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General Discussion / Re: HeroCloud Server Binary License?
« on: Sep 23, 11, 10:43:51 PM »
Hi James,

I guess you are not aware of the new HE source license deal for existing HeroCloud users.
that was released on the September news email

if i am not mistaken it is now on a 5 digit cost for existing HeroCloud users as a pilot program.

General Discussion / Re: HeroCloud Server Binary License?
« on: Sep 23, 11, 10:26:32 PM »
Thanks Cooper,

I was actually referring to binary server app, as a no C++ source code server application that can be installed on any datacenter cloud or server box instead of using the existing HeroCloud network so we can manage our own server on any datacenter we like or best works for us.

but i guess your reply answered my question..

thanks again.

General Discussion / [Resolved] HeroCloud Server Binary License?
« on: Sep 23, 11, 05:22:56 PM »
It its great news to hear that there will be a HeroCloud source license.

this is great for medium size game studios(medium size budget).

but i was wondering if there is any near future plans for HE to release a
server binary license for small indie studios or even individuals who are interested
in hosting their own server in a datacenter of their choice?

thanks in advanced.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: Faxion Online
« on: Sep 17, 11, 11:43:11 PM »
Did they even provided a logical explanation on why they discontinued the game dev?

it looks like they pretty much had it going good.

went under?

that sucks at almost 2 years of dev work and $$  thrown down to the dain.

Thank you Ron,

that did the trick.

good day.

i started working on the chararacter selection holding area,
want to enable a room to create a nice 3D  background terrain landscape scene like HJ does.

altho by default when you get into the character selection or area #1 for some reason no room is showing,
so i thought to go to edit mode from that area and see by adding a room to it will enable it, or to look for a setup that will make it enable or disable but could not find any.

looked all over the client and server scripts for a clue to see if i could find where this area is handled to see if the rooms are disabled for this area from script but could not find any reference about it.

Now, in other areas there is usually a default room that shows when entering it, but that is where the character is located. so since in character selection no character is selected or active so I imagine why no room is available?

So to sum this up, I will appreciate if someone be kind and throw me a tip on how to or where to look to enable a default room in character selection area so i can add a background scene when character selecting.

thank you in advanced


Design & World Building / [Resolved] Arrival Path question
« on: Jun 27, 11, 04:05:35 AM »
been learning on the path system and had a comment for arrival path.

first,   i dont think this is s bug, but i noticed that every  time i do a change to arrival path position, the changes wont be effective until you shut down the current play instance and create a new one so changes in arrival path take place, otherwise it wont,   you may see the current changes only in edit mode, tho.

anyways, this was not my question for this thread, just a comment if this was initially designed like that.

my actual question is how do i set arrival path rotation to face certain direction after player arrives to the area??

I tried rotating the arrival path gizmo to face the direction i want but when player arrives it always arrives at rotation 0,0,0

thanks in advanced.

General Discussion / Re: Trouble logging into HJ Reference
« on: Jun 20, 11, 12:56:23 AM »
I also want to add to this thread, and hoping it will help to some other heaving the same issue as i had.

initially i had the same issue, HJ reference world always hung and nothing loaded from my end too,
so you are not the only one that has this issue,  maybe something that has to do with some particular winxp setups or ISP network routing,   that i still can not find why.

I banged my head to the wall so many times due of frustration that i almost gave up on it, and  trying to understand why the engine did not like my system setup or my ISP network,  and could not understand why the behaviour, if most if not most highend mmos or game engines or highend modeling tools worked just fine smooth and without any hiccups on my system setup and network

had to do dozens of client restarts in order to get something streamed downloaded due of client loading screen hanging. and still do once in a while in HJ reference world,  but not that often now.

i most likely be wrong about this, but to me it seems to be the stream asset downloader. it just does not do its job as intended, at least from my system point of view.
winxp sp3

or maybe HJ world network was busy or lagged when i was trying to do the initial HJ world download back then.

in my case the asset stream downloader just did not work for me.  I rather use some sort of initial full installer download even if it is a 2 or 5 gig game file, rather wait for full download than using the stream downloader nightmare since it just does not work on my system.

But after tweaking here and there and after too many days of messing with it i tried the repo browser and I ended up using the "prime local cache" option from repository browser, as someone having the same issue mentione don the forums.
and that downloaded and filled up my repo cache db and it worked great , at least faster and no hanging like client asset stream downloader did.

after full downloading HJ cache from repo browser prime cache option, then it all worked fine for me. no more frustrations, at least from hangs

give that a try and see if it works for you like it did to me.


I will have to agree with Tash,

just as a constructive criticism , In my opinion I know it is not impossible but it is hard to do a prototype with current HJ assets and existing gui and spell abilities  that comes shipped with the demo.

the deal for instance,  if I was a game company  investor who is scouting for a game to invest in, and already seen and used the current HJ demo that comes shipped with any clean engine account and seeing your video and pics, then to be honest, to me it will look pretty much the same as the demo, I dont see nothing new there, no new abilities art, a storyline etc....

prototypes are hard to do, since it will need to be something that will stand up from all current demos, something that will get investors attention.

so I guess like Tash said, maybe a little bit of new area lvl design with new custom assets, perhaps a new char selection gui and or character creation process then a very small area, with custom assets and new redesign gui will have better chances.

anyways, dont want to be nosy or rude, but wanted to just give my honest opinion and wishing you the best in your project.


Scripting & Programming / Re: AreaSpinUp
« on: Jun 05, 11, 12:16:25 AM »
Thanks rfarrel,

that did the trick, it works great,

now a new instance will be spun up if there is currently none active, otherwise it will take the current active one.

thanks again

Scripting & Programming / Re: AreaSpinUp
« on: Jun 03, 11, 11:25:30 PM »
That sounds more likely,

altho was trying to figure out how does the default setup does it,for instance in the default setup are already a few instances already active ie:
- character selection area instance #1
- character creation area instance #1

i thought that both of those areas were hard coded from the very low level since i dont see the
LaunchAreaServerInstance function spinning up those areas anywhere.

but then looked at fantasy lowlands area and from somewhere this area instance #1 is active from the getgo too.

unless all those 3 areas are hard coded to spinup from lowlevel server code?

Scripting & Programming / [Resolved] AreaSpinUp
« on: Jun 03, 11, 05:57:54 PM »
Hey guys,
I am still new at HSL so bare with me please   :)

My question is:

been trying to learn how to spinup an area instance.

here is what i am doing:

when new character is  created once finished creating it, then to send him to the new startup area:
so in:
E_CharacterCreationSystemClassMethods server script:
Code: [Select]
method HE_CCSSendCharacterToStartingArea( account as NodeRef of Class _PlayerAccount ) as Boolean
  $Travel._ChangeAreaRequest( account, 4611686018427847928, "1" )
  return true
method HE_GetStartingArea() as ID
  return 4611686018427847928

so this tells that after creating new character to send him to area ID 4611686018427847928 instance #1

ok, so when i create a new toon, it does not travel to my startup area,Chat message box  throws me an error:
[hsl_error] 0,0: SCRIPT ERROR: In function ScriptError: TravelFailure for clero area:4611686018427847928 inst: 1 reason:Instance not running

very well, so so far is trying to send new character to the specified area instance #1 but so far we dont have an instance #1 running from that area.

so been looking on how to spinup areas and make this startup area remain up.

so go to my E_WorldClassMethods script and make sure my area ID instace 1 wont be shut down:
Code: [Select]
function KeepUpList()
  KeepAreaUp( 4611686018427847928, 1 )

So far so good?

ok, but here si the part i am stucked,
so far we know how to redirect new player to our startup area and instance number, and also how to make sure that the area and instance number remains up all the time.

But my question is how do i startup the area instance #1??
i can just go to organizer AREA panel,  right click on the area and do the startup new instance.
But the deal is that it starts random number instance ie: 50 , 58 etc.., and do not start from instance 1
which is the one i need to keep always up.

is there a way to do such a thing.

or maybe i am not doing the whole process correct, hoping someone can show me some pointers to get this going.

thanks in advanced

thanks guys,

will give it a try.

Was wondering if there is a reference on HJ on an object mouseover highlighting,
so far i havent come across one yet, so i am asking if someone had or done this.

when mouse over an intractive object to highlight the object. ie: NPC, other player, mob etc...

is this something that could be  achieved via HSL?


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