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GUI Creation / Re: Extending _GUI
« on: Oct 13, 11, 06:12:36 PM »
beautiful, fixed my issue right up!


GUI Creation / [Resolved] Extending _GUI
« on: Oct 13, 11, 05:25:31 PM »

So I think I must just be missing something. But, I added a class to the dom_editor, which has a parent class of _GUI. Now I was thinking now I can add my own methods and/or override _GUI methods and they would show up when I called: $GUI.method

Well, they aren't showing up in the auto fill, and even though if I right mouse click and click "Go To Definition" it takes me there, it throws an error that it can't find the method whenever I try to use it.

Everything compiles fine, I just get errors when I am actually running the script in game.


Scripting & Programming / [Resolved] Behavior Logic
« on: Sep 27, 11, 04:01:45 PM »

I am working my way through the logic of the movement scripts in Input_movement. Basically the actual movement of the character all comes down to:

Code: [Select]
if needtostop
    me["behave"] = "move stop"
    SetCmdState("Movement","MouseMovementEngaged", false)
    me["behave"] = behavior

But, my question is, where is the function that uses me["behave"] located?

Basically behavior is set to something like "move jump .45" but where is the logic that determines what this means?


Thanks so much, exactly what I needed.


This may be the wrong place for this, but, I am working with the Hero's Journey test level that came with my world. I simply want to assign the attack animation to a specific key, lets say x.

So, every time I press x, regardless of if I have an enemy targeted, I will swing.

But, I for the life of me, can not find existing scripts saying that when 1 is pressed, and you have a target, you swing. I would assume this would be in client scripts since it is an animation.

This seems like it would be so simple, but it is driving me insane!


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