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Game Dev and Gaming / Re: Overwhelming?
« on: Apr 15, 16, 08:01:37 PM »
I saw these tutorials...the issue is they aren't very beginner friendly...I don't know the differences barely of client and server side...I don't know where to locate everything necessary to make a new script, etc, would you happen to know of any videos?

Game Dev and Gaming / Overwhelming?
« on: Apr 14, 16, 09:05:31 PM »
A lot of the capabilities with Hero Engine seem exceedingly overwhelming. I searched everywhere for a play-through guide of making a game using simple mechanics of the engine...I am a visual hands-on learner and there seems to be very little to zero guides for the majority of using Hero Engine...Struggling with importing character models/data, trouble with figuring out how zones work, the true capabilities of HSL, how to approach creating a seamless world of an MMO, aside from just linking areas as well as importing data in general...how to make a custom character creation screen....

Is there any videos out there that people may know about where I can learn step by step on how to use each function in detail of Hero Engine or am I going to spend a year just trying to figure things out and decipher it?

So, since I have several questions that I seem to have trouble with comprehending I will just use this thread to post my questions so I am not making a million threads, haha....

I just learned how the whole seamless linking of areas work..awesome...now, this leads me to my next question of regions.
So, you know how in a game, (we'll use WoW as an example) how you would enter Stormwind and it would say Stormwind...Well, how do I do that? Is it already coded to where I can easily change this? Or do I have to code this on my own by arbitrarily assigning region ID's and making a thing called region, etc?

I am having an issue using the repository and the wiki seems to be a little confusing...

I am having a great deal of trouble importing the character Sunok..I downloaded the repository and what not, and have yet to implement the art pipelines as well...Basically, the whole method of importing models and what not is very confusing to me. Anyone have any advice or able to help?

Developer Created Tutorials / Re: Player Equipping Armor/Weapons
« on: Apr 14, 16, 10:20:19 AM »
FaceGen technology? I do not understand? I thought that you would just design the head with different facial structures for customization?

Developer Created Tutorials / Re: Player Equipping Armor/Weapons
« on: Apr 13, 16, 07:00:00 PM »
Thank you, I do not have the engine yet because I haven't gotten paid, but I will be buying it tomorrow so I will be able to look at all of those resources once I have it.

Thank you though for the pointer!

Developer Created Tutorials / Player Equipping Armor/Weapons
« on: Apr 13, 16, 05:52:53 PM »
Hello everyone, been doing a little more research before delving and learning a 3D Modeler.

My question today (I know, I have a lot of questions haha) is the concept behind a player equipping their armor and weapons and it of course visually changing on them. I understand you need their basic model, so a human male in just undergarments and that is the base model for the player...Now, how would you apply equipment to appear and change based on the item being equipped ingame?

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: 3D Modeler
« on: Apr 12, 16, 08:13:43 PM »
I was thinking that as well, however, are we able to use what we created in the student version once we purchase the professional version?

Also, thoughts on outsourcing? Basically hiring someone to create products and just paying them for that product and owning all rights to that product?

Game Dev and Gaming / 3D Modeler
« on: Apr 12, 16, 06:56:25 PM »
Any ideas when Blender will be allowed for use? My issues here is the cost of using 3DS MAX or Maya...Yeah, there are free student versions, however I cannot use those models in a completed game. Any suggestions or thoughts?

General Discussion / Re: Questions Regarding Hero Engine
« on: Apr 12, 16, 04:47:25 PM »
Thank you, I believe that is all my questions for now. I will begin learning HSL and playing around on any available resources I can find once I am connected...Will be buying it as soon as I get paid here in the next day or so. :D Thank you everyone for all of your information! It was incredibly helpful and made me feel incredibly better about delving into this program.

General Discussion / Re: Questions Regarding Hero Engine
« on: Apr 12, 16, 03:20:55 PM »
Wow, thank you everyone that has already responded as the information provided has been extremely helpful.

Hello and good afternoon. Welcome to the site Ignatios!

Please explain a bit more what you mean by "Inclusive models" please?

- Sarrene'

What I mean by this, is if there are models already in the game that I can temporarily use as enemies, npcs, playable characters, etc...Which this has already been answered to me as far as creating your initial character on log in.

My knowledge of a 3d modeler is very very very limited as the only games I have ever created or worked on have been 2D...Which system is best for someone of my skill level; maya or max?

You state that you provide a generic client that I can allow testers...Now, say I have maybe 4 friends who I have test my games in their prototype phases, do I need to pay for their seats as developer seats to allow them on? Or can I create a basic account that allows player allowed controls(as a normal player would see if playing the game if it were finished)?

Now, I understand there is a terrain editing tool with heightmaps and etc and I can join these areas using a seamless2.0 to create that open world aspect that WoW has, or ESO, or many other games, however, textures. Are there textures that would be required for making these terrains included as well? Grass, mountains, trees, wood, stone, etc all of those basic components utilized in creating an immersive environment; or will I have to make my own textures?

This is a side question that goes in part with textures, but textures for my 3d models that I create using maya or max, how would I apply those textures to them? I imagine it wouldn't be inclusive in Hero Engine, but rather compiled or purchased from somewhere else? Perhaps somebody could provide a little more insight.

Also, I imagine my self utilizing HSL for every aspect of the game; that being said, what tier of language is it? Is it as difficult as c++? Or, will I be able to learn it easily similar to a language like Java?

I have searched around for some guides on maybe creating boss fight mechanics via scripting HSL, I did not find any..This goes into my ability to create these, creating quests or missions, creating achievements, creating all of those little nice things..Are those achievable using HSL?

I understand my questions and thoughts may seem all over the place, I am just gathering some information as I plan to buy this engine with multiple seats in the next day or two and am trying to gather all the information I can from everywhere so all help is vastly appreciated!!

General Discussion / Re: Questions Regarding Hero Engine
« on: Apr 12, 16, 05:51:22 AM »
Alright, so I need to learn either 3DS or MAYA, any recommendation for a first time 3d modeler user? Also, are there at least some assets already included that I can use as a placeholder for some basic areas? Also, HSL..Is this language pretty easy to learn? Can I learn it in say, maybe a few months or weeks? I learned Java a little bit but forgot most of it, I learned AGK in a few weeks...I guess what I am asking is what Tier of language is HSL. For abilities, is it also coded? How are the animations done for the abilities?

General Discussion / Questions Regarding Hero Engine
« on: Apr 11, 16, 03:43:45 PM »
Hello everyone, I have just a few questions regarding this engine that I seem to not be able to find a clear and concise answer to.

1): Character creation screen: Is this automatically inclusive in the game upon purchase or is it a plugin of sorts? Meaning, do I have to custom code and graphically create this menu screen? Do I also have the ability to customize races, appearances, and the selection of classes in this menu? Or would any of this require some coding and graphic creation on my end?

2): I noticed that when looking to purchase Hero Engine there are some different options I can select from in regards to the payment plan. I see there are options for 1 user, 2 users, so on and so forth...Now, is that developmental users? Or users able to access my game when completed and actually play this game? How am I able to staff developers and Game Masters?

3): Model and Region creation....I see that some of the requirements are 3DS MAX or Maya, my question is, are these required to make all of my areas, weapons, armors, characters, etc? Or is there some type of built-in interface that allows me to achieve my goals without completely using these two platforms? Is there already inclusive models?

4): Account creation: How does a user make an account to be able to join and play my game? Obviously a player isn't going to have an account of Hero Engine necessarily, but do I need my own website to achieve this? Is there a plugin built in? What are the exact details for this?

5): Abilities...I do not understand how spells are necessarily created...From their animations to their icon, to how they are used and different core mechanics that go into an ability...

I am really interested in learning this program and using it to make an MMO, however I am a little confused at what is really inclusive and what I need to learn and code on my own. My knowledge is limited to RPG Maker (ACE-MV), GameGuru, AGK(App Game Kit).

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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