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Howdy All,

I've been having issues with Fmod coordinates where in Blade everything is reversed.

Things in front of you sound like they're coming from behind you, etc.

From what I can tell.. Fmod uses Left handed coordinates and Blade uses Right handed coordinates, and I haven't had any luck changing that in Fmod or in Blade.

Looks like in Fmod, I need to get into some advanced settings somewhere and change something to FMOD_INIT_3D_RIGHTHANDED in order to do this.. But I'm not having so much luck with that.
I guess you need to actually "write" a program to access the advanced settings.. which is a little beyond my coding as it turns out.
Or maybe I'm just not understanding something and someone here could enlighten me.

Is there any way to switch this around in Blade? Or has anyone else experienced this problem and resolved it?

I apologize if there's a better place to post this.


-Clyde (Nef)

General Discussion / Re: [Resolved] 3d sounds(Fmod) and HE...
« on: Jan 27, 15, 06:53:17 PM »
There are other uses for this type of feature as well.

The next release will expose external HSL functions to:
*Attach the audio listener to the active character (and, automatically switch as the active character changes)
*Attach the audio listener to an arbitrary node
*Reset the audio listener to the current active camera (which is the default)


Ohh cool! That sounds like it should take care of it. Thanks for the responses!

Which game is this in the video? It looks very nice.
it's Star Wars: The Old Republic.

I see (hear?) what you are talking about in that video.  However it is a strange contradiction.

I believe what Cooper was talking about is the relationship between sight and sound.  By having a third-person camera, you naturally have third-person sight. But then you are coupling that with first-person sound.  Generally sight and sound are kept together, with both as either first- or third-person, because that is generally how people perceive the real world.  So to disconnect the two lessens the realism.

The most realistic way to hear as if you are at the character is to also see as if you are at the character, i.e. make it a first-person game.  In a third-person game, the player is not really being the character, they are watching them from some imaginary floating camera, so for me as a player I would want to hear relative to my own viewpoint, which is where the camera is.

But to your point, if you are intent on going the route of decoupling sight and sound, I am not sure what to tell you.  In my limited experience with sound engineering, I know part of it involves dictating where the "listener" is, but in HeroEngine my guess is you'd need a source code license to make such a change.

I know that sound set up kinda seems like an odd concept, but I think maybe it only really starts to matter when you have the ability to have your camera extremely zoomed out. One small example is if you were looking for a hidden object in the world that emits a quiet sound, you would never hear it until you zoomed your camera all the way back in.

General Discussion / Re: 3d sounds(Fmod) and HE...
« on: Jan 27, 15, 02:10:53 AM »

Also, I fully understand your ms paint outline, but if sounds are relative to the character and your character is facing North, and the camera is facing South Looking at your character, it's odd. So you want sounds that are closer to the camera to be quieter than sounds farther away from the camera but closer to the character? I've just never heard of any game doing that, but if you had an example game maybe I can wrap my head around it.

Howdy all.

That is exactly what I'm trying to do so I figured I would post here instead of starting a new thread. No aha moment for me yet.. ;)

I have an example here in a short video I made of a game doing exactly what you described. (swtor - total coincidence, was just the easiest one to get an example from. I believe Fallen Earth works this way as well but it's harder to get an example from)

I'm using the sounds of the speeders and my footsteps and weapon holster to show that the camera position has no effect on sounds, it's all heard through the "ears" of your character.


Haven't discovered a way to set it up like this yet. It would be real nice for things like playing with your camera zoomed way out, so you can still hear things that are only meant to be heard close up.   

Any help would be awesome!  :D

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