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Developer Job Board / DudicalWorld is looking for a coder
« on: Sep 14, 11, 12:09:44 PM »
Hey guys, We've decided we'd like to bring another coder into our project. We're hoping for someone who's already got HSL experience but it's not required.
I've got lots of coding experience in my background but have only just gotten my feet wet with HSL, and I'm currently the only full time coder we have.

Here's some information about our project:
http://dudicalworld.com/ Our Website
http://community.heroengine.com/forums/index.php/topic,855.0.html A post in the forum describing our project.

We're willing to pay for your time as long as we can agree on an hourly rate.

If you're interested please contact me at: michael@ithinkdevelopment dot com
or Clyde (The Boss) at: clyde_infinitimv@yahoo dot com

Michael Smith

Developer Hero Projects / DudicalWorld
« on: Sep 13, 11, 10:15:08 PM »
Post removed due to NDA restrictions.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: World of Eden Online
« on: Sep 13, 11, 09:36:09 PM »
Looks like it's really starting to come together for you. Are the tabs working now?

Town management eh? nice. :-)

I'd be interested in hearing about any pitfalls you come across in the gui. I'll be putting focus into that for our game very soon. I'm not asking for any long tutorials or explanations on how to do things, just any "keep in mind" kind of things. I've found in my life that knowing what NOT to do is often more useful than knowing exactly what to do.

Thanks again for sharing, looks like you guys are making huge progress.


Developer Hero Projects / Re: World of Eden Online
« on: Sep 12, 11, 04:47:42 PM »
Looks nice Byron. I noticed you guys have a "weight" limit. I find that interesting, you don't see that much these days. I personally have always liked that in games.
I also like that it's nice and clean and simple. That was always one of my gripes about WoW, too many stats to keep track of.

Thanks for sharing!


I took a look at this. Their pre-made characters are actually quite nice. Here's the deal though, you get the character for free but you have to purchase an animation to put on it. Otherwise you've just got a character that stands there in t-pose. The Animations start at about $20 for your basic idle animations.

You do get to customize the pre-made characters with a large assortment of clothing and facial styles. You can even string together a series of animations. You can also upload your own character mesh if you just need it animated.

in the long run I see this being more useful for npc's that just need a basic animation. Judging by the animations available I think you're going to run into the range of several hundred if not thousands of dollars to animate a player character.

I exported using quads, and didn't really worry about much else except "include normals" and "include specular" because I want those to unwrap the textures so I can turn them into a heromaterial. But then I'm just going to use them for basic npc's, so I don't need facial rigging.

hope this helps.

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: What do you want in an MMO?
« on: Sep 01, 11, 11:29:15 AM »
I've played all the big commercial games and several of the smaller ones. They've all got things I liked and didn't like. I gotta say though that Ultima Online back in it's earliest days still ranks as the best MMO in my mind. They've gone a bit overboard at this point, but in the first two years the whole system was just perfect in my mind. No character levels, (I detest character levels) only levels of skill and at any time you could decide to learn a new skill out of some 25 available skills.
Huge customization options not only on your stats and skills but clothing and housing as well. When it came to pvp, you never really knew what the other guy had to throw at you. The ability to be anything, any color, any skill level you wanted to be was huge for me. And the mystery of what the other guy could or couldn't do made every pvp encounter unique.

I also loved the fact that you could have 4 crafter characters and still not cover all the crafting options, I think every human has an urge to create things, and sometimes in these games creating or growing things can be a large part of the fun.

When I left WoW I had several top level characters, and had pretty much done it all. The only thing that kept me going there in the last few months was our guild events and the social interaction. The problem I see with games like EQ, WoW and Rift is that everything you can do is set in stone for everyone. You know ahead time what the classes are, what spells they have, and what armor they're supposed to wear. There's nothing really dynamic there, at the end of an expansion you see 50 shamans running around town all wearing the same armor, and casting the same spells.

I would also like to see more of a combined effort in crafting instead of "make this and sell it on the auction house for some other guy to make his item". Something like a gui interface where say a mechanic, an engineer, and a blacksmith all have to combine their time, tools, items and skills to create the cool vehicle mount. This in turn encourages more social interaction between people that may not normally talk to each other.

Oh, and more Ninjas, Robots, and Aliens. :-)


Art & Art Pipeline / Re: HeroMaterial and diffuse maps
« on: Aug 29, 11, 09:15:20 PM »
For anyone who's reading and interested, I got everything working. I still don't see the textures on my model in maya when they're applied as heromaterial, but my asset exported and added to the engine just fine tonight. It popped in at camera position just beautifully.

Lessons Learned:

1.check all your paths, even the default project save path. Make sure your directory structure matches your repo.
2. used the nvidia dds tool properly. save as dxt1 for files with no alpha channel, dxt5 for files with alpha channel.
3. Use the dds map filter in the nvidia tool and set your mips properly when using a "bumpy" texture.
4. double and triple check the wiki!

wiki links that helped me:
http://hewiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Assets_FAQ Some very specific info on adding assets that I must admit I missed. For awhile I was only adding the item and then double clicking it. You MUST "add instance" for it to appear in your world.


Art & Art Pipeline / Re: HeroMaterial and diffuse maps
« on: Aug 29, 11, 06:15:28 PM »
Hey, thanks for the reply, I'm finding that the learning curve on HE is a bit steeper than I expected, so any and all help is greatly appreciated.

information that it was giving an error about the project location. I'm using f:\HE but the export was attempting to pull the textures from the my documents folder. That appears to have been just an issue with the default maya project folder settings. Even though, I was pulling my textures from the f:\HE folder, it was trying to locate them elsewhere. I wouldn't have know that if I hadn't caught it during the export process.

regarding bump and other maps. I am not an artist, unfortunately we don't have one at the moment so as project manager I'm trying to export this large folder of artwork that we do have. So, if I seem a bit dense in this area it's cause I'm trying to learn on the fly.
I discovered a section of the wiki http://hewiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Normal_Maps_with_MIP_Levels_Tutorial that I should be putting the bump in the alpha of the normal map.
and that my diffuse map should basically be what I would call my normal image. as in the basic colored texture.
I was basically doing things backwards from that. So now I'm trying it based on what the wiki tells me.

here's the kicker though, no matter what I do, when I apply the heromaterial to my object, (which currently is a simple polygon sphere with some satellite images of the earth applied to it) I never see the texture apply in Maya. Is that normal for HE? I'm used to actually seeing the textures on my wireframe when I apply them in maya on a Blinn or whatever. I expect I should see the textures applied before I export, that's what I've kind of been looking for as confirmation that I'm doing it right. Like I said, I'm not a technical artist but I'm a pretty quick study, it's a bit frustrating that this is kicking my butt.

Thanks again!


Art & Art Pipeline / Re: HeroMaterial and diffuse maps
« on: Aug 28, 11, 07:57:27 PM »
Issues seem to relate to the common pathing issue. I still don't have it fully working but I was getting a file path error in the console. I have other errors now but I'm working on it.  ;D

for anyone who reads this concerning related issues, I can't stress enough that you need to be very precise on where you save your files, and in fact, I needed to change my maya default save settings to point to my HE directory.

Also, be sure you utilize your console in heroblade when you are importing troublesome assets. so far for me it's been pretty clear in it's explanations of how my assets are failing to import.


Art & Art Pipeline / Re: HeroMaterial and diffuse maps
« on: Aug 27, 11, 10:34:24 PM »
I've been fighting with this all day. I'm using a basic sphere to create a globe of the earth. I've tried using a nurbs sphere and a poly sphere, I get the same results either way.
 I now have a diffuse map and a normal map with a spec map in the alpha.
The textures are satellite images of the earth. maps are saved as dxt 1 for the diffuse, and dxt5 for the normal.

I create the heromaterial as per the instructions yet my sphere always just comes out as a pink ball in maya, the texture never shows, even when I render in maya it comes up as a pink circle there.

Even so I've gone ahead and exported it (several times now) to the same place in the directory structure on my hard drive as the place it will be on the server. i.e. \HE\world\livecontent\Resources\common for the gr2 file, and \HE\world\livecontent\Resources\common\textures for the corresponding maps.

I am able to access the asset inside heroblade, seeing no thumbnail for it (think I have to set that myself anyway) and if I try to add the asset to the world it obviously adds something, because i get a bounding box for it. yet the box is effectively empty.

Obviously I'm doing something wrong in this process, but after 8 hours or so today I'm at my wits end. Any help would be appreciated.

Art & Art Pipeline / [Solved] HeroMaterial and diffuse maps
« on: Aug 27, 11, 01:41:16 PM »
Hi guys, I'm a bit confused here. I've got a model of the earth that I made. I've got a normal map, a spec map, and a bump map. all in .dds format. it looks great rendered normally in maya.
Now, I go in and make a heromaterial but no matter what I seem to do, my textures don't apply. I'm basically just mapping the normal as a file node. There are no options for me to add the spec (unless it's in the alpha of normal) and I have no diffuse map, cause I didn't need one for normal maya rendering.
I guess my question is, do I have to have a diffuse map to make this work? Also, where in the heromat can I add the bump map? I'd really like to have the bumpy mountains on my globe.



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