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General Discussion / Re: My Assets
« on: Nov 24, 12, 05:49:18 AM »
Hey John. that is a really nice thing to do for the community that are working without decent asset creators and great to see someone that wants to give something back for the love of it.

I saw Coopers comments on the legality of the HE export formats etc and that you need to wait for the HE store, as an alternative you can always offer them in max or Obj formats and open your own site. let the game devs know that you are out there and if i were you ask that you get at least a name credit if you don't want financial recompense.

Name credits are something that cost the Dev's nothing and if you ever want to make any cash from your creations in the future it is always great to have references of where your work has been picked up and used :)

As a side thought, i have noticed that there are a few Dev's that are desperate for art asset's, have you considered contacting one or two of them to see if you can get commissions or join projects so that you can watch your creations being bought to life in an actual game. :) just a thought..

Good luck with your creations and have fun DBx

Hey Illu, glad to hear you got it :)

Yeah.. bumps i.e. normals are added in the second slot. They have to be .dds like your Dif Map. If you are adding the Normal as a .dds and still getting errors i have no clue as i have never had that issue occur.

repost if you are exporting .dds normals correctly and still getting the error from HE Mats as someone here will be able to help. Also add SS to give ppl a clearer idea of the issue for a faster fix :)


I did everything like this and I get this error.

19:40:58: CreationObject small_granite_rock.hgm seems to be done
19:40:58: !ERROR!System:ERROR: Not found (0xFACE000F) loading resource: /c:/localrepository/prop_3d_assets/jason_props/small_granite_rock.dds

Hey Illu, this is a prob most new to HE have but is simple to fix..

1) Your Repository folder on your Hard Drive must be set up EXACTLY the same as the one in your HE Repository Browser (all file names matching and in the same folders)

example: SS example attached (everything from the point of HE is identical)

2) when you create an asset make sure that the textures for the model are placed into the Rep folder on your comp and that you add your model textures from that folder to the HE Material editor (if you dont add the files FROM the Rep folder they will error even if you copy paste the textures there later.. the export remembers the file path that the Mats came from)

3) when you add your Mats to the HE Mat editor Name the materials something that is specific to that model (any duplicte names give you flashing textures and errors)

Hope that this helps :) Dx

Thanks.. sorted other than the edit on my post re the particle editor Wiki. As mentioned a review would be greatly appreciated.



As i mentined this is for a single plane effect that takes 20 seconds to create in max not a particle effect that takes substantially longer (for anyone having tried to create a unique effect will agree).  little side notes in the wiki such as This section is in-process, and may not work properly do not exactly inspire confidence in the referance material. Can i ask that someone PLEASE review the Particle creation guide in Wiki as it is a nightmare to work with and as mentioned apparently may or may not work correctly.

There is no mention of 2d implentation only 3d so im guessing that i just have to play around for a while unless there is some info on this squirrled away that i have not located :) or if anyone has some quick win info that they can share on this please.

Again all i need is a single image that changes opacity in a fixed positon i.e. on a wall, model or landscape position.

Can you please advise as i requested above, if the basic plane animation effect's is something that HE Mat Exporter plan to include in the future?

Thanks again Dx

Ahh.. kk.. not exactly how i got it to work but along the same lines so all good.

Im a little supprised that this function is not part of the HE Mat export, is this something that will be added at a later date as it is a useful base effect as im sure you know.. U mention the FX system can produce this type of effect in the mean time.. are there any tutorials or is there any info available? any pointers/ tips are greatly received..

Thanks again for info Dx

Yes i am aware of how to scroll textures with HE Mats, i just wanted clarity on recomended method for radiating textures, thanks for the reply.. kind of difficult to get an idea of what you are suggesting for the above.. however i belive that you are explaining that the effect can only be achieved by scrolling textures simultaniosly as opposed to XY coord's, so i will play around with that and see how that goes..

You did not mention on the animation of fade opacity animation for planes.. i.e. 100%-75-50-75-100 to give a lite flash effect on a single plane/ what would you recomend to achive this basic UV effect?

Thanks agaiin Dx

Hi, have been searching for some info on this topic however have not found anything that covers it so would really appreciate some FB please guys. ???

Is there a simple way that i am missing to create an animated texture that radiates from a single point with HE Mat Exp? i need a water impact for a circular fountain. Simple in Max however in HE im scratching my head here as im only getting scrolling.

Also opacity changes within a plane for lite animation?

Sorry if i have missed this elsewhere however having searched for over an hour thought take it to Forum as someone may have sorted this without creating multi planes with scrolling tex's :)

Thanks in advance Dx

Developer Job Board / Re: The Stark Reality
« on: Jan 18, 12, 07:37:38 AM »
Hi Stephen, intresting post from a recruits perspective, with some great advise for project managers that are clearly wandering blindly through the recruitment process desperate for help on there projects, however there are some points that i would like to add to that are from the project/team managers perspective that i belive should be considered by anyone wishing to join or set up a team. I hope you dont mind but will keep to your heading for clarity :)

No one is getting paid.

Agreed this is something that should really not come up with most Indie dev's working with HE, however it does and i belive needs to be raised on some level, even if it is to referance pie in the sky cash scenario's, setting realistic expectations is VERY important and it is the recruiters duty to manage all expectations to aviod disapointment of everyone involved, so this means that if you have the intent to profit share.. you state that, however make it very clear that this "profit" may take time to recoupe and set caps and limits in terms of % rather than actual figures. This however should not be a public discussion more over a topic to be raised on a 1-2-1 basis. The fact is if in the innitial stages of indie developeing you are in it for the cash you are more than likely going to be dissapointed. Indie developers have huge passion for there projects and strapped bank accounts in the main.

As for the your comment "Chances are very good that the game won't succeed, or will only partially succeed" if this is  the belife of any project manager then they should not even consider there project as a commercial property. The market is currently saturated with games and even big companies have seen there games go under in the last 12 months. If you dont truely belive that you have "the next big..." and that you have something new and exciting to bring to the table the epic uphill battle as an indie is really not worth the late nights, early mornings and head slamming on the desk that it in reality it consists of and you should stick to being a happy hobbiest.

We play seriously.

A project manager should i agree know there project inside out, that is not to say that they should know in depth all aspects of the wide range of skills needed to produce there project, for example my role within our project is design however i also undrestand the other key skills that are needed from the programming POV.

Projects should be realisticly planned with timelines/goals etc set out from the start for everyone. -Anyone that wishes to work on a remote team project should be able to communicate fluently with the project manager.. i think that would of been a given :)

- Anyone wishing to work on a HE project should make it clear both there commitment level and ability level

- Anyone that belives that a team is about an individual needs not apply, a HE project is a collaboration driven by the project leaders not the collaborators.

-Anyone that applies to work on a HE team should be honest and realistic on there abilities, when you work on an Indie team you can not hide you lackings so be honest wit your strengths and weaknesses from the start. Most indie companies are happy to work with anyone that shares there passion and so long as they have something to being to the table will work with you to keep you on board.

- Anyone that wants to be involved in an intended commercial project SHOULD approach it as a job with professionalism. Just because you are giving your time for free does not mean that you can miss deadlines and go awol.

-lastly ask questions.. lots and lots of questions, anyone that has spoken to a serious Project manager knows in seconds how passionate and driven they are and once they get talking about there project you will have a hard time getting them to shut up..  If the PM is protective of there idea's (and rightly so i belive) and you want to know more than they are prepared to divulge on an adhoc basis ask if they have an NDA. If you are genuinely intrested you will have no issue with this. Lets not forget it is a business and unless you are following a well know format or storyline work needs to be protected, intelectual property theft is sadly common place.

No one has any reason to help you.

In part i do agree with this, A good PM will sell you there project if they dont then i would question seriously if they have a solid base to begin with and if what they are looking for is not just a person that can deliver but a true collaborator to develope an idea and produce it.

An indie mmo is NOT a solo project unless you have 25 years to dedicate to it's creation also if you are a rare beast that encompasses all the variety of skills and abilities that are a pre requisite in game production.

If you want to get on board with a project be prepared to show some of what you can do, have something ready and also be willing to work to a small brief to demonstrate your skills are up to your belife. No one wants to be disapointed or waste there time.

Do not apply for positions unless you are prepared to commit to a project, making applications just because you want info on productions is really not cool (yes this does happen - maybe there should be a list on time wasters and just damn nosey ppl posted somewhere..lol, Cooper that was a joke btw)

Only join a project that motivates and intrests you, building a game takes time ALOT of time so motivation is key to completion, if the project does not insire or motivate you dont take. Taking something just to wait for something better is not fair on the rest on the team you are joining. Wait for the right project or person ALWAYS.

Working as part of a team that is well briefed and motivated is a great experience that will improve and gain you skills, give you the oppertunity to produce a GAME a FULL GAME with people that are as passionate about something as you are. It also gives you the oppertunity to learn new skills and try new things, the good thing about an indie team is that it has flexability and the affords you the oppertunity to pick the brains of others you work alongside. You may be an expert programmer but have amazing ideas for characters yet not have the ability to illustrate, in an indie team you have ppl that can bring idea's to life. In an Indie team everyone can have a voice if they want it to be heard. that is why you should consider working with an Indie.

That said though do not just grab the first person that applies to help you no matter how desperate you are for assistance a poorly considered new addition to a team can cause mayhem so do treat indie recruitment in the same way as you would paid recruitment as i would hope that ultimately that is where you intend it to go.

I would have to say that the key things for all are reality, clarity and honesty. keep all these in check and everyone will have an enjoyable experience.

GL to all and enjoy the experience Dx

Ok ty for the extra clarification, yes of course we appreciate that the statistical info is necessary for any business to perfom analysis and forcasting. We of course would be doing the same. When you state that you are "running the metrics for us" does that mean that you will be providing us with data anaylsis also?

Thanks for the response Cooper, i will check out the info as soon as it is available and would really appreciate a heads up when it is available :). I am still unsure why Idea would want our client info if they do not plan to utilise it in any way however trust that the privacy policy will clarify this for us. Many thanks again Dx

4.5 Customer Data. Both the Developer and Idea Fabrik shall jointly own any data derived from the provision of the HeroCloud Services.
Any use of this data shall comply with the Idea Fabrik privacy policy.

I have highlighted this section as it has raised a number of concerns for us.. can you please advise or clarify the following:

1) What is Idea Fabrik's privacy policy (we dont see one anywhere)

2) What does Idea Fabrik plan to do with OUR customer data? e.g. will they use it to target our clients for other games and products/ sell the customer data on etc??

3) Does this now mean that ALL Developers have to agree to the Idea Fabrik privacy policy. (having not seen it i am raising this as it may contrivine what we currently have in place on the other services we provide for our customers)

4) Does Idea Fabrik reserve the right to amend this policy and the developer reserve the right to decline if they accept it at this time?

5) If the developer agrees to 4.5 does that mean that Idea Fabrik share liability if an issue arose relating to any breaches relating to data protection?

I only raise this point as i notice that it has not been mentioned and the other concerns that have been covered somewhat in other posts.

We currently have a custome base of over 1500 members on another service that we as a company have guarenteed complete confidentiality with no information sharing, on lauch we were planning to offer the same, we are  now very concerned that we would have to state that WE as a Business now share our customers Data.

We are also very concerned on what this information will be used for by Idea Fabrik as per the question (2) If our customers were targeted for new games that Idea Fabrik hold intrest in that could all too easily cause issues. We totally understand that Idea Fabrik has an intrest in our prodution and that the explaination for many questions raised has been that it is not in Idea's intrests to see a business fail, it is however also clear that Idea rightly want to recoupe there investments and hold no risk moving customers from one game to another within there fold. This would be a win win for Idea however would be fatal for the indie developer. Keeping gaming customers for any length of time is a hard task without opening the door for target marketing.

This scenario holds major implications for a stuggling Indie company whose customers are there bread and butter. Idea will hold intrest in many games however we Indie's will be working our asses off for OUR 1 baby.

It does not matter how great a game is if there are no customers to play it and im sure that you will appreciate we do not wish to have to share the customers we have already lined up and those that we plan to gain at launch with any other game freely as i am sure WOW would not willingly offer up there client list to LOR. Building a solid customer base takes alot of hard work and or money all of which is at the Developers expense and i fail to see how it benifits us share and to state that we share customer data.

I am hoping that the concerns raised are fixable, flexable or explainable.

I look forward to your comments and answers. Dx

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: [Solved] HeroMaterial and diffuse maps
« on: Sep 10, 11, 06:30:10 PM »
hey there all, i see textures fine in Max so long as i dont add displacement, when that is added they are not displayed correctly. This could be a max version thing or other, however Granny viewer is an extra step that displays if you feel you need to check before importing. Personnally.. after i checked the first few i now dont bother as they show fine on import. Hope this helps a little. DBx

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