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I suppose this would have been better posted on SpeedTree forums.  I'll see if some people here have experienced the same issue first.  I'm using SpeedTree v6.2.2 which came with our HeroCloud purchase.

Well I'm not entirely sure where one would post this, so I'll put it up here since it's an Asset issue and I was unsuccessful at finding identical issues I'm having.

So I decided to go back and play around with SpeedTree for a bit. Normally I design my own models in 3DS Max for many reasons.  One reason of which has come back to haunt me.  I've found a fix for it, which is completely un-installing, re-downloading and re-installing SpeedTree through the Dashboard.  However it's getting rather annoying to have to back my stuff up and replace when this issue arises on and off again.  I'm just curious if anyone out there may know why or have a solution to what is going on here or have had identical issues.

The issue is that some times when taking a tree I done through SpeedTree, uploading it to my HE world and placing it within... my leaves get these solid lines displaying through them.  I'm not sure why this happens.  The texture size I typically use is 512x512, though I have recently started to try out 1024x1024 as well to see if I'd take a loss.

Here is a picture of what I am talking about.

It loads the Capture image the same in the asset library as well.  The tree's in the background are done via 3DS Max, so they can be ignored.  It's just puzzling why suddenly SpeedTree decides to pull this on me.  If anyone out there has an idea of what is going on, I'd appreciate the help.  The folders & files have the same name in the repository and are found in the exact same location from my PC.  I've tested at least three other tree's, even one using nothing but SpeedTree templates / textures and they all had the same result.  I'm sure it's some rookie experience I'm having difficulties with.  It keeps happening from time to time though and is disheartening to go through the same frustrations over and over again.  Though it's to be expected in game development anyway! :)

If I can't get this figured out, I suppose I'll go back to figuring out why my tree's leaves (when modeled in 3DS Max) won't cast shadows (They do in other engines though).  Then figure out how to get keyframed animations working.  As to make my own "wind effect" on the leaves.  I followed the wiki steps, but being new to that category it failed. ;)  Forgive me ahead of time if I don't understand questions that may fire up from this.  If anymore details are required, let me know and I'll do my best to answer them.

General Discussion / Re: Complete noob here
« on: Oct 23, 14, 12:38:03 PM »
Hey I feel your pain, trust me.

I came on to this with no experience in programming or even 3D modeling / art development.  My brothers and I had been sitting on wanting to make our own game for 10 years at least now.  After my brothers and I purchased a HeroEngine package, I've been learning all about 3D modeling in 3DS Max, making texture / materials in Photoshop and importing my own models into our game world.  Right now, they're nothing I would be using in my own game but more of a practice learning curve to learn more about it.  It's awesome that I can easily import my own models into our HeroCloud world though.

I started with no experience in anything related to game design and had no knowledge of it.  So far I can say I've come a long way.  I know I'm far from being one of the greatest, but I now know a lot more than I did before we purchased HeroEngine.  I've been having a lot of fun just making 3D models and being able to import them to see what they look like.  Unfortunately there's a lot of headaches and things that go wrong, but as long as you're willing to stick with it you'll be having a lot of fun yourself.

Never give up.  The things worth having in life are the things you fight the hardest for.  Keep at it and even if you can't make your own game by yourself, it will give you the experience in what goes on in making a game.  Eventually finances provided, you can find other help.  You may even be able to find people to do some work for you for free that's interested in your ideas and want to help make it a reality.  I only started not even a year ago I think.

General Discussion / Re: US East Server 21
« on: Aug 22, 14, 04:56:59 PM »
Awesome.  Thanks.  Everything's working normally now and I'm able to log on.  Now to do some testing. :)

General Discussion / Re: US East Server 21
« on: Aug 22, 14, 02:50:39 PM »
The full text being:

15:46:31: HeStartup Call...
15:46:31: SYSTEM:System:Windows version: 6
15:46:31: SYSTEM:System:Game Scale set to: 10.00
15:46:31: SYSTEM:System:Initializing HeroBlade DLL
15:46:32: SYSTEM:System:SelectionManager::Startup()
15:46:32: SYSTEM:System:GUIControl::SetupScreen()
15:46:32: SYSTEM:System:AudioManager()
15:46:32: SYSTEM:System:Audio plugin [FMOD] initialized successfully
15:46:32: SYSTEM:System:DebugVisualizer Setup
15:46:32: System:HeroEngine Client DLL told version is:
15:46:33: SYSTEM:System:BaseApplication::initialize   Service_Directory_Client   1408736792328   8
15:46:39: SYSTEM:System:BaseApplication::initialize   Service_Directory_Client   1408736798767   8

Note it's not just my brother and I on the US East Server 21 who can't connect.  I was talking with someone from another team who's also been unable to connect since maintenance.

Hope this helps.

General Discussion / US East Server 21
« on: Aug 22, 14, 02:09:40 PM »
Is there maintenance still currently going on?  I haven't been able to connect to my Repository or HeroBlade client at all today.  Upon opening them I get an instant:

"Contacting US East Server 21
Could not connect to US East Server 21
Reason: Connection Failed"

No matter how many times I try or even manually typing my password versus Remember-Me / Auto-Log On.  I hope this is the right spot to post this.  If not, I'm sorry! =D

~Adam Jarvis

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