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the problem is actually very simple - billboard grass painted via standard HE terrain tools does not receive fog. Dynamic details placed as meshes do. I attached a screenshot. Is there a setting for it somewhere or is it just a bug?

Design & World Building / [Resolved] New lighting system?
« on: Dec 19, 12, 12:04:20 PM »
I have few questions concerning the new lightning model in HE 2.0 to remove some doubts:

- Where did Bloom go? No matter how I set the sliders there is no bloom at all

- How to re-enable sun rendering in the dynamic sky? it just disappeared after the update and I found no way to get it back

- How is the HDR system supposed to work? I am having some difficulties understanding the purpose of this. I enable it and play with the values but it still behaves weirdly. Maybe it's due to the missing sun, I don't know, but as far as I know from other engines/games, HDR is supposed to create the nice glare with light bleeding over edges of the geometry when you look at something bright. Not accurate, but this is how it looks to the user (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WOqTReFDdI). Now, I look into the sun, nothing happens. Then I look somewhere else and suddenly I have half of my screen covered in bluish white. I look back, now there is a corona around the sun slowly fading out. I look elsewhere, no glare. I look back at the sun - nothing happens. Even there is a spot in my map (just some terrain, nothing special) where if I look at the sun from the left, I get the glare. When I look at it from the right, I get no glare. Could you please, please, make a tutorial on how to setup it to look at least like something in that video I linked?

Thanks for anwers.

Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] SpeedTree exports BMP textures?
« on: Dec 16, 12, 02:07:59 PM »
Hi, I tried to use the modeler and compiler of the new SpeedTree as described in the video tutorial. However, the compiler outputs .BMP files which have no transparency which looks awful. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

Hello, I've got just a quick question to more experienced developers out there:

Basically, we are starting with a "naked" mesh (one shown when player unequips everything). Then we have some armor that can be equipped. Now, I am thinking about how to handle this naked mesh thing. One option is to have it all in one piece and just keep it shown all the time (so when player equips a piece it will just sit on top of this base mesh). This is simple but it's wasting polys because for every character in the scene there would be some 2k polys extra (plus we could smooth the mesh in future making the cost even bigger).

The second option is to break the base mesh into parts and replace those with armor pieces as usual. The problem here is that I am not completely sure how to skin two pieces of geometry (organic, making it even harder) so that there are no artifacts (I start with whole body and break it into pieces). I guess I could manually copy/paste bone weights for all verticies along every seam using the Weight table, but this seems rather tedious and one would need to redo it every time the skinning is tweaked.

Anyone has any advice on how to approach this? Thanks

Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Animation export problem
« on: Dec 01, 12, 03:12:05 PM »
Hi, after some months I got back to exporting our animations into HeroEngine. I've got an export scene (basically a biped with SRB) where I load my .BIP anim in the same way I did before. Now, the animation exports fine but when I play it in the engine it screws the character into the ground.

I checked in the HE Viewer and I can see the animation playing fine, buy the Y AXIS IS UP in the visualizer cage o.O Both SRB and Bip01 have correct (Z up) orientation in max. I expect something must have gone wrong but I cannot possibly figure out what :( Anyone has any idea what should I look into?


Art & Art Pipeline / [] Decal questions
« on: Oct 03, 12, 08:33:38 AM »
Hi, I've got two questions concerning decals:

1. If I apply a sample decal from HSL like this:

Code: [Select]
//TEST: decal test
    CreateKeyValueSpec( "TestDecal", "" )
    AddKeyValueSpec( "TestDecal", "diffuse = string,/Textures/Gravel_Ground_2.dds" )
    AddKeyValueSpec( "TestDecal", "normalMap = string,null.dds" )
    AddKeyValueSpec( "TestDecal", "heightMap = string,null.dds" )
    AddKeyValueSpec( "TestDecal", "tileCount = integer,4" )
    AddKeyValueSpec( "TestDecal", "spacing = float,0.25" )
    AddKeyValueSpec( "TestDecal", "decalSize = gaussian,1" )
    AddKeyValueSpec( "TestDecal", "decalRotation = gaussian,0" )
    AddKeyValueSpec( "TestDecal", "killTime = gaussian,1000000" )
    AddKeyValueSpec( "TestDecal", "killWhileVisible = boolean,false" )
    data as ID = GetKeyValueSpecDefaultData( "TestDecal" )
    decalID as Integer = CreateDecal( data, instance.GetPosition(), "0,-1,0", "0,1,0", false )

I got only single-colored block on the ground. The color changes when I change the input diffuse texture and it matches its corner color. What am I doing wrong?

2. How does one create ever-lasting decals? I need some sort of never-disappearing decals for my purpose. It it possible? Setting killTime to -1 seems not to work...

Thank you

Hello, I've got a problem with seamless. I have a system in place, very similar to the default Prop system. I want to replicate nodes from server to client and I noticed those are not appearing if I log into an area semalessly connected to their area of origin. I investigated the Prop system and found out you are using the ListSeamlessLinks() function to add server destination areas to prop's replication group. I copied the system but to my surprise it does not work. Debugging showed the list returned by this function is empty (even while I can see the link on the Area tab in Blade). I also noticed that a prop I add to my area behaves in the same manner - i.e. it is not visible until I cross the seamless border into its originating area. So it seems this is global issue not really related to my code.

Could you look into this, please?

I am still discovering new secrets in HE's animation system and I am pretty sure it can do most of the stuff we require, but those two things are still kept secret before me:

1. Is it possible to start an animation from specified time instead of the beginning? Like starting the playback from 10th frame for example.

2. Is it possible to move bones around proceduraly? I already discovered I can rotate bones via animation sequence's abilities but I found no way to move them around. An example might be given of a bow skinned to two bones - one for the wooden part and second for the string. I'd then attach first one to character's left hand and the second one to his right hand during the pull animation. I did this in UDK and it worked just fine, just can't discover the right way to do it here.

Thanks for clarification!

GUI Creation / [Resolved] Dock GUI control with margin?
« on: May 03, 12, 01:00:26 PM »
Hello I have a GUI related question this time:

Is it possible, when you specify Dock mode for your control to have a margin from screen edge? I know I can make it a child of a transparent panel that would work I am just looking for some more elegant solution :)


EDIT: also, how would one dock item to center of the screen/edge?

Scripting & Programming / [Resolved] Animation speed fknob?
« on: May 03, 12, 08:36:27 AM »
I would like to have some animations in my game, whose playback speed I'd like to change dynamically based on circumstances. An example might be given of an attack animation that would play slowly when the character is a newbie and get faster as he levels up. Or anything of this kind, reallt. However, I found that the animation sequence cannot have its speed input based on a fknob, only numerical value is acceptable.

Is there really no way to dynamically set animation speed?

Design & World Building / [Resolved] Weapon trails?
« on: May 03, 12, 05:11:17 AM »
Hello, my aim is to create trails behind melee weapons (like swords - see this video from Gothic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=rqGbyoz7HvM#t=19s). I checked the particle effects and it is indeed possible to have a trail behind a particle but I am struggling with the very basic setup of this. COuld anyone point me in the right direction?

EDIT: I just found the HSL trail functions on the particle effects page. I will try to experiment with that. Was not immediately apparent you can use trails without particles :)

I encountered this just yesterday but found no information on wiki so I am asking here. I am using two things for my combat animations:

first I have in character's .AAS script two base modes defined (just like in the clean engine version): Normal and Combat. If I detect that character has weapon equipped, I set this to Combat, elsewhere it's set to Normal. Then I use the account["Behave"] = "anim ..." command to play a combat animation. Both work great on my local client, but other players around me cannot see the behavior.

So how do you do this on server? The code that sets character's base mode is found in the default clean engine E_ACCController script. I am mostly curious because if I use the account["Behave"] = "hold ..." command to attach a weapon to character's hand, it works perfectly and others can see the weapon attached too, so I'd guess this is replicating somehow...

What is the difference between hold and other commands such as anim or input?

Animation / [Resolved] TrackMasks max script error
« on: Apr 07, 12, 10:22:15 AM »
I am trying to edit track masks for my character as I need an upper body channel for animations. When I try to run the window from Hero Character Tools rollout I get some error that says "... requires mscustattribdef got: undefined".

Full console output follows:

Code: [Select]
-- Error occurred in Bone loop; filename: D:\Dev\LegacyOnline\HeroEngineArtPipeline\MaxScripts\Max2010.0\GrannyTrackMaskUI.ms; position: 5693; line: 195
--  Frame:
--   Bone: $Bip01
--   myAtts: undefined
--   called in GrannyApplyTrackMasks(); filename: D:\Dev\LegacyOnline\HeroEngineArtPipeline\MaxScripts\Max2010.0\GrannyTrackMaskUI.ms; position: 5711; line: 197
--  Frame:
--   allBones: #($Bip01, $Bip01 Footsteps, $Bip01 Pelvis, $Bip01 Spine, $Bip01 Spine1, $Bip01 Spine2, $Bip01 back_center_Wmount, $Bip01 back_center_WmountNub, $Bip01 back_left_Wmount, $Bip01 back_left_WmountNub, $Bip01 back_right_Wmount, $Bip01 back_right_WmountNub, $Bip01 back_shield_mount, $Bip01 back_shield_mountNub, $Bip01 Neck, $Bip01 Head, $Bip01 HeadNub, $Bip01 L Clavicle, $Bip01 L UpperArm, $Bip01 L Forearm, ...)
--   called in GrannyTrackMaskUI(); filename: D:\Dev\LegacyOnline\HeroEngineArtPipeline\MaxScripts\Max2010.0\GrannyTrackMaskUI.ms; position: 12170; line: 390
--  Frame:
--   called in btnTraMask.pressed(); filename: D:\Dev\LegacyOnline\HeroEngineArtPipeline\MaxScripts\Max2010.0\Character_Tools.ms; position: 21135; line: 608
--  Frame:
>> MAXScript Rollout Handler Exception: -- Type error: custAttributes.add requires MSCustAttribDef, got: undefined <<

Any idea what to do about that?

General Discussion / [Resolved] NPCs vs. seamless 2.0
« on: Apr 03, 12, 01:15:56 PM »
    I am observing some very strange behavior. I've got two areas, linked together with seamless 2.0 and an NPC (using my custom model but the default /henpc create method) in one of them. So far so good. The NPC is  walking around in one area (default behavior). When I run with my character over the area seam while looking at the NPC, one of the following three situations happens:
    • NPC is still animating but stands on the spot. When I reenter first area he runs to the spot where he should be and continues
    • NPC starts flickering, its movement is dizzy, usually ends up on the spot like in the first case
  • NPC rockets to the sky and disappears somewhere. After I reenter the area he comes back from the sky and continues as usual.

Is this the limitation of Clean Engine scripts or are these some bugs? Thanks

Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Dynamic character problem
« on: Mar 25, 12, 12:40:59 PM »
I am trying to plug in my custom dynamic character. I got everything modeled, skinned and hopefully even exported using the wiki tutorials. I wrote all the necessary text files too. When I now use the /henpc create command in the Blade, I can see there is a nameplate walking around but no visible geometry. I got following errors in console:

Code: [Select]
19:18:31: !ERROR!System:MeshPart:Invalid mesh file [\character\dynamic_2\generic_human\parts\box_head.hgm], must have exactly 1 models defined (0) for [DynamicModel[\Character\Dynamic_2\Generic_Human\Generic_Human.dyc]].
19:18:32: !ERROR!System:MeshPart:Invalid mesh file [\character\dynamic_2\generic_human\parts\box_torso.hgm], must have exactly 1 mesh defined for [DynamicModel[\Character\Dynamic_2\Generic_Human\Generic_Human.dyc]].
19:18:32: !ERROR!System:MeshPart:Invalid mesh file [\character\dynamic_2\generic_human\parts\box_hands.hgm], must have exactly 1 models defined (0) for [DynamicModel[\Character\Dynamic_2\Generic_Human\Generic_Human.dyc]].
19:18:32: !ERROR!System:MeshPart:Invalid mesh file [\character\dynamic_2\generic_human\parts\box_legs.hgm], must have exactly 1 models defined (0) for [DynamicModel[\Character\Dynamic_2\Generic_Human\Generic_Human.dyc]].
19:18:32: !ERROR!System:MeshPart:Invalid mesh file [\character\dynamic_2\generic_human\parts\box_feet.hgm], must have exactly 1 models defined (0) for [DynamicModel[\Character\Dynamic_2\Generic_Human\Generic_Human.dyc]].

It seems is fails to load all of my five prototype meshes for different character parts. My .dyc file looks like this:

Code: [Select]

Pretty straightforward, it seems... My .par file follows:

Code: [Select]
! bang to comment line
! Parts definition file

!  % hides(SlotName)
!  % shows(SlotName)
!  % substitutes(SlotName:PartName,PartName)
!  % onif(SlotName)
!  % LODSubstitutes(distance #,LowDetail)


!DivisionName: SlotName,SlotName

Default Division: Head,Torso,Hands,Legs,Feet

! Slot: Part, mesh file

Head: Box_Head,Box_Head.hgm
Torso: Box_Torso,Box_Torso.hgm
Hands: Box_Hands,Box_Hands.hgm
Legs: Box_Legs,Box_Legs.hgm
Feet: Box_Feet,Box_Feet.hgm

I created just the very basic file to test things out. It seems the system reads the definition correctly but fails to load the five parts for some reason.

I checked the .hgm files in Hero Viewer and they look correctly. If I open them all along with the skeleton file and some animation I exported, the viewer shows animating character, so almost everything should be ok... Anyone could point me in the right direction? Where should I start looking for errors in my pipeline?


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