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Game Dev and Gaming / Re: Loss of productivity - Curse Skyrim :)
« on: Nov 21, 11, 01:52:42 AM »
Yes.. there goes my weekend to Skyrim. Completed as fast as possible xD

Some of your idea's actually seem ripped directly from the design docs for our current project. We are currently awaiting approval for a heroengine server but if you would like to talk and take a look at the semi-public release of our design docs you can send me a PM. If you like the docs and would like to join our team then we can talk more later. We work on a pretty standard revenue sharing model you find with alot of indie teams but we try and keep the group small, professional and most importantly only people truly interested in completing the project.

Art & Art Pipeline / Customizing Shaders in HeroCloud
« on: Oct 25, 11, 11:37:08 PM »
Is there still plans for a shader editor. We would like to use cell shading... think it looks good with lower quality assets and the current terrain.

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: Indie Developers take a lesson
« on: Oct 24, 11, 01:58:23 AM »
I completely agree. Another great example is League of Legends. They started out with only a few guys and created one map and originally 20 something heroes (with only 4 abilities per hero). They add a new character every 2 weeks and over time new maps.

Developer Introductions / BraedonH - Saying hi and stuff :P
« on: Oct 21, 11, 11:38:49 PM »
Hey my name is BraedonH and I am a student who has been working on the development of prototypes for mmorpg's since jr.high. Most recently I have worked with the T3D and Unity3D engines to develop prototypes but have never deluded myself into believing I could ship a complete mmo as an indie developer.

However, I have been reading pretty much every page of the wiki and read every example while I wait to hear back from the HE staff about my herocloud application and im starting to really think I could pull something off with this engine.

Really excited to get started and see what I can do. Expect to see me around on the forums alot. Later

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