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Developer Introductions / Stark Gaming
« on: Jan 07, 12, 10:42:27 AM »
Helllo everyone
     My name is Derrek Powell most people just call me Bero though (old mmo name that stuck :))
Currently I am a student at Fullsail University studying game design and will be graduating in December.
I am a total noob to hero engine and plan to spend many hours getting to know how to use the engine.

Stark Gaming is a small 5 person team right now. We have huge ambitions but are only looking to build very small games right now that are fun to play nothing more :) yet.

Lead designer/programmer/writer/world editing : Bero
All things 2d: Trav
Quest writer/Designer: Tiki
General design/pvp specialist: Sentrii
All thing sound : Crazy leggz studios

As of now we have no 3d artist, Im stil learning that area but if anyone knows where to buy decent 3d assets that are affordable please post me a link or any info you have.

 Currently we use a lot of place holder art in our designs. We feel how the game plays is more important than how it looks, if its not fun to play after a few weeks of dev then it needs to be fixed or trashed, so I dont waste much time on good 3d art until after the design is proven to be fun.

Thanks for looking and Ill be posting more info as soon as we get our feet wet with the hero engine.

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