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General Discussion / Re: heblade.dll problem
« on: Feb 18, 11, 09:54:17 AM »
Done  ,
Thanks for trying for help ...

General Discussion / Re: heblade.dll problem
« on: Feb 18, 11, 06:32:40 AM »
I cant
In end of DirectX install an error occurred : The file xactengine 2_4.dll is not designed to run on windows or contains an error.

General Discussion / [Resolved] heblade.dll problem
« on: Feb 17, 11, 11:51:02 AM »
I want to test HeroCloud and buy it if it works but i have problem in installation
I download HeroCloud from site and open it ... installation without problem but i cant install DirectX ... If i want to run game without DirectX i have error "HRESULT: 0x8007007E cant find heblade.dll"
Thanks for any answers and sorry for my english :D

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