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What functions can I use to highlight parts of a character? Like say I want to make a players arm take on a red hue or something. I need to do this from the scripting language. I'm guessing I may need to use a "dynamic texture bank" and then just switch out textures when I need to highlight something?

Hoping there was a way I could do it dynamically without having to use custom textures or anything.

Background Information
I've been programming as long as I can remember (I know I started before I was 10) and I've always wanted to program a mmorpg. I've had some free time last couple weeks and decided I might actually give it a shot and so I bought a couple books and read them (if your curious about what books, I'll list them at bottom of post), played with some code, and sketched out a couple unique ideas for a mmorpg that would work well business, technology, and game-play wise.

I started to program the game from scratch using the XNA framework and C#, wrote a server/client using lidgren networking library and was going to make it into a 2D mmorpg, but let me tell you that it's a lot of work doing network code. I got as far as loading a tilemap and character on client and syncing movement between all other clients, but even though it was a 2D game I stilled wanted fluid motion for the players and that starts getting into things interpolation and extrapolation of positions between update frames in order compensate for latency, how to handle client correction etc... and it just got to be too much work. I wanted to write my game, not network code.

Eventually someone gave me a link to HeroEngine and it looked like that answer to my problem, I could program my game, and not really worry about the underlying networking other than managing bandwidth usage etc... that is more game specific kind of stuff. The problem is HeroEngine is a 3D engine, and I was going to do my game in 2D (because 2D art is cheap). Which leads me to the point of this topic, I need a 3D artist, but not just any 3D artist, one that works for cheap...

But I suppose you want to know a little about my game before you just hop on board so...

Eternal Choice

The game is called Eternal Choice, some of the key elements of the game include:

A Combat System that allows for real player skill to be used in combat rather than just player level, items, luck of the roll, etc... The combat system is also designed so that it doesn't really require much additional processing on the server side to accomplish and also doesn't use any more client-server communication than traditional RPG combat systems. I won't go into any more details than that because I value the idea alone at $1,492,342.76. Can't just be giving it away. (I think a lot of my ideas may be overvalued...).

The Crafting System, a little sprinkle of terraria and minecraft mixed with traditional RPG crafting systems. Nothing real fancy or incredibly new, but adds a bit of twist to the flavor.

Player Driven World, The idea is to have a lot of the world be player created, building houses, villages etc... working together in a village to create houses for new players that kind of stuff. But I want to strike a middle ground here, I've played games where the world was 100% player created and they sucked, I don't want Eternal Choice to suck. So the world will also feature a good amount of developer created content as well including traditional RPG quest lines, towns, dungeons, raids, etc...  

Oh and dragons rule the world...

What To Expect

1. This is a paid position, but i'm looking for someone that does decent work (doesn't have to be next-gen), but has a fair price targeted at indie developers. I'm paying for art out of my own pocket, and I need to pay for an entire mmorpg's worth of art, need to strike the best deal I can without sacrificing too much quality. We can negotiate how you wanted to be paid (Per hour, Per Asset, etc...).

2. The game will most likely fail...There I said it, first step is admitting there's a problem... As mentioned above i'm paying for this out of my own pocket. I have personal bills that need to be paid. While at the moment I have spare cash every week to burn, there are acts of God that may end that luxury (my car may suddenly explode requiring the purchase of a new car, hopefully I'm not in it or I probably won't be needing a new car...). I also work about 80 hours a week as a controls engineer for GM and Ford, that could fluctuate as well. I may go down to 60 hours a week, I could go up to 100. Who knows...  I also go to university to get my bachelors in electrical engineering which consumes quite a bit of time. So that leaves very little time for me to actually work on Eternal Choice.

3. If a open world RPG such as skyrim is released, expect development to come to a screeching halt for a week or so...

4. I'm arrogant and kind of weird... Just letting you know in case you don't like arrogant or weird people...I personally believe I am the most intelligent person alive (But for some reason I just can't do art, I've tried to learn it, but I just don't have the patience for it, and I think alcohol may have damaged that part of my brain...). I also like bacon...

EDIT: Forgot to mention the books I've been reading, that made me attempt this impossible task...

The Books

Massively Multiplayer Game Development 1

Massively Multiplayer Game Development 2

Game Engine Architecture

and not really game specific, but also been reading it a lot lately:

Clean Code

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