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Scripting & Programming / Re: Swimming
« on: Oct 01, 11, 01:21:47 PM »
http://hewiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Character_Behave_Commands shows how to do it.

http://hewiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Enumeration might be useful also, depending on how you do things.  Can they swim across rivers and ponds, and just not the ocean, or no water at all?  If the stream only looks waste deep, no reason not to be able to walk across it.

ced "water_states"; "crossable" "not_crossable"

Just curious where everything was at and how it all worked.  Thanks for the reply.

In the repository, all the compiled client scripts go to the client.gom file in the SystemGenerated folder, all the GUIXML scripts compile into the GUIXML folder, and all the server scripts compile into the ScriptData folder.  Is this correct?

Would there be any difference from compiling a script and submitting it to the server through the script editor, and just copying and pasting the compiled scripts on over?


I just now went and closed it.  My modem showed no internet activity at all.  So it wasn't just going slow, and it stopped altogether.

And yeah, I forgot.  Can't see the scripts unless you go through the script editor.  Doh!  Never mind then, not important.

I can click on other folders, seeing their content, without any problems at all.

But when I click on ScriptData for the reference library, it freezes up.

Patiently waiting for some time now, and nothing.  I even closed the repository browser, and loaded it again, and same problem now.

Doesn't seem to be any internet activity.

Is there something wrong?  Can anyone else access it right now?

Tried again.  09:24:55 AM  now.
Wait, it seems to just be going VERY VERY slowly.  Even worse than usual.  I ignore it for 15 minutes, and I can at least see what's in that directory.  I click on the + symbol to see all the subfolders, and it locks up again, no telling how long that'll take.

Whenever I log onto the reference world in the repository browser, I sometimes see one other person there, and usually 0.  So why does it do this?  Makes looking up example information rather difficult.

10:17 AM now.  53 minutes and it still didn't load.  Hope this is just temporary.

If anyone reads this, please try it yourself, and see if its working or not working for everyone else.

General Discussion / Re: Where to Start?
« on: May 30, 11, 12:36:30 PM »
Why would you code something from scratch?  Just grab what's already there, and manipulate it to your liking.  Surely there are some scripts you'd want to reuse.  Strip out anything you don't need for your type of game.

I do it in my own game world every single time, and it never remembers my settings.

Does anyone/noone else have this problem?

Every single time I launch, I have to go into the rendering window and turn off all the shadows, clicking off a dozen or so things.  Anyway to get it to save my settings?

It doesn't run at all on my computer unless I turn off the shadows.

Also, a way to have it remember my name and password so I don't have to type it in every single time, would be nice to have.  When a final game is launched, will all customers have to type that in every time they play as well?

Both of these things seem like something that could be easily fixed, and save some hassle for the users.

At http://hewiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Add_Creature_to_Engine it list some henpc commands for things that you no longer need to use henpc for, you able to just right click the NPC and choose to possess or delete it.  Couldn't all of the henpc commands be made that way? 

For example, instead of /HENPC MOVE <npcName|ID> <option> <parameter1>...<parameterN> you just right click on it, select Move from the list of commands, and enter in the coordinates and/or rotation you want to move it to.  Have a command to click on to move it to your location and rotation, instead of having to type all of that and the TOME command.


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