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I have the same problem, i can't login to my world (Tikal Online), when i click on Awaken World nothing happens, i have a week or more trying.

Developer Hero Projects / Tikal Online (First Mexican 3D MMORPG)
« on: Sep 23, 11, 03:17:26 PM »
My name is Gilberto Avalos, and I am the developer of the project called Tikal Online.

Our game plan to be something different, simple, and will not be another MMORPG based in the Middle Ages, we are studying the Mayan culture to enrich our project.

We are currently few people involved in the project, but we are very committed to this.

For us it was very difficult to initiate, decide what software to use, graphics engine, language, etc. Until we met Hero Engine, we motivate and work much better.

Our designers are working with Maya and they are constantly studying the Hero Wiki.

We hope our project come to light soon.

Sorry for my english hehe.

This is our website:

Thank u so much for the hero cloud licence!

Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Deformed model after export
« on: Sep 19, 11, 01:39:52 PM »
After applying textures with HeroShader I click on Export Static Asset and after export the model deforms.

When I import the asset to HeroCloud I get a deformed model.

Attached screenshots...

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