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To contract programmers/animators/3d modellers it would be in the thousands if not more. None of them work cheap and you would need alot of work done.

Developer Job Board / Re: Global Endemic Online ((Paid))
« on: Sep 14, 12, 10:53:17 AM »
Now I will let you know right now that the paying positions are conditional on us receiving funding.        Very misleading thread here

Developer Hero Projects / Re: Death never Accepts
« on: Aug 22, 12, 09:56:43 PM »
Follow us on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Death-never-accepts/403869739669381 and check out our under construction site at: deathneveraccepts.com

Developer Job Board / Re: Death Never Accepts looking for talent
« on: Aug 14, 12, 06:12:36 PM »
welcome:) glad to have you on board

Developer Hero Projects / Re: Death never Accepts
« on: Aug 12, 12, 02:11:30 PM »
Here's some finished and wip models for our project:

This here is a enemy npc that is about 12 feet tall

Developer Job Board / Re: Zombie Survival MMORPG
« on: Aug 11, 12, 08:25:21 AM »
By the looks of it, it's merely a start with an ambitious goal on kickstarter...$600,000 for 2 non gameplay vids and one concept art

Developer Hero Projects / Re: Death never Accepts
« on: Aug 10, 12, 03:58:34 PM »
hey cooper sorry for the long delay but yes I do have a ton of concepts:

you can also follow us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Death-never-accepts/403869739669381

Are you looking for a team or just looking for projects who pay??. If you are looking for projects to pay you, you may need to refine your skill

Developer Job Board / Re: Death Never Accepts looking for talent
« on: Jul 29, 12, 12:25:48 AM »
We are still on the hunt for more talent. What we are weakest in is 3d modellers (only have 3 thus far) we are really just seeking for more people to fall in love with what we are building and wish to contribute

Developer Job Board / Re: Death Never Accepts looking for talent
« on: May 31, 12, 02:28:36 PM »

Developer Hero Projects / Re: Death never Accepts
« on: May 31, 12, 02:16:42 PM »

Developer Job Board / Re: world designer here
« on: Apr 15, 12, 08:25:53 PM »
so you pretty much are only a idea person, you have no technical skill. Editing terrain isn't exactly super skillful

Developer Job Board / Re: The Ultimate Fall
« on: Apr 03, 12, 06:13:41 PM »
you may want to try a different forum to get a lead programmer...most programmers on this forum is already in a team

Off Topic / Re: what if my game becomes a huge success?
« on: Mar 29, 12, 07:44:47 PM »

I'm almost certain my game will gain huge popularity, but i don't want to become a public figure (or gain celebrity status).

Will i  be able to remain anonymous?

even how successful wow is...does the general public celebrate the project manager or the company?? actually neither, they simple play it and could care less about the sales numbers. And in all honesty to become popular in the public eye, you are going to have to create a wow crusher

Hi folks,

    I am here interested in making a project with like minded individuals that is similar (not exact) to shadowrun. I am mostly interested in the classes and the futuristic mindset. I am a character Artist so obviously I am looking for the other talent to fill the roles.

I would like to create a few key points as a short term goal and fill the world from there:

1. Faction lands (pvp mindset)
2. Attackable supply convoys (if a convoy blows up, that side has to try and defend the next one when it tries to come in again)

Obviously the story is not made up nor is the BIG game so to speak. Anyone interested please feel free to message me

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