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Hello, in April, I was able to select a collection of objects (parts of a building, in this example) placed in the world and then add them as a group to the library, create an icon, then add an assembled building to the world all in one go.

Trying to do that today, I am unable to. The Icon creator simply refuses to cooperate. An example.

Here is a screenshot of building parts, and them assembled in my world:

Here's how i made them as collections in the library in april:

So today, i select an object in the world, right click in my library and choose Get, as so:

I get this strange computer icon with an X in it, instead of what i am used to seeing when i still need to make an icon (Note: I gave it the name 'broken group':

I attempt to make an icon by right clicking and selecting appropriate option as below:

And nothing happens. I have also tried to take a snapshot, nothing happens.

What am I doing wrong?

General Discussion / Hero Legacy Lifetime Issue
« on: Apr 29, 15, 12:10:21 PM »

I tried to get assistance through standard support but do not believe that the communication flow went well, so I will try here.

I have a legacy lifetime 99 seat that I have recently returned to using so that I may learn how to use Hero Engine. It appears on my dashboard and it says "Lifetime" and "Expires Never".

Within the last week, it has been inaccessible to me. I have been using it since April 8th or so. I even had questions that i posted through support asking about differences between two systems that was answered on April 13th by HE Cooper.

When it ran the update from April 23(?), it gave me errors about being unable to patch properly and contact support. I tried uninstalling to reinstall and was no longer able to access the HerobladeHC021(?) to install my files (I have done so previously on April 8ish.  I contacted support and received a fairly generic reply that my had not been migrated to the commercial phase of 2012 so was gone and I should buy the 99 single seat license.

....yet I was JUST using the engine prior to the Tuesday update so I do not understand how it could have been lost back in 2012.

I understand that as a legacy license user, there is very little value to me at this time so I get that helping me is not your #1 concern -- but couldn't you at least feign some assistance?

I know I did not imagine using the engine in the last two weeks... I have screen shots of WIP work i was doing to learn how to upload and make proper art assets for HE.

--- Note the date on the taskbar!

I am sorry for sounding upset/angry here but i was REALLY looking forward to developing my art skills and this is a real frustration as I can't follow from the point A (I was using the engine just this month) and point B (You havent used the engine since 2012 so you lost it) and the support email hasn't been allowing me dialogue with the developers.


I'm back again with another question regarding LOD, static meshes, and some best practice approaches.

1.  Let's say I have an object "treeshard" and I want some LODs for it. I am guessing that the closest level gets exported as treeshard_LOD_01, and then each additional LOD iteration gets exported as a seperate .hgm named treeshard_LOD_02, "....03", etc etc?

2. These additional LODs ... can they all use the same exact HeroShader? Or, would it be better for me to make a smaller version of the .dds (256x256, 128x128, etc) to assign to a different HeroShader material that gets exported with it?

Thanks much. Having much fun bringing my art assets over. Have a great day!


I am having difficulty grasping the process of importing a static character and its animations from Maya into the Hero Engine. I have read through the wiki's several articles on it but find myself unable to grasp the presentation.

I am a 3d modeller with a good grasp of static asset creation for the hero engine and with intermediate character modelling abilities. My experience comes from another engine that has a more "drag and drop" approach to importing assets (but is poorer in other ways) so the learning curve for HE is steeper than I expected.

I am including links to some of my work below as examples of what I can do. If anyone can assist me with the process of exporting a static character, exporting the animations for a static character, and then getting them into the Hero Engine, I'll trade artwork for it. PM me to negotiate. I am using maya 2012.

Animation / [Resolved] Static Character Animation: Skin Weights
« on: Jul 10, 12, 07:03:39 AM »
The wiki states (Static Characters for Maya, "Skin the Geometry to your Skeleton", http://hewiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Static_Characters_for_Maya) that:

"You must have at least 2 joint influencing a vertex. HeroEngine supports up to 4 influences."

It is not possible to have 1 joint influencing a vertex only? For instance, assume some kind of little mechanical doodad with a helicopter rotor on his head.  The joint set up for the rotor section of his head has a bone "bn_rotor" that rotates. Only one joint is necessary to achieve this. The vertices of the rotor blade portion of the mesh only require being influenced by this joint. Adding the joint above it to the hierarchy (the head) would distort the vertices. Adding a second rotor joint to the skeleton that spins in tandem with the first just to have two influence vertices seems redundant.

I should have just tried to export before I posted to see for myself, but must I really have two joints influencing a vertice at all times?

Thanks much

EDIT PS: Oh, and whoever created the maya script that hides all the curves, ik, and locators for me before export, thank you, its awesome!

Developer Introductions / Hello, everyone
« on: Jul 04, 12, 06:03:40 AM »
Hello, my name is Michael and I, like everyone else here, have a strong love for games and their development. I am a 3d artist (models and environment is where I am rooted but I am branching out to rigging, animating, and particles) that misses the old days of MMOs like Ultima Online (even tho my experience with that was so often lagging on that dial up modem to finally get in and find myself dead at the hands of that PK mage that seemed to love to grief!) with its focus on skill and character development.

I find myself losing enthusiasm for the current design strategies of MMOs (limited diversity, lack of choice, lack of depth, lead me around from one experience to the other, no exploration, and immensely static) and place my hope on the independent market to provide something wonderful.

I have all sorts of plans for what I would like to do for my HeroEngine project (don't we all, though?) but recognize that I'm one person - big dreams and lofty goals is a dangerous trap I need to avoid. My goal is to start small and just try my best.

That said, my "dream" project is:

* Evolving world with a history developed by its player base.
* Character system that rewards the player for his time invested in a character should he opt for a permanent death solution.
* A crafting system that isn't just an ever changing recipe list - you choose a function for the item, and its abilities are dependent upon your skill, the materials you use, and choices you make during the crafting process.
* A world where you can forge your own kingdom - individually or as a guild. 

Most of these are very grand and simply beyond the reach of one person in any form of reasonable time.  But I won't let that stop me from trying. Success or failure, maybe ideas I have and share over the course of time will inspire or influence another, better staffed or better talented team, and I could still see my "dream MMO" become a reality.

Good luck to everyone out there and have a successful 2012!


I've come across an issue where I am getting a weird affect on a model that has a bump map associated with it.

Here is a model with the affect, followed by another model that uses the same texture, just without the bump map attached.

I am thinking it is a similiar issue as experienced here:

The bump mapped model does not seem to display lighting correctly, and the weird affect changes location with the time of day.

Is there a proper way to do a bump map for use with HeroEngine. Currently, I just take the texture and desaturate it and then adjust the contrast/brightness as needed, then export as a .dds

Any input is greatly appreciated and thank you for your time!


I have a barrel, that at a certain distance, changes on its own, as if Level of Detail is in effect for it. I have not included any Level of Detail for it, so I am wondering if there is a default behavior.  In this case, the outside of the barrel seems to "vanish" leaving just the interior of the barrel behind. Since the normals for the inside of the barrel face inward, you get the weird culling affect that comes with looking at a model with single-sided facing.

Here is the image of the barrel at a distance it renders normally:

Here is the barrel when you get too far from it:

This is the first asset I have added since giving the engine a try, so I do not know if this is default behavior without LOD assigned.

Hello, I want to add a mesh of my own creation to place using the Dynamic Details -> Mesh tab in the terrain window. If i click on an empty line, it takes me to a Select Mesh window, but I am unable to navigate folders to where my asset it.

I looked through my HE File structures and I do see a Dynamic Details folder under Worlds -> LiveContent. Inside it is a Mesh folder. Do i need to copy my assets there somehow? Does this mean that if i had a grass model that I wanted to place individually as well as through dynamic detail, i would need to have a duplicate asset for it?

Thanks much.

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