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Developer Job Board / CraftersMight Online (Help Wanted)
« on: Jan 23, 12, 04:53:53 PM »
*Update* the game is a rpg medieval sandbox mmo that i am working on,and i am starting from scratch (sort of).I started with the first zone/part of the spawn island, and i need help with the water and the buildings,and maybe a little with the terrain.i need help with the other islands aswell.I am also working on some stuff with object sizes and other properties for the island.It can be hard for me as a leader, but i know i can be a good leader.If im not a good leader just tell me,i can solve the problem and i will sometimes put others in charge for awhile (as in a hour or longer).

hey guys,

my name is Elliott and i am looking for people that will help me with this project i am making.I will be talking to the team on skype (PopCrafter) or email (craftersmightonline@gmail.com),try to message me or make a comment below.
The people i need is listed below:

- two 3d artists/modelers

- one 2d artist/texture designer

- two Scripters

- two World builders

*when the game is in developement we will try to start creating these features*
- crafting
- player and monster models
- combat system
- claimable areas
- looting system
- destroyable things/buildings
- building system
- NPCs
- different islands to explore

About me:
i am a 13 year old teenager that has asperger syndrome,but i have alot of knoledge in my head that can help people with their life or problems like computers or trying to make them happy.I am also able to manage anything if i try hard.I also love to work with other people in my life.

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