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General Discussion / Re: [Solved] Any update for DreamManager?
« on: Jan 29, 12, 11:23:32 PM »
Yep, you're absolutely right.  Just loaded up the server and here are two of the Console messages amongst the slew of others:

00:22:01: DreamManager connected
00:22:01: DreamManager not connected

I'm assuming this means that a dream manager needs to be built for my server?

Thanks as always Cooper.

General Discussion / Re: [Solved] Any update for DreamManager?
« on: Jan 29, 12, 10:17:40 PM »
My Dream Manager is not working as well.  When I check Window, Dream Manager is checked, but there's no dialog box or menu anywhere.  I've tried toggling it off then on, still nothing.  Also tried toggling it off, logging, letting the world go to sleep, then awakening it and toggling it back on.  Totally didn't think that would have any chance of doing anything, but figured I'd cover all troubleshooting bases that I could imagine on my own.

My team and I have been using forums for a few years and are looking to move some items to the Dream Manager.

Thanks for any direction on this.

Thanks everyone for your ideas and suggestions.  I passed the info along to the developer on my team that was having trouble.

Although ultimately embarrassing (for him!), I figured I would still respond so this doesn't become one of the many seemingly unresolved threads that live on the Internet.  Hopefully it helps someone else some day!

After painstakingly uninstalling/reinstalling .NET, re-trying everything he already tried, attempting to perform all of the ideas you posted, he found out the reason why it wasn't working and has now successfully been able to install everything.

The problem was simply because of a program he uses called PeerBlock that downloads lists of IP addresses to block that have been flagged as suspicious, for a variety of reasons.  I don't know why but it was thinking that the method in which it was connecting to install HB/RB was suspicious and therefore was blocking it, without giving any kind of message.

The lesson here is... when someone says "disable your firewall" they mean hardware/software firewalls and also any programs that you may have installed that act like firewalls.  This developer is pretty tech savvy and I assure you he will be teased about neglecting to realize this for many years to come.

Again, thanks for your efforts all!

Hi all,

One of my team members has been trying to install HeroBlade and the Repository Browser, but it just simply is not working.  He suspects it has something to do with the fact that he is running the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Ultimate.

Here is the situation... Thanks for your time.

He first installs the HeroEngine Launcher and that zips by really fast and installs, as is to be expected.

When he attempts to install HB or RB, the Run dialog box opens up showing that the .HEAL filetype is properly associated with the HE Auto Launcher, but when he tries to continue, it does not execute properly... nothing happens.  It is almost as if the Launcher is not properly installed, even though it is there and the file association is confirmed.

So here are some things he has already tried:

* verified that the HE Launcher files are in the appropriate spot in his program files, and that the .HEAL file type is associated correctly.

* uninstalled/reinstalled the launcher under as many different combinations as he could think of, including: firewall turned off, anti-virus off, installed using a compatibility layer for Vista and also for Windows XP SP2.  These all result in the same thing, the files wind up in Program Files\HE Auto Launcher and the .HEAL filetype is associated correctly with it... but when HB/RB is attempted to be installed, the launcher does not execute properly.

* verified that he has the latest .NET (version 4) installed.

* he is running on an Administrator account *AND* UAC is turned off.

Has anyone had a similar experience and hopefully found a solution?

Thanks again for your time/ideas!

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