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General Discussion / Before Buying I want to know...
« on: Nov 05, 16, 04:05:14 AM »
A simple search in the forums tells me that this isn't a hot topic. But why not?

As technology progresses we who are starting to build our games today may not be ready when a new technology hits mainstream. Two pieces of technology to consider whether they are to become popular or not for gaming, really depends on the developers. These pieces are Microsoft Hololens and Virtual Reality for pc.

Whether its a small corner of gamers or takes off like an explosion doesn't matter. Many gamers out there wait for the bugs to be worked out or market to take off before purchasing. If the gaming public saw a vast amount of quality games already made for the technology, they may feel they need to buy as its looks mainstream or they'll fall behind.

I spent a few minutes trying out the samsung occulus demo at the local mall. Fully aware it was vr, I still had trouble reminding myself that my friends were standing not 6 feet from me and not waiting on the ground out of my visual as I zipped around on a rollercoaster in VR. I even cocked my head to deal with g-forces as one does on real world roller coasters. In short, it was the closest experience to being teleported away to a different world that I have ever felt. In my honest opinion, once a resistance interface* hits mainstream to accompany vr or hololens, there will be no stopping it. Players play games to take themselves away from current reality. This can do that.

If it's a question if gamers' pc's are strong enough for vr, they will be if not already. Gamers upgrade their computers far more than other user types. Despite VR such as Occulus Rift has already hit market, it's still not mainstream. This means gamers may have their pcs ready before that happens even without the thought of buying a VR set in mind.

As for Hololens, aside from making variations of pokemon go for your house,  I can see it one day partnering with VR.

Imagine the Hololens has a door pinned to a wall in your downtown apartment where city noises are cut out by sound isolating headphones. A mere touch of its panel and it opens, taking you to a lakeside fishing trip or a fantasy world where your avatar is the hero self you've always wanted to be. Maybe something simpler, like the door leads to the rest of your VR Mansion on it's vast acreage!

Even if there is no partnership, extended gui's or real word awareness (like your cat knocked over a vase or something) with 6+ displays you've always wanted for your pc but never had the wall/deskspace. Mere gestures cause actions in your game. When you cast a spell, you actually see the spell leave your own real hand. Grab an image or npc shop from your game and place it on a wall, it reveals all info about a potential new weapon, then price shop at another npc with the first shop still open on your wall.

These are just scratch surface ideas.

To prepare for what may come, how will HE lead the way?

Are there HE tutorials on MH/VR hidden away somewhere?

Is HE future ready?

*Resistance interface Example: wearing a glove that adapts to give sensation that you've touched/made selection something in VR/MH instead of the empty space feeling.

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