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Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Importing gr2 into 3ds Max
« on: Oct 15, 13, 12:09:49 AM »
Pardon if I've missed this, I did search, but so far I've only found;

"3ds Max7 .gr2 import/export (HUN)"

Which, I think is the Never Winter Nights 2 Utility Plugin for Max.

What I'm hoping to do / find is; a method for importing the old gr2 files & put that animation on my current character in Max, then export out an updated hgm animation file.

I'm guessing I might be able to do this with MotionBuilder (I've worked with MotionBuilder for ~ 3 years).
Glad to have any way of working with, or getting at the mo-cap / animation info, and putting it on a biped or CAT rig.

Or, are the original Max files of those animations available?  It would be great to have those animations as a biped/bvh library  :D .

I attempted to download some files/assets from HJ, but I was not able to (guessing they are not available for good reason :) ).

Thanks in advance for any help or tips on this

Developer Created Tutorials / Re: Base Animation Script Files
« on: Oct 13, 13, 01:06:16 PM »
I'll assume you are on flat ground, that message happens when your characters rootbone is not at 0 in regards to Y. If it's 0.1 the engine could think you aren't on the ground and thus falling.
Yup, bingo :) !

Developer Created Tutorials / Re: Base Animation Script Files
« on: Oct 13, 13, 10:43:46 AM »
Thanks again Keeper of Stars  :) !   I appreciate it   !


As I use these scripts, and add the animations to go with them, I notice when my character (NPC) is doing it's idle animation, this Console message will frequently run,

"SCRIPT:[E_ACCControllerClassMethods]:E_ACCControllerClassMethods line 993 (_onPostAnimUpdate) has determined I should be falling"

I will create a new Idle animation, and see if that corrects it (easy to do :) ).  I'll make sure to lock the granny bone so it's not moving during any of the Idle animations, and uncheck all Inherit checkboxes in the Link Info.

Is my understanding correct that, this might be due to the granny bone being detected as going up, off of  ' 0 ',  which is possibly why the script 'E_ACCControllerClassMethods' then runs the 'falling' (and sometimes 'landing') animations  (the script is doing what it should be) ?

Scripting & Programming / Re: Scripting a combat system
« on: Oct 09, 13, 02:45:37 PM »
I can't Thank You enough Keeper of Stars  ;D !    Glad to get your advice, -it is sincerely appreciated :)  !

Scripting & Programming / Re: Scripting a combat system
« on: Oct 08, 13, 11:22:02 PM »
Thank You Keeper of Stars :) !

This is for an MMO, where the need is for showcasing a combat between a human (peasant with sword & possibly a shield, -the player character) vs. a monster (multi-legged NPC*, not using any weapon).   I have rigged, animated, and exported both models, adding your clean (awesome  :D ) scripts to them, & they are successfully working as NPCs in the HE (static characters).

I was thinking it might work where I would replace the Monkeytok with the monster, and replace the Ranger/Wizard character with the peasant character (I'm such a newbie, sorry ) .

I'll test the characters in my HeroBlade server (default set-up), then I send the models to the dev team, and they load them into the maps/areas they have created on their server, -where they would like to do the screen capture of the combat.

*If possible, having the monster available as a player character would be best, -so the showcasing of the combat would allow for player control of both units.  My understanding is, the monsters will be NPC units in the game, but they will want GMs to be able to control the monsters when desired.

This is currently a very short term goal, with the specific desire of screen capturing the combat between the player and the monster (ideally both units being controlled for the combat).  There is a great deal of game design to be worked out yet, -where my role has been in providing character/npc/monster models, animations, & (hopefully now) providing working/playable characters.

Just learning of the Mutable & Immutable Data types, your advice for saving on resources makes complete sense.  I'm sure it's pretty obvious I should be spending my time on learning basic scripting, where I'm trying to understand (for example) Thazager's Advanced scripting Dev Tut.  I don't mean to 'dive' into Advanced Scripting, I think it's due to my background in character modeling, animation, max script, etc. that I end-up being in the position of diving into the character creation system.

And Thank You for the link to Thazager's Dev Tut on 'Character Selection - basic.'  Great tut/thread, and Thazager = outstanding , I deeply appreciate the time and work given for providing the great tuts :) .

Hope I'm making sense .

Scripting & Programming / Re: Scripting a combat system
« on: Oct 08, 13, 04:57:15 PM »
Great thread, -makes me realize how much I don't know  :) , BUT it's a huge help in understanding & approaching the learning path(s) with the Hero Engine.

Learning the character creation / NPCs / Movement, etc. has gone very well, Thank You Keeper of Stars & World Wide Z !  I have been able to successfully create non-biped NPCs (and bipeds); running around, jumping, etc. -all sorts of animations (no problem with HE & 3ds Max, Biped, CAT, etc. -all working great), understanding the basic script for it (even somewhat understanding the Hero's Journey's Standard, Biped Agent .AAS script.  Keeper of Stars made that MUCH easier to learn  ;D ).

I'm behind Asserna's level of understanding with the combat system in HE, but I am hoping to get there, where I'm a bit stuck at attempting to learn/understand the Character Creation System from the Wiki page (http://hewiki.heroengine.com/wiki/$CHARACTERCREATIONSYSTEM).

I've started watching the "HeroEngine Data Storage Tutorials,"  -excellent & very needed learning.  Although there are parts that go over my head, where I'm wondering what direction / where I might look for learning/understanding the CCS better and getting into the combat system?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or help, -and I really appreciate the community here on the forums .

Developer Created Tutorials / Re: Base Animation Script Files
« on: Oct 06, 13, 10:09:42 PM »
Hey just a little note to any one using these as your begining character animation template.

One thing to note, is if you want jump to behave similar to what the HeroEngine default does as in Jump>Fall>Land instead of Fall>Fall>Land you will need to slightly modify the .AAS

transition OverridePosture
  from None to Jumping = trDoJump 
  from Jumping to Falling = trDoFall  (<<<<< delete this part <<<<<)

If some one has  a more elegant solution please let me know, but through my testing this seems to be the "correct" default character behavior.
That is a great tip, Thank You  :) !

As a beginner with Hero Script, I completely agree with the others; wonderful resource, should be wiki'd, it's good to see when you trim the extra off -it certainly helps.  Brilliant idea Keeper of Stars  ;D  !

And another newbie question :)

When I possess an NPC, and select (for example) a Monkeytok & attack it, -instead of my possessed NPC attacking the Monkeytok, the (for example) Ranger Character attacks the Monkeytok.

I'm guessing this is due to the Ranger Character being a $CharacterClass (with the GUI connected to the $CharacterClass), -if I want the possessed NPC to attack the Monkeytok, I would need to make the NPC a $CharacterClass?

Or, is it possible to have the possessed NPC attack the Monkeytok?  ( <-- and/or maybe that would be working in the 'wrong direction,' -since it would probably not be a useful in-game function?)

Thanks again  :) !

Animation / Re: Character Behave Commands
« on: Sep 28, 13, 11:40:00 PM »
When you start making your own characters / animation make sure to stop by my tutorial on the base scripts, they trim out some of the fluff, and give you just the core scripts and such you need from there you can add your custom stuff.
Excellent, I certainly appreciate that keeperofstars :)
Do you have a link? (Pardon, it's probably very obvious, I'm very new to searching the forums / wiki / youtube channels / links, etc.).
Thank You

Animation / Re: Character Behave Commands
« on: Sep 28, 13, 12:53:16 PM »
For a given character specification, the input options for BaseMode (and other inputs) are defined in the AAS file for that character.  In the DAT file for a character is where it specifies which AAS file that character uses. So different characters can and often do share the same AAS.

You can open and edit the DAT, AAS, and ASQ files in any text editor; I like to use Notepad++ with it customized to hightlight pretty well for those files.

See here for more details on AAS files.
Thank You ScottZarnke  :D !   Perfect, great tips, very appreciated!  I also like / use Notepad++  ;D

A note on the str() function that is mentioned at the bottom of that page.  We have found through experimentation that the first argument must be a string and the second must be the name of an input.  It does not seem to work with any other combination of arguments.

But we were able to concatenate two inputs using this form:
str(str("", BaseMode), ImpactHit)

Since str needs the first argument to be a string and str() returns a string, we first use the inner str call to turn BaseMode into a string, then use the outer str() to tack value of ImpactHit onto that.

We used that technique to combine inputs such as having the basemode first followed by the impactHit.  So, for instance, we might create animations called warriorDamaged.asq and clericDamaged.asq.  That way when different impacts happen, they can vary based on the base mode.  Thus, each base mode effectively constitutes a set of common animations, such as melee, dodge, damaged, death, etc. but done in a different style from one base mode to another.  When we set the base mode, such as to warrior or cleric, we are setting which animation set that will be used.

Thank You, outstanding tip on the str() function !!  DIG how you can have it vary based on the base mode, "When we set the base mode, such as to warrior or cleric, we are setting which animation set that will be used."  <--Great!!  Thank you for sharing, I appreciate it .

Animation / Re: Character Behave Commands
« on: Sep 28, 13, 12:45:28 PM »
if you open the animator tool, select the main character, you can look at all the possibly animations for that character.
Thank You keeperofstars !  Great tool / Editor  :D

Animation / Re: Character Behave Commands
« on: Sep 28, 13, 12:34:17 AM »
Outstanding, Thank You Thazager !
I appreciate it :)

Animation / Character Behave Commands
« on: Sep 28, 13, 12:10:33 AM »
Hi All,

Another newbie question / request for help :) .

After doing the quick (and helpful tut), "Tutorial Exercise," at the bottom of the wiki page, 'Character Behave Commands' (http://wiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Character_Behave_Commands), I was hoping to test more animations on the character using that method.  Very fun to see the character swimming around in the Fantasy Lowlands  :D .

I attempted some guessing at other 'inputs' for getting other animations to run ( "combat_idle_crit," "combat_impact," "combat_slicer," "drink_potion," "emote_femaledance," etc.) using; 

input BaseMode Combat ,
input BaseMode Combat combat_idle_crit,
input BaseMode combat_idle_crit,
Input EmoteMode Dance,

Obviously bad guesses  ;D   

The page does list common Behave commands, and it mentions,
"input BaseMode Combat"        // Note that this is an HJ-only mode"

Being an artist/animator new to scripting & Hero, I was hoping someone more skilled at understanding the Behave commands might list other 'inputs' that would get the other animations to play   ?

Thank You for any help or advice, I appreciate it  :)

Developer Created Tutorials / Re: Base Animation Script Files
« on: Sep 23, 13, 08:46:13 PM »
Just had to say Thank You again keeperofstars  ;D !

Your scripts are working, and it is a GREAT feeling to see the animations working in the Hero Engine !

Thank You again too WorldWideZ, I DIG your Facebook page !

I suspect the differing results may be you in game mode versus edit mode.
Thank You HE-Cooper, no disagreement there  :D

Not only are the characters showing-up correctly now, but it is also such a GREAT feeling to see the animations working !

Restarted the Hero Engine > entered my area, and there were about 10 versions of my character wandering about  (obviously I clicked the 'Create NPC' button more than once :D ).

Again, I appreciate your time and help WorldWideZ :) !

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