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After getting past the problem with R: not showing up in the repository, I finally got past by installing the art depot (Thanks Bennett And Cooper for the help) Now that I have my assets all worked out, imported in correctly, I'm noticing some parts of the model where areas are darker, lighter, blotchy, etc. I have some pictures to help explain better.

I suppose it's an export issue in 3DS Max? Because the textures do not look like this inside the program itself, it might just be a problem with the material.

Also please excuse me if I've posted in the wrong section. I figured that this was mostly related to 3DS max and the materials that it belonged in "Art & Art Pipeline"

Seeing that HeroEngine is being supported for mac as of right now, I decided to download virtual box and have a virtual machine of Windows 7 on my MacBook. When I launch it, I get the error "Initialization of 3D subsystem failed" error.

I know this has to do with something of the virtual machine, is there anyway around it? I checked the Wiki and found a page but it didn't really help that much.

Hey all.

So recently I've been trying to import some models to my Repository. Made it that far with configuring it all right and stuff but the issue is I downloaded models previously from Dexsoft games. I imported the model with the FBX format (Because any of the models I downloaded are her graphics mesh) So the model I imported had no texture, so I decided to texture it myself. I followed the tutorial on YouTube by HeroEngine and here's what I got with the texture layout:

So I think I have all the textures right? Anyways...
Then to show the textures on the model I selected Map #1 Bitmap and select "Show shaded material in vieport" and then another list pops up. Which says "Show on (Standard)" and "Show on Material #35 Hero" I clicked "Show on (standard)" Then selected the "Material #35 Hero" Box and selected "Show Shaded Material in Viewport"

So with that it shows this...

And then the texture on the model appears.

Ok so after that I export like usual, make sure I exported in .hgm. Put that bad boy in my repository, loaded HeroEngine, imported model, and bam...

So can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I know it's in managing the textures somewhere, probably with the HeroMaterial. Can anyone enlighten me on this issue please?

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