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Scott you have always been a fan boy of this engine and have been on this engine for longer than I have so I have some respect for you but not much.....

Where did it come from that Idea Fabrik has anything to do with Hero Engine World? And according to https://herocoin.io/, HeroCoin comes from HeroSphere.gg, in other words not HeroEngine.

1. herocoin.io is not the same as HeroEngine.world there just happens to be another coin named HeroCoin that is already well established.
2. the CEO of IF is heading up HeroEngine.World. On https://heroengine.world they use the same logos and even reference HeroEngine technology to be leveraged for this new coin. Which is only in ICO stages right now.

So you are telling me that HE is failing because there isnt resources behind it yet the CEO of IF is now starting an offshoot coin with the engine?
" Until then, nocake, just accept that they're doing the best they can in their circumstances. Or don't."

They are not doing the best they can though, it is clear they are just trying to keep the ship afloat.

The CEO of IF, the owner of HE is off making HeroEngine.World while us developers sit here with a shit engine and years of broken promises.

There are literally a handful of people that can say something good about HE. You are at the top of that list so I expected this response and miss direction to the real issue.

On top of all of that your game is an instanced game that has very low resources and a game board map. You were far better suited making your game in unity. It could have been developed in under 6 months.

Once again:

The CEO of IF, the owner of HE, is off making HeroEngine.World while us developers sit here with a shit engine and years of broken promises and 0 public progress. enjoy what ever you see behind the scenes but that isnt doing a thing for the public image of this company.

EDIT: I would also just like to add that HeroEngine.World has an ICO offering and is registered in Estonia. So the CEO of IF is also the CEO of HEW and trying to raise money outside of IF (since it apparently has no part with IF according to Sarrene) and use it to build a cryptocurrency game (because that is all this city management really is, a game) on top of heroengine. Shady.....

To CEO of IdeakFabrik:

The HeroEngine name has been dragged through the dirt many times now over the years. Still to this day nothing has been shown from IdeaFabrik or HE employees that there has been any change OTHER THAN a few text (no images or videos) posts from an employee named Sarrene who seems to be doing far too much for one person handling everything from troubleshooting games, heading up engine updates, community outreach, and only public face to this engine.

Today I discovered there is an offshoot to HeroEngine called HeroEngineWorld.
According to the websites information the same CEO that heads up IdeaFabrik heads up this offshoot.

This comes across as a little insulting to me as a developer on your platform.
We have been waiting years and years supporting your engine and building our game only to find that to the publics view of HE is still where it was at years ago just as the state of the engine is. In the dirt, broken and scared from all the negative press and low release titles.

Your neglect to the community over the years and not addressing the problems at hand makes your company appear shady and unrealistic to do business with. Now you are trying to get into the cryptocurrency market with an ICO after you left this community neglect for almost a decade?

I am asking to please come forward and be transparent about the workings of HE.

I am one of the few people using this engine publicly and talks about this engine and why I use it. I hear the publics reactions and its not good. You only tarnished your name more now by creating this offshoot HEW.

You even put up a video for it talking personally. Have you ever done this for HE? The last video released for HE was basically a re-release of an old video showing same capabilities.

in single scene because they were not in my field of view. Occlusion is broken.

Alex came on here and posted as the CEO of ideafabrik and now he is heading up HEW with the same logo from HeroEngine and same rights, so IdeaFabrik, the parent company and money manager to HE has started another venture into HEW and appointed the CEO of IdeaFabrik to it?

Who is the CEO of IdeaFabrik now? I would still like to hear from them. Specially now that an offshoot has been made with an altcoin that seems to be backed by IdeaFabrik owning HeroEngine? That is some shady stuff.

EA, Zenimax use HeroEngine for major projects
"The Elder Scroll Online" and "Star Wars; The Old Republic" games generate hundreds of millions in revenues. Those Massive Multiplayer Online games support millions of players, it is an ultimate showcase of HeroEngine's scalability and quality.

I get what you mean by you are two different entities but you are still owned by IdeaFabrik and controlled by its members.

Your reply is brief and dismissive considering what was posted.

Again, HEW is using HE logos.

If they have any hope for their altcoin to survive and not get blasted by bad media I would highly suggest they address this post asap.

and they have their own altcoin......


wtf? guys really. where is this company going?

After some more digging I found this;;


It would appear IdeaFabrik is focusing on other things as well.

What is this company doing exactly?
Is Sarrene the only face for HE?

General Discussion / Re: HeroEngine Company Status and Clarity
« on: Oct 25, 17, 11:40:43 AM »
This thread is being continued more than a year later on this thread: https://community.heroengine.com/forums/index.php/topic,6513.msg36545.html#msg36545

This is a slight continuation of this post:

Let me once again start off by saying this engine is amazing but I have to question its leadership now.

Sarrene claims to have been working hard on the new d3d11 update but we have seen nothing from anyone about it other than her posts. Not a peep from anyone else.

More than a month ago a post was made about the progress and stated that a new public test server would be set up in a couple of weeks. She states they have that up and running, testing it under NDA but has provided 0 proof of this. We dont even have a screen shot except one on the milestone page which has been up for over a year now.

AlexSH came onto the forums as the CEO and posted a few posts but has since disappeared.

On top of that there has still been little to no confidence built in how you actually launch your game.
As I can tell right now the only way is to work 1 on 1 with Sarrene who claims to be completely inundated by HE3 updates and the failed repopulation.

I am please asking for AlexSH to address these issue and address the community as a whole to build the confidence this community needs.

How many people are working directly on the HE3 updates?
What is your realistic release date for the new engine?
What is required to launch your game? (please dont respond with email us as this does nothing to build confidence)
How many people are actively working on this update?
Can we get developer posts instead of Sarrene updates?

You can say you are spending lots of time into the new updates but if the community is left in the dark like this for this long with no real shown progress then you will never be able to rebuild your tarnished name.

IMO we are still in the same spot we were more than 2 years ago since nothing has been produced except some posts from Sarrene.....that is pretty sad.

Once again love the engine but take off your fan boy hats and look at the reality of it. Unless you are in the back scene with sarrene HE looks like a shady, dead engine trying to keep afloat. Charging subscriptions like a hosting company and making a little off that rather than actually producing games.
This is not just my opinion, this is what the majority of people have said when I discussed the engine with them, if they even heard of it. That or "o yeah that shit engine skyrim had to rework and had a falling out with. o and repopulation was on that engine, o god yeah that looks like a nightmare to deal with".

Once again can we please hear from the CEO and see some actual proof you guys are where you say you are?

General Discussion / Re: Your Game and Public Alpha Testing
« on: Oct 07, 17, 12:39:57 PM »
I stand corrected on the pricing and have crossed out that paragraph above to avoid someone only reading that.

HeroEngine is by far the best engine for an MMO right now IMO even if it was that much monthly!

Just don't expect a turn key alpha that can be ready by day 1. A conservative guess would be 2-6 months alpha if you had a team of skilled full time workers.
There are differences between HE development enviros and production servers.

Scripting & Programming / Re: Online DB only?
« on: Oct 07, 17, 01:54:27 AM »
This is usually why you cant message someone online or not on your friends list in a game. I am sure other games have a solution now but just stick with keeping it simple. Make them add the friend first then get the id from that.

You wouldnt really want the player sending invites and messages to those they are not aware of in some way already imo.

Scripting & Programming / Re: Online DB only?
« on: Oct 07, 17, 01:05:41 AM »
A better approach would be to make a message queue that when a player connects they check to see if there are any new messages for the "world" and then create it on the fly.

This way you only need to store a slug on the account node for what version of message they are and produce all messages thereafter.

General Discussion / Re: Your Game and Public Alpha Testing
« on: Oct 06, 17, 04:48:20 PM »
Public Alphas are the new craze.

Just a couple things to note:

While you can drop people into the basic Hero Engine world you will still need to do months of work before having a "Vertical Slice" ready.

If you give your players the Hero Player Client they will be unable to "wake" your world which only the HeroEngine or HeroRepo can do. Leaving them unable to login.

There is limited instances that you can launch while developing so if you have to run Area Instances (1) and Area Instances (EDIT) you may quickly reach your cap. Depending on your game design of course.

The 99 seats if for grandfathered accounts which are very few and should be extremely grateful of those extra slots.
If you are not grandfathered then 100 seats runs you $750 a month which is far more than any other engine and paying for your own hosting and paying someone to set up your server for it one time. (unreal, unity, etc on aws/cloud service).
For a development team that runs 100 people $7 a seat is cheap! but if you are running a public alpha and giving those seats to your players you are paying $7 a month for each player to play your game essentially.

Pricing is yearly not monthly

I know there are a few more hurdles.

With out a doubt you can create multiple games and have players in them quicker and easier than most engines but there is still a lot to do and consider.

It would be nice if IdeaFabrik made this easier though because IMHO I do think they could make our development environments easier to work with the Public Alpha Craze starting with the sign up processes for new players.

I wish i was home but i have a working door system in my world. Though i think i ditched the state system and judt made it a dynamic replicated object that updates accordingly. If you have access to my world you can copy it. I believe it also uses my extende dro system which i wrote a post about. If you need aces let me know.

I have not read over this thread as I am in travel but IIRC there is an update to stateless script that was not applied to all the worlds. (if your world was created before a certain point or something).

Check this post:


Developer Hero Projects / Re: Blight MMO
« on: Jul 29, 17, 12:49:03 PM »

Hey Guys,

The project is in need of a new art asset/animator.

If you are interested in taking on the management and creation of art assets please PM me or join our Discord Channel.


We currently have:
1. A working source for Dynamic Character file that needs to be built out a little more.
2. The Dynamic Character needs new outfits that will need to be weighted and fitted to the existing skeleton.
3. Lots of placeholder assets through out that will need to be recreated to fit our style.
4. A seamless world stitched together that needs to be carved a little more filled in with vegetation.

If you are fluent in Maya or Max this would be the perfect project to get started in HE and reviewing exactly what it takes to make MMO ready assets.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

General Discussion / Re: Hero Blade Keeps Crashing
« on: Jul 05, 17, 12:19:48 PM »
Can you provide us some more information please.

Have you ever loaded the room correctly with out crashing before on this laptop?

Are you able to test the load on another desktop?

Which room crashes?
Are you able to get to the character selection screen?
Can you load a clean area?

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