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General Discussion / Re: [Wish-List] Render to Texture
« on: May 03, 12, 08:57:19 AM »
The Virtual Stage wiki alludes that you can render the stage to a texture and that "These created textures may also be used for objects in the world." Does this mean that you can apply these textures to game assets like a monitor or vidscreen?

There is a function; StageSaveTexture() that appears to provide this ability. Has anyone tried applying this to something other than a GUI?

If this can be done, then it would be the solution I have been looking for.

Scripting & Programming / Re: FPS Camera Help
« on: May 03, 12, 08:35:42 AM »
Just comment out the line: println("Moving the mouse") in function onMouseMove()

Scripting & Programming / Re: Linking item to script
« on: Apr 24, 12, 12:11:20 PM »
I used the following command and my asset appears:
/heprops library #spec='1'  #fqn='\art\console.hgm' #position='$POSITION' #lod='10'

Make sure your asset displays properly in game too.

Scripting & Programming / Re: Linking item to script
« on: Apr 23, 12, 05:41:33 PM »
In your opinion, how will the prop system differ from the other method? Are there benefits to using props instead? A prop appears to define behavior for an asset as I need, but looking at it it seemed that it was for server side events. Will it work for client events also? I am reading through it now.

I will also post back with details for anyone who reads this thread in the future because it isn't clearly stated in the wiki.

I managed to create an asset and assign a Prop Spec to it using the Library command. I was able to place the asset in game from the Library and the Prop Spec glommed the decorators I had assigned to the spec on to the asset. Even though this is done on the server side for persistence, it then replicates to the clients.

Scripting & Programming / Re: Linking item to script
« on: Apr 23, 12, 03:38:19 PM »
You may also want to look into Prop System http://wiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Prop_System which is similar to what was mentioned above but incorporates the Spec System as well.

There is a wiki version of this tutorial http://hewiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Scrollable_Chat_Window which maybe easier to follow.

I have always like the Diablo inventory style myself. It takes item size into account as well as weight encumbrance. It still uses a grid/slot system which I would think is necessary in order to keep things neatly organized. If you do not use some type of grid, you will end up having overlapping items unless you script some sorting method to organize your icons. If your intention it is to create an inventory system that mimics a real bag, then having things unsorted and overlapping is the way to go as it forces the player to rummage through their bag of junk to get to something they need.

Try changing the PhyicsShape Property to EXACT_MESH or DEFAULT_SHAPE. Switching between the two may reset the collider shapes.

Ok, I understand how the Prop System works (kinda) and its exactly what I need. How do I add my own Decorator classes to the Utilities (F5) Menu to Glom to the specs? It seems I would have to modify the _PropsClassMethods script which is a Clean Engine script and add my decorator to the list. Is there an override method or some other way to add to the list of Decorators without modifying the HE Clean Engine script?  The wiki does not explain that process, only tells you you can create your own Decorators, not how to add them to the Utilities Glom List.

After looking at HJ Ref, I see now that I will have to create my own Prop System on top of the Clean Engine one like they did for HJ in order to customize it with my own Decorators. Is that correct?

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: 3DS Max Hero Material Issue: Alpha Mode
« on: Apr 02, 12, 11:04:45 PM »
Sound like something I experienced recently. I couldn't figure out why my image wasn't "masking" properly. Wasn't until I discovered that I had painted the black onto the RGB layers but the alpha channel was not painted. Check your alpha channel to make sure it is painted and not just the RGB channels.

Thanks, I was not aware of the prop system and it appears to be exactly what I needed.

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: 3DS Max Hero Material Issue: Alpha Mode
« on: Apr 02, 12, 08:07:39 AM »
Are you using DDS textures? Check to make sure your using DXT1 with alpha channel or DXT3.

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: Crafting Community Groups
« on: Apr 01, 12, 10:57:39 AM »
Crafting is central to our game. All players will have some crafting abilities, but it will be primarily for players who wish to follow an artisan path. We plan to model or system similar to SWG. Personally, I have not seen a better system than SWG. I had high hopes for Vanguard, but when I played it in its early days, it was too problematic and sword and fantasy games are not my thing.

Just as important to a crafting system is also the resource gathering. The gathering has to be just as entertaining if not more so since most of the gameplay comes from the resource gathering side. Gathering should be interactive, challenging and fun, not just clicking on a rock and watching an animation. Players need to feel like they are in control.

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: <SOLVED> Dynamic character problem
« on: Mar 29, 12, 11:20:53 AM »
How about that.... Never noticed.. Thanks, that will make things easier.

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: <SOLVED> Dynamic character problem
« on: Mar 29, 12, 11:17:08 AM »
Where does one find this "HeroViewer"?

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