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Developer Introductions / Re: Fledgling project.
« on: Feb 21, 12, 01:37:58 AM »
Hey a hearty welcome to the HE!

I read the whole post (haha seems like Iīm the first one ;P )
I like what you wrote there and i agree with most of the points. I see myself also as a concept-generating machine and have written a lot of concepts in the last years (I keep the in a big old paper file, there they wait for their day to rise =] ).
I am also a coder and know how to forge my concepts in code.
I can only advice you to get your feets wet in HSL, when you ever coded you should be able to pick the concepts up in 1 or 2 weeks. This will help you a lot when designing concepts, as you can think about solving problems in the HE way.

If you have any questions feel free to ask ;)
kind regards

Design & World Building / Re: grayscale world
« on: Feb 17, 12, 06:17:48 AM »
1 way is to may your assets grayscale, which will grant you nothing.
other way is to use a postprocess to desaturate the rendertarget, which will cost more process power.

Hey HE folks.
I wanted to start doing a small item system for my game. I coded some smaller HSL functions and i am keen on programming so I got my HSL basics all in place.
1) What i want to get
  • Item system with kind of procedural items
  • every item is defined by 3 values: value, durability and strength, these values may differ between items of the same kind (so 2 broadswords can have different values for this 3)
  • items also have stuff like name, description, icon and a model, which are the same for every item of one type
2) What i know/understand
I know about the spec oracle system and want to use this.
I followed the  tutorial on the wiki and got everything in place (as far as i can tell)
Now i am not sure how to go further.
I have an PD_ItemSpec, PD_ItemSpecOracle, PD_Item (which is specDerivedObject) and added all the functions. Where do my fields now belong to ?
Do i add them to PD_Item or to the Spec?
Iīm a bit confused at the moment and feel like hanging in the air, so any feedback would be appreciated.

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: "Hero Lab" games integration.
« on: Feb 14, 12, 08:16:57 AM »

Good, but you said that having the server implement all that information would lag.
This is the point where clever implementations come in. You can keep data at client side, or pack data into single values. I.e. you can calculate health and stamina on client side from strength and vitality. The server need to send just strength and vitality and the client calculate health and stamina, you got 4 stats on the client side by sending just 2.

"No program can take away"?

I don't get this. You're saying it is or isn't possible?

It is possible to use this as a third party tool. To generate a character file (which will be a kind of xml file i think) and then parse this xml file with code (here you need to understand computation). When you read out this xml file you can have all the values from the file in you character class and therefore import fom Hero Lab. You CANNOT use this tool to get around coding your own character stat system. You will in every case need to get your hand dirty with thinking about stats and formulas (which is a lot of fun) and then lay your system down in HSL (which is fun too, if you like programming).

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: "Hero Lab" games integration.
« on: Feb 14, 12, 07:52:17 AM »
You can every stat you want.
Breaking it down every stat is just a number linked to a word.
i.e. you can define an integer in your player class and refer to it as "strength". Then when you calculate damage you will do something like: "weapon damage+strength" and tadaa you used that stat.
But it will still be your work to implement all this values and tie them together in formulas.
The hero lab can be used as a 3rd party character creator, but you need to mirror everything in your game and you also need to "import" the character. This is something no programm can take away from you. This makes HE so great, and on the same time complex to get used to.

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: "Hero Lab" games integration.
« on: Feb 14, 12, 07:30:39 AM »
In short: yes, if you manage it.
In longer:
You can easily just put all these stats into your HE char class. And the rest are just formulas you can mimic and implement with a similar result.
Things you need to consider are mainly bandwith and time ..and ..chained with this security.
Traditional mmos do most of the computing on the server, which makes cheating harder, as the results of a computations are guranteed to not be corrupted. But doing a lot of calculating for eahc player on the server will clutter the server very fast. On the other hand you have a limited bandwith and passing a lot of values and stat changes will fill the bandwith up really quick.
One approach would be to bring all the calculations to the client, which has enough power, as it is just doing this stuff for 1 player. Then you need mechanics to evaluate the results and make sure players do not inject values to get better.

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: Global Game Jam
« on: Feb 14, 12, 01:48:46 AM »
I thought about taking part in the german game jam, as some of my old developer comrades. We planed to use XNA, which is more like an framework than an engine but its easy to get used to and the best thing for protyping i discovered until now.

Scripting & Programming / Re: Quest System Design
« on: Feb 10, 12, 02:38:07 AM »
I would suggest some glooming with:
Next Quest in line
(i.e.: "Fill this bucket with water" [gather] ...then... "Bring this water bucket to xyz" [delivery])
Which allows you to chain quests together.
And maybe
List of Quests
(i.e.: "To defeat the evil minions you need to: Bring this weapon to general gen. Destroy the haystacks of evilness and escort or big angry ogre to the battlefield")
This works like Chain Quest, with the difference that you see every quest you need to complete in the beginning and not one after another.

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: lets talk player economy. (discussion)
« on: Feb 06, 12, 05:07:33 AM »
I was not going after the leveling of crafters.
I f i take your last post.
Example; don't matter how big or how small the wolf still drops a pelt of some kind, Pelts will be used in beginning as light leather armor, then of course studded, you could go further, but I prefer chain after studded, the expense for "hardened leather" is ridiculous.
Now we have chain armor straight metal, cheap for most part.
Now Plate armor, this will require "proper size pelt for pieces being put together. (this ensures we will always need pelts!)
"unknown after plate, thus far"
I'm not going to have 1000+ pieces of unique armor, style sure, actual product no. Plate is the highest you will achieve, you will "enhance" armors with baubles, gems, and other material things.
If every armor require pelts, why shall i trade my pelts with a crafter, who can make me leather armor out of it and not with a crafter who will make me an plate armor.
It is not a problem with forgotten areas i see. When a late joiner comes into your game he will face some really good established crafters. You need to find a way how this crafter, who can do basicly nothing gets integrated into your economy.

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: lets talk player economy. (discussion)
« on: Feb 06, 12, 02:33:53 AM »
The artisan will pick their profesions and advance in them, granting Adventures more and more upgrades to choose from. adventurers will be able to provide some of the crude materials to merchants. ie. skins for leathers or baubbles from powerful beings.

I think there is a problem with your concept. When an artisan gets more powerfull over time then you will cut off the ressources for late joiners. Why should an adventurer invest money and time (by getting material) into a new crafter, when there is another crafter who will produce much better items.

The overall concept sound quite nice and is something i have been playing with too. Some points from my side:
- Make items breakable
     Items will use up and break after a certain time, time can be enlarged by reparing them. This will keep the demand for new items up
- Make items replaceable
    Donīt go for some epic high level items. they are not worth the time to create them. keep the gap between "bad" crafts and "master" crafts small

The main goal of my concept is to make crafting a full blown game part by keeping a high need for items and on the same step reducing the training time of making items

So this is my input to this system ;)

Developer Introductions / Re: S3kchun8
« on: Jan 31, 12, 01:25:11 PM »
Hey Joseph, welcome to the cloud community.
I am like just a newbie here and if i can give you an advice, start digging through the wiki. There is a lot of knowledge there buried under a heavy load of pages ;)

Have fun exploring an learning the might of the hero engine =)

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: Looking for a good book on Terrain
« on: Jan 30, 12, 06:24:45 AM »
Texturing and Modeling, Third Edition: A Procedural Approach

This is my bible if it comes to generation of natural looking procedural terrain and textures. Goes into the techniques of creating textures and the math behind natural looking stuff.
If you are looking for a more "how to" approach i would recommend you to watch some terrain tutorials for the tool of your choice.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: World of Eden Online
« on: Jan 30, 12, 05:14:33 AM »
The obelisk and shrines were not made by man, nor do they even understand the technology. The colonists found a reproducible implant in an alien skeleton. The systems on the ship were linked to world computer so players will not be visiting the ship until later expansions.
Also because of what the obelisks represent, there will be no teleporting to them since they are used for controlling territory.
Ahh ok got. Just to make my point clear, I didnīt mean they visit the ship, just thought of a character creation screen in a ship room and after this the player got teleportet to any obelisk he wants. (on the surface)

Everything is actually planned very solid so there is not much room to fit your suggestions into the game mechanic plan.
Thats ok and the right way, wasnīt trying to dust gameplay features into your design doc, it was just a point which was not fully clear to me.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: World of Eden Online
« on: Jan 30, 12, 01:56:41 AM »
I like the concept !
2 things are there which tickle me.
First: The alien which sieged earth arrived 15 years after the homing bacon fired. How did they get there so fast, Iīm not quite sure but wouldnīt we be able to see their planet if they where only so far away (sorry if im making an idiot out of myself right now ^^)
Second thing, which is just a small concept adjustment:
You can make the obelisk telporters. The cloning system is kind of redundant, as it exists on the ship, and on the planet surface (as far as is get it). If you make the obelisk a power source and a telporter (obelisk<->obelisk) you can put all the cloning into the ship and give them another obelisk onboard (for research i.e.) they can use this one to dispatch the clones to any other obelisk on the planet surface.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: World of Eden Online
« on: Jan 25, 12, 01:40:12 PM »
Looks great, reminds me somehow of stargate =)
I would try to keep the texture a bit more "clear". As it is in the sketch, a nearly solid color and maybe try to seperate the pillar in the middle from the frame around it (by a different texture).

looking foreward to see more artwork.

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