamic Sky Questions
« on: Jul 14, 13, 09:12:07 AM »
I just had a quick question regarding the Dynamic Skies. It seems like everytime I turn on Dynamic sky, no one else on the team seems to see it. I've tried making it local and making it global. When I try to go to a play instance, it shows for about 5 minutes, but then just goes back to Static. I was wondering if there is anything special I have to do to make it appear for others and stay active?

Animation / Re: Animated Asset Questions
« on: Jun 24, 13, 09:12:15 AM »
It is the opening of a door to go into the outside world. So, players will click the door and it will open and teleport them to another map. I have tried everything you guys have said to the word, and it's still not stopping the animation..It just keeps going up and then eventually goes up so far it disappears.

Animation / Re: Animated Asset Questions
« on: Jun 24, 13, 07:39:01 AM »
It is necessary to apply the animation tracks note in 3DMax


And then to make the object gloom class that will respond to this note.

If it is necessary to open the door, so you need to set for the class (_OnGlomClass) stop animation. A mouse in response animation command (open the door), etc.

But the door would prefer to use the Stateful method.

Just a quick question, I downloaded the Sample Art Asset and checked the animated asset section. Do I have to have a rig of some sort? Can I not just have the animation going up through keyframes? Or is it necessary to have a rig plus keyframes?

Animation / Re: Animated Asset Questions
« on: Jun 24, 13, 05:43:42 AM »
It can help:


On the client side the 3D model is presented as an object class HBNode

Here is a more complex method (depends what exactly you need to make an object), this method does not require an animated model - animation is done using stateful commands (rotate, move, etc.)


That is the Wiki I have followed exactly to the word

Animation / Animated Asset Questions
« on: Jun 24, 13, 05:27:10 AM »
I have created a simple animation for a door opening, and followed the Wiki to exact specifications, but when I import my Animated Asset, one of two things happen.
1) Nothing happens whatsoever (Meaning the door is just a static object)
2) The door is animated, but it keeps looping(Since the door is animated to slide up, it eventually disappears into the sky).

My coder was talking about something with a Model Node and that I should get a popup that asks me about it, I haven't seen anything though. I have tried exporting about 10 different ways, and I get the same two outcomes

Can anyone offer me any advice as to what I'm doing wrong or what I should do differently?

Once again, all I want for this simple animation was a test on how to do it. It is just a translate up for about 85 frames and that's it.

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