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Developer Hero Projects / Re: Slaves of Rome (WIP)
« on: Apr 13, 13, 11:36:26 AM »
It's looking great! This has a nice feel to it already.

I really wish we could export those whiteboxes. Then designers could scale something out and make walkways, overhangs etc, test it out then export it as a reference model for an artist. We used to do it all the time in cryengine and it worked awesomely.

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Sprite Sheets
« on: Apr 07, 13, 01:16:21 PM »
I haven't really seen sprite sheets for particles with more than 4 images on it. But I have only really worked with muzzle flashes, fires etc. What are you trying to make as a particle that would require more than 4?

Developer Job Board / URDEAD is looking for live HSL Scripters!
« on: Apr 06, 13, 11:22:47 AM »
URDEAD Online (UDO) is looking for a few talented HSL scripters.  UDO is a survival horror MMO where humans are struggling to survive against the constant hordes of undead. You get the idea.

UDO Website:

Hero Engine DEV Thread:

Developer Hero Projects / Re: World of Eden Online
« on: Apr 03, 13, 03:28:15 PM »
Your character and environments are really coming along. Very cool!

Developer Hero Projects / Re: The Repopulation
« on: Apr 02, 13, 10:43:35 PM »
Great stuff guys. All the foliage and terrain I especially like. I am sure Stadi insisted on the blue flowers in the snow...am I right?  ;D

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Autodesk 3DS MAX: Tools
« on: Apr 01, 13, 02:05:45 PM »

Good stuff Dwight! :)

Developer Hero Projects / Re: Slaves of Rome (WIP)
« on: Apr 01, 13, 01:49:55 PM »
that's pretty cool byberg. I like the open feel of the whole place. The buildings were obviously enormous so it really fits. Some more banners and plants, little details, it will be even better.

I can just imagine being carried around in my cart by some slaves as I eat grapes on my cushions and pillows. Then I tell them to stop as I watch two trainers messing with a lion in chains. And I yell out "Delicious! DELICIOUSLY ENTERTAINING!!" *grapes dribbling down my fat mouth*. ...then I wave my slaves on, to carry me to my box seats.

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Sample char textures
« on: Mar 30, 13, 11:27:47 PM »
Is this something I can remedy or should I wait for the next patch? I've tried to look for the sample character but no luck. Not a big deal, just curious if there is something I can do.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: Slaves of Rome (WIP)
« on: Mar 29, 13, 03:37:15 PM »
Looking good!

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Sample char textures
« on: Mar 25, 13, 09:12:17 AM »
It's really weird because in another area I had a bus, then I removed the bus but when I check Scene Analysis the bus material/texture still show as loading up as well.

Am I missing something where I have to clear out old materials loading from removed assets?

It would be great if the Sample characters textures did not load because they are both 2048x textures. ;) If that's even the case like you said. I know I did have the Sample character in the level/area at one point but I removed him.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: URDEAD Online
« on: Mar 23, 13, 06:56:03 PM »
woot, the abandoned factory. There's still a slew of work to be done, on, everything ;)

Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Sample char textures
« on: Mar 23, 13, 05:10:16 PM »
I am not sure why but I am getting the Sample Character Textures loading in my scene.  There isn't a Sample Character spawning anywhere so I am not sure why it's loading this material. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: URDEAD Online
« on: Mar 18, 13, 11:47:20 PM »
Do the Undead need Doctors? ...Probably not.

Hi Soulssaga! I barely got the walk/run to work never mind all the things you want to accomplish. ;)  I am sorry I can't help you more on this. I am sure it's possible and a coder/scripter would most likely be able to help you out. As well as an animator ;)

Developer Created Tutorials / How to make LODs for HE
« on: Feb 24, 13, 02:04:28 PM »
This is a quickie tutorial on how to make LOD's for Hero Engine. The documentation on this is very short so I had to export several different ways until I figured out what HE actually wanted. A quick How To' on the wiki would be awesome.

I am horrible at making tutorials. Sorry you have to scroll to the screenshot. ;) Typically I would put shots on my server but I might lose them.

1.) Create your lods in max (I am sure maya is very similar). Name them with whatever the item is then add on _LOD_##. For instance my LOD's are named: box_LOD_01, box_LOD_02, box_LOD_03, box_LOD_04. So this means that your original object is named box_LOD_01. (the screenshot cut off my LOD01  ::) )

2.) Center all of your objects to 0/0 on the grid. Clear xforms, make sure your geometry is clean.

3.) Export your objects. With ALL of your LODs showing choose Batch Export Unhidden. Choose a folder where you want to export to. I had Statics/lodtest already made.

4.) Just for giggles I went into the 'lodtest' folder inside Statics and you can see that it combined all objects into a .HGM file called 'box.hgm'. Basically all of your LODs are in that one .HGM file. <<

5.) Go into Hero Blade. Load up the Library and add your object where ever you want. I put mine in props just to test it out.

6.) Place (double click from the library) and view your object in Hero Blade with the sweet American flag on it. "America F* Yeeeeaaaahhhhh!!"

7.) Scroll away from your object and it should be pretty apparent that it's switching out. Press Control-T to get some info on the object. Make sure to wiggle your mouse or the control-T tool will not update with new information on your asset (ie, if you keep your mouse still on the object it will not update). Wiggle, it, just, a, little, bit! You know that song....

I hope this helps. I am sure there are other ways of doing this with possibly not naming the first LOD as objectname_LOD_01 and other export options, but this is the best way I've found that worked.

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