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Game Dev and Gaming / lets talk player economy. (discussion)
« on: Feb 04, 12, 11:48:41 AM »
Greetings everyone,

My name is Justin, and like all of you, I have an idea. In this particular topic we will discuss your thoughts and experience on a player driven economy.

In my theory, I want players to control a type of currency. Lets not skip ahead though.
1: How do we begin?
I can only assume trade or barter, but the merchant must have currency to offer if the player wants to sell his items.
 I concidered a loan system, but eventually would like player banks.

2: How do we prevent exploit?
I fist thought, we can use a converting currency to coin style, this got complex fast and I felt sorry from an HSL point of view. So sticking to the same currency, how would you handle exploits such as.
sonadso(merchant) giving maxamus(adventurer) un ungodly ammount of gold. or merchants selling to third party gold famers?

any suggestions on these feel free to comment and if possible suggest a fix for it.

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