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This is rough outline of the top of my head...maybe someone can fill in more details.

You need to glom the decorator class onto your spec class. You can do this using the hotspot editor, find your spec oracle link and click on it. You will notice a glom button on the ui. Click it and it will show you registered decorators double click the one you want and it will glom it to the spec.

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: Can a barter economy work?
« on: Feb 25, 12, 10:06:08 PM »
Why do they need to be able to trade offline and how?

You dont need to have points for barter. The players when bartering decide what to accept in trade for there item.

A character may decide to trade their +100 vorpal sword for a chicken if they are hungry enough...

It would be interesting to allow an auction house.

At the end of the auction the seller would have to check all the bids and decide which bid he liked the best...

Might be interesting system to play out but it might be too clunky for the players.

Also consider the inventory issues if players stored their wealth via their inventory...

Developer Hero Projects / Re: My D20 OGL project!
« on: Feb 22, 12, 06:01:49 PM »
What webpage is that?

Software FAQ.


No where does it mention I'm not allowed to explain character creation in the OGL's actual license.....

this was listed here the last question and answer at the bottom.


Developer Hero Projects / Re: My D20 OGL project!
« on: Feb 21, 12, 06:05:55 PM »
Not sure if this applies in your case but I have seen another post talking about using the Open Game License for their game. Be sure you read the license carefully. Here is an interesting part to be aware of.

Q: I want to distribute computer software using the OGL. Is that possible?

A: Yes, it's certainly possible. The most significant thing that will impact your effort is that you have to give all the recipients the right to extract and use any Open Game Content you've included in your application, and you have to clearly identify what part of the software is Open Game Content.

One way is to design your application so that all the Open Game Content resides in files that are human-readable (that is, in a format that can be opened and understood by a reasonable person). Another is to have all the data used by the program viewable somehow while the program runs.

Distributing the source code not an acceptable method of compliance. First off, most programming languages are not easy to understand if the user hasnÍt studied the language. Second, the source code is a separate entity from the executable file. The user must have access to the actual Open Content used.

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: "Hero Lab" games integration.
« on: Feb 14, 12, 06:09:52 PM »
Last I checked The Open Game license has restrictions which would prevent you from using them directly in an mmo. I have not checked it in a while but it would be best to check the licensing agreement yourself to insure you dont waste a lot of time only to find it is not legal to use in your game.

General Discussion / Re: Panel Issues in IDE
« on: Feb 11, 12, 12:47:41 PM »
The text entry things, 1 and 3, best guess is that the OS is doing silly things. Like scaling your fonts. Or you've made modifications to the base classes maybe?

But the organizer panel is one of two things, either it's already loaded but in a tab with other tabs so you have to click it's tab, or it got out of sync with the check box in the menu so you just have to click it again.

Using Windows 7. I have not modified the base classes only clean engine E_ classes I have replaced with my own versions.

Organizer panel, even if I click it in the menu it never appears. No tabs showing it minimized. Sometimes though I have had the tab available but clicking it does nothing. Only solution I have found is to reset the panels.

General Discussion / [RESOLVED] Panel Issues in IDE
« on: Feb 11, 12, 11:07:16 AM »
I frequently have to reset the panels in the ide.

The two main reasons are:

1) The text entry panel at the bottom of the chat window is not in view.
2) The organizer panel will not display when selected.
3) a side issue is that the console does not always display all the text at the bottom of its window. Can affect this by resizing it sometimes but usually cannot see 1 1/2 lines at the bottom.

I run 1920 x 1080 resolution.

thanks. I had already made a command for that to destroy the account node.

My current problem is that all of my new classes are missing Node 0...well besides the fact that I cannot log on.

ok Made some progress...

I created a command class and called a function in it from the chat panel (see below for function I called).

Then I closed IDE and restarted. This resolved the problem of E_playerAccount hanging around and I had to create a new character (old one was gone).

So I did that. But I have no exposed more empty nodes and now my character wont even show up...Dont have time to backtrack this tonight...

Code: [Select]
function DestroyAccountNode(account as NodeRef)


Code: [Select]
22:08:38: !ERROR!System:SCRIPT ERROR: In function GetPrimaryClassOnNode: GOM::describeNode (11044): requested node ID (0) not found
01/29/2012 22:08:39
Call trace:
  Script _characterAppearanceClassMethods line 26 me[id=9223372056006831971 class=P_CharacterAppearance]
  Script _playerAccountClassMethods line 68 me[9223372055999831980]

GUI Creation / Re: Deleted xml files not found Errors
« on: Jan 29, 12, 09:54:36 PM »
Load the guixml.lst file in the HeroScript Editor and see if those are listed.  Delete them from this file if they exist.

Thanks! That worked.

Honestly, what you guys are doing is pretty much as complicated as it gets. The problems are that many of the classes you think you are replacing are either being used by another node or prototype etc, and so you end up not bypassing, or the node needs to be manually removed, etc. it's actually more complicated than I'm fully capable of understanding.

There are ten threads on the forums all with different things that happened to different teams while attempting to adapt the clean engine. It's hard, and we haven't done a good enough job of providing at least a flow chart with the top level overview.

Well the good news is that it is hard and I guess we should expect issues. Most of the problems I run into are just where things are not obvious or I have just not been exposed to it.

I have at this point replaced ALL client and server E_ fields, enums, classes, and associations and even gui.xml files.

Besides not being able to walk nothing has drastically exploded on me.

That is not to say that once I get past the current error that more are not waiting for me.

A top level view of the clean engine and how it all fits together would be an excellent resource.

Overall I have been impressed with the hero engine and the tools available.

I will keep plugging away and see if I can track down and fix the issues I have.

GUI Creation / [Solved] Deleted xml files not found Errors
« on: Jan 29, 12, 08:04:30 PM »
I have some gui .xml files I have created and have since deleted (they are not being used) but the system is throwing errors trying to find them. Is there something else that needs to be done besides deleting them from the script editor tools menu?

Code: [Select]
17:08:21: System:SCRIPT[_InputHandlerClassMethods]:_OnKeyBindingsLoaded: , /gamekeybindings.ini
17:08:22: !ERROR!System:XML file /guixml/purgatory_hotspotgui.xml not found
17:08:22: !ERROR!System:XML file /guixml/p_hotspotgui.xml not found
17:08:22: !ERROR!System:XML file /guixml/purgatory_specoraclecreator.xml not found
17:08:22: !ERROR!System:XML file /guixml/purgatory_specoracleheadereditor.xml not found
17:08:22: !ERROR!System:XML file /guixml/purgatory_utilitiesinterface.xml not found
17:08:22: Refreshing areaOrganizer.


Well I thought I made some progress. But still getting error.

I found that I had not created a prototype for P_PlayerAccount and P_PlayerCharacter, I did not realize that _E_CharacterPrototype and e_account_prototype were tied to those two I replaced.

I added prototypes thinking that might solve my problem but it is has not. I still see it trying to access E_playerAccount

Code: [Select]
17:41:52: !ERROR!System:SCRIPT ERROR: Node 0 not found to call method GETMYCHARACTER
01/29/2012 17:41:53
Call trace:
  Script Input_Movement line 173 me[9223372055763831974]
  Script Input_Movement line 93 me[9223372055763831974]
starting method/function ONCMDSTOP
starting me[id=9223372055763831974 class=E_playerAccount,HBNode,CharacterNode,_ACCControllerOwner]

I am thinking I need to reset a node somewhere but not sure which or how to do it yet.

Atticus, that thread is from a year ago. The fix is in your code branch already, so we're looking for another culprit at this point.

Thanks. The culprit is most likely me. I have replaced all the E_ classes with my own versions. But it seems I may have missed a few things. I will keep digging.

My problem is probably related to these but trying the CLI stuff in there did not make a difference.

-qn _account, -mnrc 9223372055970831975, E_Account, -mnac 9223372055970831975, P_Account

I am not sure what to do at this point. There is a fix (next release) mentioned in the below link.


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