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Exactly what it says, I am calling the mouse event function in my LootGUIClassMethods script like so:

Code: [Select]
shared function InputMouseEvent(args references Class _MouseEvent)
// Mouse event generated from the _InputHandlerClassMethods Script assuming it
//   has not been overridden by a game specific implementation.
  // Get the Node For which the Event was Generated
  target as NodeRef = args.MouseTarget
  // Type Cast the node so we can access its fields/properties
  where target is kindof HBNode
    when args.MouseEventType
      is Click

method OpenLootGUI
    //Do Stuff

However it says that me.OpenLootGUI() doesnt exsist which I can only assume is because its taking me as the _inputClassMethods script and not the LootGUIClassMethods script.

So my question is am I misunderstanding whats happening or can you not call methods from the same script in a shared function?

Scripting & Programming / [Resolved] NPC Data (System)
« on: Mar 05, 12, 03:53:50 PM »
I have been looking everywhere including the HJRef but I can not find anywhere that the NPC data such as Health and Abilities are defined. I know the NPC's are created as SpecOracles and I have already gotten that part but I have no Idea where to start in order to get NPC data created. It would help to know how to change the health and mana of the monkeytok, its a good test mob, or even a dynamic character I spawn from HENPC. I have read through all of the NPC tutorials but no where does it make mention of changing health and other characteristics about characters besides cosmetic changes.

Here is the problem I have, I have created a stats system that uses stats like Strength and Vitality to adjust HP and Mana, this system is perfectly working for the commoncharacter. However the monkeytoks no have no life as they are derived from the commoncharacter class.....some how.

In the Screenshots I took damage because of the heal spell, thats a bug I will work out later. I kill the monkeytok in 1 hit because it has 0 life, it has 0 life because I can not set the Vitality stat for the mob or any npc I create for that matter because it is not stated anywhere how that is accomplished. I have been working on this all day with no results or even clues on how this is done.

Let me know if you guys know anything about this, I couldnt find anything related specifically to this on the forums anywhere.


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