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General Discussion / Re: engine bug
« on: Apr 18, 19, 09:12:19 PM »
Please try the following:

  • Open up a windows command prompt window (windows key + r and type in cmd)
  • in the command prompt window run the command:  ipconfig /flushdns

Scripting & Programming / Re: replication type
« on: Apr 04, 19, 04:43:37 PM »
A question for you...

Does the client destination class include destination fields for all of the fields marked to replicate in the server DOM (including anything it would inherit from parent class(es)?

We're aiming for a Q1 2018 release of the updated pipeline.

News & Announcements / New Improved LaunchServer
« on: Sep 28, 17, 09:11:46 PM »
We replaced a failing Amazon Web Services instance (EC2) that runs the launch server (the thing you connect to initially to check the current version of the application and download updates).  An unfortunate side effect of this process was that DNS (the internet's address book) needs to update to point to the new instance. 

The DNS propagation process can take anywhere from minutes to a couple of days depending on which DNS servers you use (on average a few hours is most likely).

While the new DNS address is propagating, you may not be able to connect to the launch server causing application launch to timeout/fail.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

This work has been completed.

This work has begun.

On Wednesday May 24th starting at 9 am ET, we will be performing some maintenance on all HeroCloud servers.  Downtime for any given server is expected to be approximately 2 hours in a series of rolling maintenance windows.

As each server returns to service, we'll update this topic.

News & Announcements / Re: Services may become unavailable
« on: May 02, 17, 10:10:54 PM »
We believe the issue to be resolved at this point, but are continuing to monitor things throughout the night.


General Discussion / Re: date / time ?
« on: Apr 07, 17, 05:10:54 PM »
Compile/Submit uses server time because it is submitted to the server as the authoritative copy.

Save File saves a local copy and thus uses local file time as it is not submitted to the server.

I'm not sure what you mean by "A section that used to work", unless you are referencing some HSL code that is checking time.  HSL does not use the script time, rather it uses the coordinated time source shared by the server and that would have nothing to do with the times displayed in a saved HSL file.

In other words, the game does not care what you set your local computer time to be.

GUI Creation / Re: Bug Found in GUI Editor Save Code
« on: Mar 04, 17, 10:26:18 PM »
That does indeed seem like bad xml. 

I've added it to our issue tracking system, but since there is a workaround editing the guixml directly the priority is lower than other issues without a workaround.

Thanks for letting us know with a good reproduction.



General Discussion / Re: DOM Editor problem
« on: Jan 31, 17, 10:04:23 AM »
Hello GlorianLanTarini,

I logged into your world and did not notice any performance impact from having the DOM Editor open (both Server and Client).  As has been mentioned, the most common severe framerate drop in HeroBlade is when massive amounts of data/lines are being printed out to the Chat, Console, Error or HeroScript Errors panels.  I did not observe this happening during the time I was logged in, but such a thing could be area specific.

Another option might be incredibly large amounts of data being replicated to the client, or high frequency introduction/removal of replication groups to/from the client (which in turn may trigger significant amounts of script logic to be invoked).

Do you have a concrete set of steps we could follow to observe the framerate drop?

Best Regards,

Hello Gaarzen,

Would you please run a DXDiag (http://hewiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Dxdiag) and send the output to support@heroengine.com?  I've attempted to reproduce your issue as described and have (as yet) not been able to duplicate it, which makes things tricky.

As a separate step, please try to run the launcher installation file as administrator (right-click the .exe and select Run as Administrator).

You might try some of the troubleshooting recommendations for the Microsoft installer from Microsoft's site (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2438651).  Please note, while the documentation is for older versions of Windows it appears to still be appropriate for windows 10.


The main Account Management Website (account.heroengine.com) should now once again be up and a fully functional battlestar :)

We're still working out some kinks in associated systems, consequently please let us know if you encounter issues while using the Account Management System (AMS).

Christopher Larsen

All worlds were up and running last night and tested- they are all running perfectly, you can log into your worlds safely. We are now updating some of the web services, will update this post when we are finished with those.

We will be performing a database upgrade to our databases servicing authentication, websites and customer services on October 31st starting at 7 am (ET).   Downtime is expected to last up to 6-10 hours, but we hope it will be less.

During this maintenance, all of our websites and services (including authentication) will be affected.  If you are already connected to a world, you (or your team) may continue to develop without interruption.  However, should you lose connection you may or may not be able to reconnect until the maintenance is completed.


Christopher Larsen

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