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Thanks alot for repply.

I know this question really depends on alot of things..
So i'd guess i might asked anyways

Even if all answers that comes is very logic. Thinking about fatures codes etc.

Well tought it was worth a try :)

Thanks guys :)

General Discussion / I think i found right place to post this...
« on: Feb 22, 14, 09:42:49 PM »
Hey, and sorry if ive posted this in wrong section.

But i got a question. Does heroengine have any fature that can show fexs: if you're game is a mmorpg, how many players you're game can handle and/or show if you're world buidling, scripting etc is good enough for the type of game you're making?

I duno tried to search a little on it on the wiki and here on the forums, but relly didnt/did find (logiac answers) but not any straigh answers.

Also might be an idea to the HE team with a fature that can show that for the engine users? :)

Just an idea tough :)

Thx for any repply :)


As we don't have experience about and /or as 3D modeling artist, We are looking for a co-worker that can help us with this.

Our main goal for this artist is that he/she can make models that looks realistic.

Basics about working with us.

1.Develper will not have any time pressure at all so you currently work whenever you wish to do it.
2.As a part of our develpoer team you will recive a emailed contract and instructs.
3.You get a share of every future income of the whole project (if any)
4. Payment after agrement.

You're job.

You're job will be to make NPC & characters out of pictures that we send to you, and make them as realistic as possible.

Repply below with info and what you want from us to make an agreement.
You can also send us an private mail throught the forum board.


Design & World Building / Re: Adding texture to a whitebox?
« on: Feb 20, 14, 01:23:08 PM »
Helped alot !
Thankis :)

Design & World Building / Adding texture to a whitebox?
« on: Feb 20, 14, 10:53:30 AM »
You might faced this question many times.
But i can't find a tutorial or anything about it.
Can you add a owned texture to a whitebox?

If anyone got a guide they could send me to would be very appreciated :)

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